Bruce Lee’s Top 9 Rules For Success

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  1. I am learning all the way from NIGERIA, Thank you SIFU DAN, can't wait to meet you, wish it soon.


  2. wow. You are really excellent Dan. The way you are able to extract such wisdom from Bruce's messages. Great job

  3. "All type of knowledge ultimately means self-knowledge" is my number one a-ha moment for me when I couldn't even know myself. Thanks Dan for helping me and everyone else figure it out.

  4. learn all you can, then learn to let it all go to become formless, fearless, and act on instinct/reflex. it will be in your instincts and reflexes where you will find your true capabilities.

  5. Did anyone else notice that Sifu Dan, who doesn't restrain his language, did not curse once in this video? Speaks of his reverence for the subject.

  6. This video is so insightful and inspirational, I have always thought of myself as "The ManOn the Moon," ever since my grandfather would take me on a walk to the store at night. I was only 4 years old and he would tell me to look at the moon and ask do you see the face? He was speaking of the craters and formations of the moon's surface that created the illusion of facial features. My Grandfather would ask me do you see the man on the moon? I'd respond yes I see him and then I'd ask who is he? My Grandfather would say I don't know him and laugh fondly at my curiosity and excitement and tell me that he looks like me. As I grew older I became a big fan of Basketball and Football and would always try to emulate the best players, Michael Jordan and Jerry Rice. I continued to grow more interests outside of sports such as Music, Arts, and Fashion. I have written lots of poetry in the form of lyrics due to the fact that I have not the developed the skill to publicly perform these poems in song form. I started to dress like the Artists that I identified with and appreciated listening to such as Eminem, Eddie Veder, Nas, Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, etc. I write lyrics that are an emulation of these artists because they're who I perceive as the best. The philosophical teachings by Bruce Lee really resonate with me because of his advice to become Water; my astrological sign is Pisces, which are known to be at war with themselves in their own mind and also described to be that of the most calculated leaders. Now the moon's relation to the seas on earth has part control of whether the ocean's level's are either high tides or low tides. All and All, does my sign of Pisces metaphorically make me both the "Water" and "The Man On the Moon?"

  7. I actually used bruce lee's quotes in my business & mottos too. One that i also use is "I do not fear the man who has practice 10,000 techniques once, I fear the man who has practice one technique 10,000 times". Being consistent with one thing & you'll master it is key.

  8. This video is really going to change my life.. Thank u so much for sharing.. I love it…It hit all by itself.. Be water my friend..??

  9. Late-Bruce Lee or formally Sifu-Bruce Lee have a profound knowledge in all sorts of Philosophy thus he clearly explained the proper definitions of way of life,

    Mr. Lok, I've been taught to be profound in way of life in Aikido after to took the elementary class in Eskrima then lately I took a Judo for sports, and all of my intellectual independences were been saved from my Aikido teacher that whose define his character by his harmonous teachings but nobody can beat Bruce's technicality because he is profoundly independent wereas Aikido has only good for divine interventions, ????

  10. -Be thirsty for water and NOT alcohol!
    -NEVER fear anyone or anything. Fear not being the best you can be.
    -Don't focus on being rich, focus on being free from obsticals!???????

  11. Bruce Lee was an idol of mine — still is! I'm glad Dan Lok uses the sample principles that Bruce shared with the world – Awesome!

  12. Now i finally get it. Sales and Martial Arts are THE COMBINATION. This is the most important video i ever watched from you Dan.

  13. Love Bruce Lee. I've trained in jeet kune do. Under someone who trained under one of his students. I'm originally a judo player. But loved the jeet June do. Not to mention Bruce Lee was also a great philosopher.
    Martial arts played a big part in the business woman I am today. It helped me understand that I have to learn my skill and practice it over and over again and yet there is always something new to learn.

  14. Bruce Lee is the best my friend , i am also a big fun of Bruce Lee , i was watching all of his movies and i am practicing Wing Chun ( Foshan style ) now .

  15. Thank you Dan, for sharing these wonderful thoughts and comments and to help us understand what Bruce Lee is saying about being successful in life. Bruce Lee was a unique kind of person who we all can learn and grow from even today.

  16. Gosh, I just realized how much I miss Bruce Lee. It brought back so much childhood memories. Thank you
    SiFu! Love the breakdown of his quotes.??

  17. I also think the art of dying is learning to lose, how to accept it when it happens, how to handle loss after it happens (learning the lessons from loss) and how to bounce back from loss (applying what you have learned.)

  18. Hey everybody.. question to all, Do you guys actually believe that Michael jai white could defeat Bruce lee as he claims ?

  19. Dan Lok, thanks so much for sharing. I regard Bruce Lee (李小龙) as the Jesus Christ of Martial Arts and beyond that. As a Christian, Jesus is my first and foremost my master then shortly afterwards comes Mr Bruce Lee the legend.

  20. The idea of learning from many then developing your own style is something I have always believed without even hearing it from anyone else.

  21. 1 Express yourself honestly

    2 Be the best version of you

    3 Learn the art of dying

    4 Your race doesn’t matter, you can do any thing

    5 If you are will prepared, you will succeed

    6 See yourself for who you are

    7 All knowledge ultimately means self-knowledge

    8 Focus on the end goal, not the vehicle

    9 Be flexible and adaptable

  22. Yeah that's me in social media, I am proud to say that because I meant to see this conversation because I meant or whoever meant the same , it means we want to follow your principles, Elon musk said after 22 he followed someone every one should have a follower till his/her life expectancy of 79 years life is systematic still natural. As you follow Bruce Lee we all follow you sir !! ? I might be wrong but you gonna correct me with next video which gives solutions for life for millions or more. We all want to join your journey no expectations. We love your philosophy or mentor ! It's your joy.

  23. Awww!
    Yes I can…?
    Yes we can…

    Yes you can….?
    I. we… You ..
    These isles is full of " Cans "

    Belief in oneself is vital?

  24. Thanks for the lession sifu Dan ? I love listening to master Lee's teachings as well never gets old. Wish i has a sifu like you guys in my area that would teach and not charge $ for their knowledge. Master Lee also stated it doesnt matter if you already study one or more forms of martial arts etc learn other styles of fighting so can adapt in a fighting situation. Flow like water be like water . Boards dont hit back!

  25. Great video, I could watch these all day. Love Bruce's philosophy on the body and mind, and eastern wisdom in general. Be water my friend

  26. Are these lines of movies written by bruce lee himself or scripted. No matter though… he is the person i admire most

  27. Wrong I am am the only one who keeps his Legacy alive bigger than any one worldwide plus iv got more than you on Bruce Lee than you ever no

  28. @Dan Lok, okay, someone forwarded me this saying I fit those 9 rules. What they don’t know is that I still have an internal struggle. As much as I live with these rules… there is still something in the back of my mind haunting… idk if it’s doubt… or I’ve been conditioned to be this way… but… idk… I feel like I’m doing something wrong… but maybe that’s the problem. I shouldn’t feel… I should just be.

  29. Everything you've said is so true. Bruce Lee's philosophy on fighting really applies to real life in general. Success starts with a positive mind set and to be fearless as key to achieving what needs to be done in life. Very nice video Dan.

  30. You do a lot to honor Bruce and keep his lessons and memory alive. I really appreciate that, growing up with no parental guidance watching and reading about Bruce voraciously made him like a surrogate father to me. Thanks for all you do man.

  31. From Hong Kong and can't speak à word of English ? Strange !!!

    Bruce Lee was visiting Rome but couldn't speak à word of English ? Lol. Nobody speaks English in Rome.

  32. I laugh when an Asian complain about racisme or play the racisme card. It's so hypocritical, it's so comical. Asians are the most raciste people on earth. In some Asian countries like china MOST hôtels do not accept foreigners. In MOST asian countries, you can live there for 50 years and still not get their nationalités. In countries like south Côréa some night-clubs OPENLY refuse foreigners.

  33. Dan, excellent topic: a martial artist in today’s world walks a line between several worlds for their students, audience, etc.

  34. I love the brain. But I love the power of thought more. Our energy field keeps our thoughts not our mind; it’s vibrational resonance. Frequencies, Tesla. We cannot give our brains up to technology, like Elon, before finding our complete power first. We possess something we don’t know yet. It get atrophied if we relinquish it. Just like that old song In The Year 2525. Far ahead of its time.

  35. I had to to reply again because I didn't listen anything he say I was so entertaining watching Bruce Lee Fighting.

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