Bruce Lee’s Personal Flexibility Training

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  2. Ok Dan here's an idea for a future video: how about your diet routine? Does your philosophy for success also incorporate into your diet? In other words what does Dan Lok like to eat?

  3. Be like water! That applies to business as well. Flexible, thanks Dan! That's how I apply this principle and make my first dime online with YouTube!!

  4. When I begin a stretching routine the thing that keeps me from continuing it is the fact I can't really measure it's effectiveness long term…

  5. Mr dan lok. I appreciate you look up to Bruce lee, I do too, but have you ever been in a real street fight as an adult? I can guarantee the answer is no and this is a big problem.

  6. Thanks alot Mister Dan.. Without u I wouldn't known how to learn JKD properly..^^
    Alas, I really wished if u give private lessons or even training T_T

    And finally, stay always safe and keep making videos on JKD ^_^

  7. Hi! Your martial arts videos are superinteresting, but I havent seen anything about ground. Not telling you to do a video on that, but I think you'll love doing a bit of ground to complement your standup : )

  8. Great Stretching Exercise Demo Sifu Dan and Sifu Sigong. I have been doing these for years in the morning to stretch out my body. I can tell you one thing. If i miss doing it for a day i definitely feel it in my body. But i notice that as long as i do it everyday the aches and pains are less as i get older. Also, I've incorporated outside walking as often as i can which gives me some great energy too.

  9. very good teachers, I loved it. that's what I always do before I go to practice. apart from reading the book bruce lee, basic training technique. personal training. It would also be good to do combat technique to see the applications of street fights. See you later, geniuses. Good Life. Greetings. ☯☯

  10. I’m new to your channel and just subscribed, your content seems well based on you and your lifestyle. I wouldn’t change much, but if so… Automotive related content would be MY suggestion due to me being an automotive technician on used higher end cars. I do have a few good related suggestions.

  11. It is true, it would be good to demonstrate the applications in combat between them. It would be geniel. one with wing chun and the other with JKD. regards

  12. Would like to see some sparing, y'all k,o2 rice lee had to spar with everybody first, I think so good sparing videos of you or sifu would be great and one or the other can comment thru the video or something, ? thnx

  13. In the big fight of Bruce and Chuk bruce did a strange stretch "two big balls appeared from his higher back" what is this!?!?

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