Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do – How To Get Out Of A Chokehold

38 Replies to “Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do – How To Get Out Of A Chokehold

  1. Have you ever been put in a Chokehold? What has been the most effective way for you to get out? Try this way out with a sparing partner.

  2. Thank you Dan Lok for up loading this JKD Self Defense video! Your detail on the opponent and your expression on action is sharp! Very well displayed!
    Direct, Simple & Non classical is the key! ?

  3. Great vid but I think you should also talk about the situation when you cant block with youre chin because in real life people dont have that instinct to block with their chin and take a second and react you should explain what to do when youre already getting choacked whith no chin protection

  4. i love your videos and jkd!do you have a video on defense for a full on rear naked choke standing ? just curious to see your application compared to a bjj defense .your more street than them thanks

  5. That’s basic natural instinct. Attack the weak stuff ? Bruce Lee would bite scratch or kick your nuts in a Mather of a split second. Nice video! Damn those guys that comment bad stuff..

  6. Thx for the understanding, I love Bruce Lee movies . and always wanted to learn martial arts . but never had the time or money for schooling. Your videos are great!

  7. I like that water bottle technique in the start very symbolic. True fact water bottles are the number one threat at celebrity concerts on stage.

  8. whoever that guy that always gives you a thumbs down must be jealous bcoz all your videos makes alot of sense…oh & you can tell he’s a fan of yours coz he watches your all videos too ????

  9. I Learned how to hold someone like that… But differently, you know the military version is practicly impossible to react because he is behind you and really next to you, the right arms underyour face, dircetly on your braith tools (?that my words okay) and the left arms behind your head on your neck… Then you can lose your soul in 3 fucking second… I Just think we have to react before because if his left arms just change a little bit his position its to hard for the body to resist, because there is no blood in your brain no braith Big pressure and thats its… Let me know what you think about it big guy?

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