Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Trapping Drills

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  2. Excellent.. just now I was searching for it and got it from you ..thank you Sifu Dan Lok and Sifu Octavito

  3. I just learned a business degree type of form from this lesson. Thank you dan for always posting. I am grateful that you are my mentor from youtube.

  4. After doing HTC we get the skill to close, so how will we use it?
    Will we contact companies and ask if we can get commission on closing a sale for them or is there any other way?

  5. Hey Dan please make a video where you tell us types of businesses that can make people rich . Please include businesses that make you a lot of money

  6. To someone new to JKD or martial arts maybe you should have explained why you are starting out in the position you were in also. I avoided learning trapping because I thought to myself when would I be in that position.

  7. Plus, I also find that these JKD style trapping techniques work very well in Grappling matches (when you’re trying to shoot inside for an underhook or takedown) because it helps open up some lane ways to attack and for Boxing, where you’re not allowed to throw a back fist, but you can trap an arm or both arms to clear the road for a strike or two to your opponents face or body.
    Side note – Thank you for those technical breakdowns. It definitely helps me see and improve my technique by learning some details, small or large, that I either didn’t know or had forgotten. Both of you guys are excellent teachers/instructors/Sifu’s. Please keep it up!

  8. Damn, I never knew you were intended in fighting. Wing Chun is a pretty incredible fitting style.

  9. i feel the first drill won't work unless you're fighting traditional but don't get me wrong. Hand trapping does work but all that fancy traditional stuff won't work in my opinion and experience….

  10. Sigong Octavio teaches Sifu Dan Jeet Kund Do, but does Sifu Dan teach Sigong Octavio how to make Jeet Kune "DOUGH"? 😉

  11. Very nice to see you spending your time so wisely. This is the ultimate goal. Freedom to spend time and energy on things that matter to you.

  12. thank you both, for your time.. 6:20 " let somebody grabbing me?….NO!!" That was funny. Because it's true. 😅

  13. Very glad you showed this. Very good in-fighting. Part of the JKD arsenal I never learned. Perhaps you could show workouts on the wooden dummy.

  14. Hi @Dan Lok, Can you please make a video about mistakes that you made at your 20's? or things you should had done at your 20's?

  15. hello masters, great greetings Thank God I found his teachings, because apart from the wing chung, I am learning a lot about JKD. very effective, fluid, can be adapted to a lot of technique, very useful for when one is close to your opponent. thank you very much Dan and Octavio, keep it up !!! Greetings. Good Life!!!!!

  16. This is what I'm talking about!Can we have a part 2 that focuses on the hand that is hitting while the other hand/arm is blocking,how to make the hits knock out hits so we can escape and not break our hand?

  17. Dan fckn Lok , naturally i have the same product with all my competition, it was an apparels product, how to get my brand stronger so i can sell higher price than the others?

  18. i got a question. before any contact between the two of you. lets say the first punch is parried. do you react as if its the cross block over centerline?

  19. Biggest thing I took from this, don't be afraid to crowd. Go with the flow, and keep moving forward. The closer you get, the more jammed they are.

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