Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do Side Kick

(loud crash) – Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do sidekick. You asked for it and here it is. Now, sidekick is one of the most powerful kicking techniques in the art of JKD. The reason for it is
because your using your whole body weight going
towards the opponent. You watch the Enter the Dragon, you watch the Return of
Dragon from Bruce’s movie, how he sends someone
flying with the sidekick, is one of Bruce Lee’s signature kicks. It’s also one of the most
difficult kicks to master and I’ll explain why and also
what are some of the body mechanics that you need
to be aware of today. (grunting) (hip hop music) So first let me just show
you, how do you do that. Now there are actually three
types of sidekicks in JKD. Let me show you the
most powerful one first and then I’ll show you the other two, is less powerful, but I
believe it’s actually more practical and more applicable
to what we wanna do. So with the sidekick, you can see to generate power, you
want to have your full body going towards the target. So as Shin is holding a
pad, something like this, you probably don’t want to kick here, you wanna kick somewhere
the energy like that. Now, obviously, it’s not
like when we are fighting or sparring, you’re gonna fly and jump in and do all of that, but
it’s a good way to practice, see if you can kick with power. Just full power, overkill motion, exaggerate so you can send someone flying and have all your body weight. You’re learning to transfer your body weight to the target. Later on, when you’re
better, you’re not gonna jump from here and do all of
that, you’ll be probably from here, it’s more
like that kind of motion, but for now it’s okay,
you’re learning to do that. So here’s a technique. From here you will take your rear foot, cross behind, cross behind. You don’t cross in front. Sometimes you do it here, but for now, just learn it behind. From here, you notice
my heel, it’s up, okay? Notice my heel is up, you can see that, heel is up. So as I jumped, this goes in, imagine, so Jack, join me so you can see. Jack has got three years
of Tai boxing experience, but sidekick is new to you, right? You do it with the shin kick. So it’s fun kicking those, but this is new, which is perfect, ’cause then I can also show
you how it’s done properly. So try that, Jack, from here, yeah, and then you lift this up. Imagine almost your knee
wanna touch your chest. Just do this motion first. So just for now, all I
want you to do is this. Yeah, try that again. Don’t kick, yeah, just like that. Try that. So you wanna practice this a lot. So if I’m looking the camera, I’m facing you, right, you’ll see here, see how this lift? It’s this high, this high. So it would look something like this, from here, just like that, see? See my body? Like that, try that. Okay, try that. Yeah. Then after you this, this, then when you extend the foot, from here, you put all your energy. It’s like imagine making a circle. Boom, like that. So from here, boom, see that? See my body? It’s contract and then expand. So it is not push. It’s not a push. That’s wrong. It’s contract and bam, expand. Exaggerated, right? Whoo, bam. The energy. And you let all the energy,
your weight, going forward. Right? Going forward. So imagine it’s a ball, you contract, and boom, explode, right? Try that. – So just kick all the way in? – Yeah, all the way in. Give it, I say 30, 40% power, forget about power first. Yes. Try again. Yeah. Yeah, slow down. Take your time, take your time. Shh, take your time. Yeah, try again. And make sure when you’re kicking, it’s the heel of your foot. The heel of your foot, you’re driving in, so you’re driving in, so not here, the heel. Nice. Try that again. Not bad. Your partner, who’s holding the shield, don’t hold it in, jus let
it relax and let it go. Ideally, if you can time your weight, sometimes you cannot
always hit it that bang on, but if you time your weight as you this, drop, it hits at the same time. So, as this, drop, this
hits at the same time. ‘Cause then you’ll let your body weight hit at the same time, right? So maybe lower. Better? That’s a good one. So as a partner, you can
tell, mmm, that one was good or that one wasn’t good, right? Try a couple more. – [Ishin] Better. – Yeah, that’s good, so he can feel that. And now, when you extend your leg, imagine you’re kicking
through the guy, okay? Not just, forget this part, imagine you’re actually kicking this part. And then you just relax,
right, relax, boom, right? Relax, right. Just relax. And look at my motion,
it’s not very (crashing). It’s like water, right? It’s like imagine throwing
a bucket of water, like that. (crashing) Good, better. Relax a little more. That’s better. That one’s pretty good. Yeah, make sure, jump. – Okay. – Now widen the lens a bit, let me show you how much
distance you could cover. Can you see me okay? Okay, so watch. So how far, you can see from the movie, see how far? Almost four steps, right? So imagine I’m here, this far, I take a step forward. From here, see how much
distance he covers? From here, how much
distance he could cover. That’s why this is the power, you think with that far he can’t touch me, but actually, I’m there already. (yelling) (grunting) (hip hop music) (grunting) (audience gasping) (loud crashing) One more time. – Right here? – Yup. It’s a little bit harder
for accuracy, right? – Yeah. – Try that again. Better, one more. Good. So that’s the first with
the jump step, sidekick. Now, the second sidekick
that you could do, which is more practical,
once you get used to this, the power, the bow and mechanic, you learn how to use the hip. Now, we wanna do it
from a closer distance. Now this sidekick, we’re not doing this. We’re simply lifting and
kicking at the same time. So look at my hip motion, right? So I’m lifting and I’m
kicking at the same time, at the same time I’m
turning the ball of my foot. The ball of my foot, see that? See that. Okay, so I’m here, like that. So from here, like that. Now why is it so good? This could be a, you’re
doing your technique, right, from here, you can just kick, or as he’s coming forward,
you can just stop, it’s like a stop kick. So up, boom, just like that. Right, just boom, like that. Try that. – So just lift and kick, right? – Yeah, it’s lift and then do it.
– Do the sidekick. – Yes, try that again. It’s not an easy kick. It’s very hard. Yeah, and almost feel
like you are lifting up– – Lifting up and then
sliding forward, right? – Just boom, yeah, see how
my momentum is like that. Good, one more time. So application-wise, application-wise, so here, when someone attacks, this, he’s not wearing anything, ’cause I’ve actually kicked someone that I spar with, I
broke his rib one time, so I’m very careful with this. When you’re practicing
be very, very careful, ’cause this stuff, if you’re like, how many pounds are you, Jack? – 190. – 190, right, you kick someone with power, it could be two, 300 pounds, so be very, very careful
when you’re practicing. So when I practice, if
he’s not wearing anything, I just tap, right? So try again. Right, one more time. All right, one more time. Now, sometimes this, again, from here, he would think you might
not be able to kick from this distance, but
actually you could, right? Could be the ribs. Could be also here to stop him, right? Of course, stop kick. So that’s the second kick,
it’s a shorter distance, more explosive. The third one, which is the well-known stop kick in JKD, (speaking
in foreign language). This is not so much a
kick, it’s more a stop. So we don’t have as much retract motion, we just kind of lift our leg up. Now, some people like
to do it the sideway, I show it to you. They like to do it the sideway like that. I don’t like that, ’cause
I find that when I do this, come, it takes a long time to recover. That’s just my own experience. I much prefer, if you put it on the shin, yeah, so some people would do it like that and then they come back this way. I much prefer do the 45. My foot is 45. See, it’s 45. And notice this, I’m not bending my knees, it’s just like there. It just stops. So he comes forward, boom, just stops him and then you kick, just like that. So without this, so slow, it’s just to stop him,
right, one more time. And see my energy is solely forward. Forward. Forward, okay. Try that. Be very careful. Just on the shin, yeah – Head on, face to face? – Yeah, face to face. So you can just do the side,
yeah, it doesn’t matter. Right foot forward, yeah. No, with 45. Right foot forward. Right foot forward. Yeah. We’re not even trying to push. It’s just, imagine sticking
something right here. – Okay, forward. – Yeah, try that. No, it’s almost a bit too close. So give him a little bit more distance, little bit more distance. Comes forward. It’s a good kick–
– Late on your foot? – Yes. But mainly still much, it’s the heel. Good, one more time. So it takes a lot, so you have the heavy power kick, you have kind of somewhere in the middle. You could finish below
but you have to stop kick, which also takes a lot of practice. So it’s more, see your body weight, if I do the stop kick, he comes forward, it’s very little. So this doesn’t move that much, right? It doesn’t move that much and you can do your thing. So that’s the sidekick in JKD, so it’s not just what
you see in the movie. When it comes to
application, different ways you can practice. Best way to practice is
with something like this, a shield with a partner, because the partner can give you feedback. Are you doing good? Are you not doing good? For accuracy you can have
one of those focus pad, and have them kick
something like this, right? And then you can practice
accuracy, your speed, your snappiness, right? Bruce liked to talk about the snappiness. You gotta snap the kick. (clapping) From there, hit the heavy
back for power, right? And then also practice with a partner and do all of that. And that’s it, that’s the
Bruce Lee’s JKD sidekick. Make sure you click on
the subscribe button below turn on notification, click the bell. Remember to click the bell. You have any questions,
maybe there are other kicks that you wanna see, let me
know when you practice this sidekick, what are some
of the questions you have, comment below, then
I’ll see if I can cover that in the future videos as well. Until next time, be water, my friend. – Be water, my friend.

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