Bruce Lee’s Speed Training Drills – Jeet Kune Do

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  2. Nice! I told my kids I was thinking about taking martial arts. My son thinks it would be great he studied jujitsu .My daughter does not think I can do it LOL. Obviously she underestimates my greatness. ;-). Thanks for sharing with us. This is great way to stay balanced and disciplined.

  3. Bruce does that when watching TV?!
    Wow, the man sure has put his whole life and time to Martial Arts.
    I'll try that do. I heard he also stretched while watching TV.

  4. Speed: Being there where one is, only where one can perceive, for all is one. Be like water, be. ☯️. Nice vid mr. Lok

  5. Dan lok i have been viewing your videos for quite a while and i have been listening you talking about leverage income, so can you please make a video which is completely dedicated to this topic and tells about all the aspects one should take care off, sincerely waiting for your response

  6. Shifu Lok how can one escape if grabbed picked up off the ground an held in a bear hug where your arms are pinned to your side unable to move?

    An thank you shifu for all the time you give us

  7. I've tried to get mix speed with technique and I never like I'm fast enough. Also there will always be a delay from the signal in the brain to the body. So how would you cut the delay in half cause you can't cut delay off your brain has to process it first right?

  8. Very nice demonstration and video. I'd love to see you doing Chi Sau (Sticky hands) with Sifu sometime without and with a blind fold. One of my friends used to do Wing Chun training like that with his Sifu and they would also put some gloves on with bright colored paint on them. Then wear white T-shirts so that after they can see where they hit on each other if they did. They would get really fast esp when blind folded. Thank you to both Sifu's and your sparing partner, keep up the awesome work.

  9. appreciate the videos. in this speed training drill (with shane) and the footwork video (with you, dan) i noticed that you both had you lead with your right foot forward/and focus more on punching with rights. in some limited boxing training (being right handed) i was taught to lead with my left foot and jab with the left. i wanted to ask if you're both left handed or if this is a difference in the technique/art where you lead with your stronger/dominant hand? thanks!

  10. can you perform your body hard like the fingers of the 2 finger push-up and make it soft again thats my question

  11. Did you know?
    Bruce spent much of his life cooking his food with dirty sock oil.. Made by his dad to weaken him….

  12. This kind of training is not best choice anymore. Because Wing Chun got beat up every time fight on the ring. People more into Muay Thai or jujitsu nowaday.

  13. I want some of those guides on learning JKD . So that i can protect all those persons who am i close with. Another way of taking some self discipline for me.

  14. Your training partner needs to rotate his heel out in time with the punching, get his body behind it! Speed + Body Dynamics = Power

  15. I have one another speed training exercise suggestion: If you have a pet cat in your house, you can try training your awareness and reaction speed skills with playing with your cat. Cats can make a move suddenly in split second, so if you can avoid your cat's paws or teeth while playing, you can improve your awareness and reaction speed skills in time. You can do this everyday how long does your cat want to play with you. But don't try this with stray cats. They can make you bleed even if they don't want actually.

  16. Great video, your a great instructor for visual learning coming from someone who is aspergers funny idea I have, Bruce lee and temple grandin have something in common, they took something and made it better by experiencing it look up the differences, would you believe Bruce being on the spectrum, just an idea, your brilliant keep up the good work sir!

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