Bruce Lee’s JKD Low Kicks

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  2. bout time a new video those money videos are not my thing The Most High YAH provides for me and my family its family over money anyday family over a bently family over worldy things once again great video keep pumping them out im lesrning so much and showing other as well how to protect themselves against assholes

  3. "Better better"

    I didn't see the improvement in Victoria's kick. She kept raising her heel and getting on the ball of her foot. Perhaps, it was due to the height of the "attacker"?

  4. I am definitely teaching my daughter's this when they get home from school they are 11 and 12 and smart smart smart I showed them the leg kick to the groin but now I actually have a video with technique thank you so much

  5. Of course I like the video! What about the scoop kick? Also, why not make contact to the groin with the shin if close enough, especially if the opponent is much larger than you? Perhaps a discussion of independent motion for a future video? Thank you!

  6. great dan sifu is great in explaining thank you again. it helped me my mind was stuck in power performance!!.

  7. I do like how you covered how the groin kick is not the be all end all of breaking and escaping from a situation. In fact it can be very detrimental to a situation if not executed properly. Serving only to enrage your attacker and potentially escalating the violence. Like any technique it should be drilled at length, as was stated in the video.

  8. excellent technology fist: .also Isshin ryu & Uechi ryu have a few low kicks…….& chuo jiao quan(?) has a powerful toe or ball of foot pokeing kick.thats used just 2inch from ground thanks

  9. Great video. In my Wing Chun class we didn't really cover the other two different angles but focused mostly on the straight kick. Thanks for the information!

  10. Enjoy your channel and all your info I have a military martial arts background but have always studied and applied JKD ….thanks 👍👊🏿

  11. Hi Dan, For my experience only when the attacker intends to catch you is advised to intercept and kick his testicles ,. But if the attacker has already caught you, it is not worth kicking the testicles because he has some control over your balance, so if you lift one of your legs to a kick you may lose balance completely, in such a situation I recommend Krav Maga technique.

    by the way, let's admit it's a little funny to see such a long video that teaches how to kick testicles in so many ways, but that's exactly what makes us love the JKD.

  12. I watch all you’re videos and I’ve learned a lot from them. Really appreciate your work. It takes intense passion and knowledge and energy and time to do what you do. Was wondering if you can make a video about sifu Bruce’s high kicks?

  13. "I do not fear the man who has done a 1000 kicks once, I fear the man who has done 1 kick a 1000 times!".

  14. teacher octavio is a perfect instructor. respectful, ambitious, smooth. i really get the idea of what he tries to teach even from videos. face to face would be 100 times better. i wish there was someone like him in my place of living to be trained by. or like dan 😀

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