Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Trapping Techniques – Pak Sao

Welcome to another Jeet Kune Do video.
Today we’re going to talk about the Jeet Kune Do trapping technique. Now in — for
trapping is a very important part that Jeet Kune Do and today I have two training
partners joining me Jason and Shin. You can see very muscular.
Alright strong guy. So I’ll show you one of the most common techniques in
Jeet Kune Do you see it in Bruce Lee’s movie Enter the Dragon. Which is the
Pak Sao which means the slapping hand. Now first of all let’s talk about
trapping in general. How — why we trap and how does this work and sometimes see all
these Wing Chun guys on YouTube they do all these techniques like. Is that
actually fighting? Let me emphasize. First of all when we do any kind of trapping
we’re not trying to fight — that’s not how we fight. It’s a drill designed to to
train your sensitivity. Because there are three kinds of reflexes in Jeet Kune Do. You
have auditorial. So you hear something you move. Your visual and tactile. So this is
for tactile we’re training because tactile is the fastest. When we touch
something we want to be able to move. That’s what the drill designed to do. So
do it again and again and that’s what it does. So for Pak Sao we’re going to
start with a reference point for beginners we usually train with a touch.
So some kind of touch point later on I’ll show you a little bit will be non
touch. But for now we will touch and the whole idea is we’re going to slap the
hand by here the elbow. We want to control the arm. Immobilize it so there’s
an opening and then we hit. The idea is not we don’t go in the fight and look
for this. It’s when we try to hit and that guy blocks and this right there
there’s an obstacle now I want to do something about it right. So what you
don’t want to do you don’t want to trap here because what happens if I trap here
Jason’s gonna elbow me. See that? So I’ll do it faster elbow me fast boom you see
that. So you’re not trapping the wrist. You want to trap the elbow. Now I don’t
want to go down either come another common mistake if I go down, Jason is
going to do a Jao Sao right here.
Right watch see that? One more time.
See that? I’m helping him give more momentum to hit me.
Not good. So what you want to do you want control center line elbow in move the
guy and there’s an opening and the key is you want to minimize the motion. Although
you see in Enter the Dragon Bruce does this right. It looks very good on camera
this is for camera. But you actually don’t want to do that because this gives
yourself wide open and Bruce Lee is damn fucking fast so he can do
whatever he wants. Normal people like us trap here nice
and safe and I want to move — I want to trap the guy. I wanna chop the body. I
don’t just want to trap the hand. I want to move the guy and here, I can hit here.
I can hit. Okay you try Jason. I’ll show you around. Okay good. Trap this way.
Yes yes, touch touch, take your time, take your time.
Yeah trap, good and Shin do a couple. Nice see nice form right there and see how
Shin moves the body. Very nice try again yeah and if you’re good
later on you will trap here but also here. You’re protecting yourself in cases
of some kind of groin kick right. Yeah so if I’ve trapped this way —
boom thank you very much. Now try to kick.
You can’t. Actually we if you’re good this is this is actually an attack
too. Like so I go in see how the shock the system from here. So imagine when you’re
trapping when you’re practicing to go in with full force.
Don’t hit the guy because your training partner but with intention of going in.
So don’t practice like half-ass and then you do it. You do it, you do it, you do it
no no so look let’s feel my intention that killer instinct got to turn it on. So
so although I don’t use full power but my intention is — right see there’s
difference in the intensity. Right you try
no no try — try this way. Yes better. Try again yeah and you did this
as you’re practicing with the partner don’t be so loose but this is not what
it is. Still point finger point to the
centerline — we’re reference point right like that.
Not like thism not like this, reference center line and then you go in.
Yes then I go in from here. See how it’s very minimal. From here, from here that’s
it so make sure don’t push I don’t push down into his centerline and you move
and if you add some body power right. That’s how it works. So that’s the Pak Sao.
Jeet Kune Do technique practice well practice often. You like this video leave
a comment below subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video.

37 Replies to “Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Trapping Techniques – Pak Sao

  1. God bless u brotha Dan lok 🙏🏿 keep up the good work n being a good hearted being GOD bless u daily brotha.

  2. Thanks for your MA clips, I really enjoy them. I have been studying Win Chun for 1 year and have only found your channel recently and you were straight on the 'subscribed' list winks. I am looking forward to future content. Respect, Si-Fu. 🙂

  3. it would have been nice if the vid ends with Bruce doing the trapping thing in enter the dragon as you said " he is damn fucking fast" xD

  4. I personally dont believe bruce was all that. All we have are movies for Bruce. Anything looks good up on screen. I liked your demonstrations here.

  5. Wow I'm very impressed. Now I'm no expert but I do appreciate what this guy is teaching. He knows not to pak at the wrist as it feeds into an elbow, and he also knows that if he were to pak it down it would feed straight into a high jau sao. I like to imagine it as pinning the radial nerve to the ribcage. I also like how he explains that the reference point is just that, a way to simplify a "what if" scenario just for practice knowing it would never happen just that easy or robotic. I also saw a comment wondering about the other hand, and I think I could answer that – the other hand would be dealt with only if needed to, if he doesn't block or use it for some other countermeasure then just hit the person, simple as. But if they were to block then depending on the reaction you could trap the other arm appropriately as a response.
    I also think it's good to know about the different senses, such as sight, sound and touch and to especially train your touch sensitivity when trapping. I've found different energy drills and trying to implement trapping in sparring (if the opportunity arises) helps.

    Sorry 'bout the ramble I just like trapping

  6. I liked this method. I would have like to see you have done this from kicking range coming in to do the trap and also pushing the arm/hand downward so you could then throw an elbow to the head/neck. Your comments, please.

  7. I really would like to train under sifu dan lok i am a huge jeet kune do fan but the state and city I live in there are no good martial arts schools here I hope to train under you in the future

  8. Even though you are not an instructor and if you'll be a good one since the person learning at home like me is learning a lot from you… Thank you so much for taking your time in making these videos…

  9. I am disabled. Must use a walker (rollator). While shopping, minding my own business, have had 2 women stalk me in Target or Walmart, each trying to come at me from opposite sides of aisle. Its happened quite a few times since I first became disabled in 2015. Its clearly purely out of meanness…I've also heard attacking disabled is some kind of horrible game online with extra points for specific types of attacks. My husband walks with me, but it usually happens if I stop to look at something and he goes a few aisles down to quickly grab something. Suggestions?

  10. Never got the "fever" before Dan's videos . Now , I can't miss a one. You are the best instructor I have ever seen (other than Bruce Lee), thanks Dan ! Would rather see much less student moves and more of yours and better camera shots involving whole body movements. Thanks

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