Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do’s Five Ways of Attack: Attack By Combination (ABC)

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  2. Some people think that Martial arts, such as Wing chun, JKD cannot handle street fights. But this technique is a weapon, the reason you cannot see any martial artist involve in street fight because they don't want to, they have great self discipline, because martial artist knows that they can hurt someone or can break someones bones. BTW, Your video help me a lot, and teach me to have self confidence. I wish, we have many Wing chun or JKD school here in Philippines, but, I know only one far from my place, I hope you continue making more videos like this, it helps me a lot thank you Man..


  4. i use my feint finger jab or fake jab and kick in low in the groin or at the hand i training it very times in are training until i know how to use feint finger jab or fake jab or fake kick punch to the face and then fake side kick punch straight or back fist . the key is like you say always relax that happen to me when first i training i always rush and i reliase about and then i try to relax in my training and it happen in my life in my training like you relax relax i used it in my mind without waste my energy . thanks bro you really give me are motivated to myselft.

  5. Hello Dan..I watched your wealth triangle episode..that was very true.. very nice and practical..can you suggest some skills that are counted as high income skills..

  6. yeah that's the best!! you videos are fantastic, for me you are really a great master 🙂 i use that combinations too. Few combinations and sometimes i combine them, that depend of the situation of course. Respect my friend

  7. i like double straight lead with push step or step n' slide, and curving step and cross or rear cross with front straight blast thanks again or stop kick with side kick. thank you again.

  8. Thanks for this series, Dan! Your technique is very clean and sharp! My main style is Kang Duk Won (through Bob Babish's school in San Jose), but I use these techniques because of my association with Tracy's. It all blends together well for me. Sorry about the trolls.

  9. Dan Lok! Fantastic video!
    Informative effectiveness & effortless!
    "I don't hit, it hits all on it's own".
    Thank you!
    Walk On!

  10. great series of video's Sifu .your teaching makes it much easier to understand,than reading through all the keep up the good work.

  11. I enjoy watching your videos. They are very informed and I get a lot out of them. This is not the first video I've watched. You give a lot of good training tips for JKD. Please keep up the good work.

  12. Dan, I had the privilege of training under Sifu Richard Bustillo (RIP) in the late 90's, to the early 2000's. I think you're doing a great job, and your videos are very informative. Thanks

  13. Chain punch to backfist, chain punch to chopping the neck, chain punch to hook, chain punch to eye gouge, chain punch (if they run) to side kick, and if you have dense fist…Turn your fists slightly inwards to land the chain punch with the edges of your knuckles instead the flat part of your fist.

  14. One thing I am trying to train myself is being able to read when he will throw his punch or kick and where, getting myself to attack first. However, it is being able to read the opponent and everyone is different. Any tricks or any videos i may have missed that shows how to read where your opponent will attack so I may counter or attack first properly without getting a face full of fists?

  15. Once again Dan, I just want to say thank you for being such a good teacher. For demonstrating so well how to do the techniques and for really genuinely caring about your audience and about the Art of JKD, the way that Bruce intended it to be. I get a lot out of these videos and practice when i can, i have improved on form, timing and speed somewhat . It is really amazing to be able to learn and learn properly the Art of JKD.

  16. Can shadow training help me ? It's been an year since I've been practicing JKD and jiu jutsu basics, i.e. basic drills, punching and kicking drills and footwork/movement. But, at most of the time ,I don't have a training partner.

  17. I think it's cool how you can distract your enemy and get him by surprise. I like the combination video the best. It looks very effective and I enjoy your videos.

  18. Greetings, Sifu Lok. My name is Marvin Saddler, and I really do enjoy your videos. Now, that I have figured out how to write and leave comments, I will do so more often.Your knowledge seems to be really accurate with Bruce lee said concerning Jeet Kune Do, the fact that you are very detailed with your explanations and very precise with your techniques. Also, I like how you deliver JKD's education, illustration/ demonstration, and practical applications. This really assist in developing students or people. I call it the three steps to one's growing pain. I will work on learning how to read my opponents better, so that I may be more affective in combat. Any ideas or guidance on implementing this study? Until the next episode, God bless.

  19. ive always felt that chaining attacks is better than specific combos. like, knowing what attacks work well after what other attacks, or blocks, etc. like for example, im very good at going from a hook to a backfist with the same arm. i can do it fast, and its generally unexpected. plus from there i can chain into a series of backfists to different targets, and from a backfist to a jab as they try to get a bit more range from me. from there i can either stay stationary and give a knee/groin kick as they disengage, or keep pressing into a conventional wing chun, or boxing blitz. but just sticking to specific combos never felt right to me. better to be adaptable. more options in case your opponent makes a move you arent expecting. i do practice a few specific combos, but i feel like their less important than the adaptable flow you get from chaining.

  20. Thank you so much Dan for sharing your knowledge! I am a huge fan! I am 35 years old. Do you think I am too old to start learning Jeet Kune Do?

  21. thanks for sharing your knowledge, you are a real martial ARTIST and a great teacher.sentivity, precision, flow, patience.greetings from Brazil.

  22. Generally speaking if a person touches there chest there around 45 degree angle away from chest which vunerable. skipping to side makes this line of attack accessable for straight blast and back fist.This sneaky way of getting through someones guard. Also I mentioned using back fist, very effective before a kick, as kicks are in MY OPINION more effective when you "set them up". Enjoy be water my friend 😀

  23. I really like your videos. I am a sifu in Wing Chun and have also done western boxing in the past. Ive never had instruction specifically in JKD, but because of my Wing Chun background, I am of course familiar with many of the techniques. What I like is some of the strategies such as the straight lead and side kicks. Quite different from Wing Chun or mainstream western boxing as I was taught, but it seems to bear some resemblance to the old school bareknuckle boxing. Anyway, I greatly appreciate your taking the time to make these videos. Obviously I have subscribed to your channel and am really enjoying the insights into JKD. I have some new ideas which I can incorporate now!

  24. Some combos that chain together

    Jab,cross, liver shot
    Liver shot, lead hook, uppercut

    Then just add kicks between them to have a different rhythm

  25. Hi Dan! One combo i like to use from 3 different arts is a 3 hit combo that boxers like to do. In JKD stance, I will lead with a slant right heel kick above the knee to a right elbow to the jaw followed by a left plume knee to the nose.JKD would be the 4th art I'm trying to learn and the most technical.

  26. 3:06 " don't break your partner knee coz there is no partner to train with"- I might subscribe only to listen to
    that stuff it's hilarious !

  27. Much respect to you Dan. I respect what you do for people. Just got the Tao of Jeet Kune Do yesterday & I'm excited to read it in full. I read some of it before but not the whole thing. I have been practicing seriously for about 6-7 months now & these videos have been a big help. I know that ABC is gonna be one of my favorite techniques. Thanks again.

  28. Jeah cool man im also starting affiliate online buisness and im also wing chun fighter best affiliate right now

  29. Great again. I liked last part about trash talk. Family chanel great. It s like 2.30 am here in Europe, still watching gret videos here about bussines and m. arts. What more to ask.

  30. Great video. Learn the ground game it's very easy and I can show you how to do Jeet Kune Do and mix it BJJ evolve with the times

  31. Hi this channel is awesome and the way everything is conveyed is so easy to understand. There was one one I recently found on website marketing that seemed to be the real deal but I am not 100% sure. Would love for you guys to give me your own opinion on him. His name is Leon Angus

  32. Bruce Lee had that Ultra instinct " You think winning a fight is one punch one kick?!…When you can put combinations together without even THINKING….." Don emphasised practicing thousands of times and that was what Lee did constantly. As Lee stated the man he feared was the man who practiced 1 kick a 1000x than a man who practiced 1000 kicks once.

  33. Hi Dan, hope you doing well. I just want to know how to be fast in combat or simply in practicing kicks, punches etc. And how we prepare ourselves fighting with a tall and fit opponent in the street

  34. Mr. Lok,I appreciate your channel very much and am so thankful you share Bruce Lee's JKD,I love it.I'm a 3rd degree brown belt in Shotokan karate and learned my kicks well, this ties up lots of loose ends and will improve my martial arts drastically.
    I was wondering in this litigious society ,when exactly does a person go "pre-emptive" ?,I guess people have to trust their instincts as to when a fight is going down.

  35. Here's a piece of advise from a violinist (that now practices Wing Chun):

    Practice all drills slow (at first) because then you give your movements a large resolution in time and picture, you can control every muscle going into the movement. Then slowly ramp up the speed, remember to do it rhythmically so that your brain remembers the timing. If you practice like this then movements will very quickly become muscle memory AND you can do them really fast AND you can be very precise.

  36. I m in love with jeet kune do plz u dont stop making this videos because i have to learn by watching this u r not along with me

  37. Ive been watching your videos recently and you’ve really inspired me to wanting to learn JKD, thankyou

  38. I like this guy, I studied jkd since I was 8, I'm 32 now I learned through my father, but this guy knows what he is doing, I also want to learn from him, good work!!

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