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  2. The intro I so love it…always! I first read about Lee's obsession with forearm training and his tremendous forearm development when I got a copy of The Art of expressing the human body. He was the originator of many things. The first Chinese to make Chinese men look sexy and also had the balls to take up weight lifting and not still not be bulky but attained a definely ripped musculature. I could list more….

  3. I don’t want to be rude but that may be correct but you need to do more training. Pecs starting to look good 🙂 love from Japan

  4. Where is the isometric exercises Lee did. Lee also had machines built custom to work out forearms/ grip strength. This guy seems to gloss over alot of things Bruce did. The Tao of Jeet Kune Do and Bruce lee work out are booka that cover these topics.

  5. This only I want Dan from 2 days, because my forearms was really hard before 2 months, but now it became some loose, at last, thanks sifu

  6. Whilst Bruce is an undisputed pioneer and legend. Science has made leaps and pounds regarding the sports science and how to develop the human body.

  7. Hey dan I have been watching your videos for the past day, I come up with the questions of, as a teen what can we teens do for developing necessary skills and even make some money

  8. Dan… If you can do something you don't have to, but you badly want to, will you go through the hustle? Is it worth it? Thanks for being the image of strength and courage i look up to.

  9. Damn… Dan driver is so lucky. He got his salary + free advice from Dan that must cost other people for $166.67/min ..

  10. Dan, please ask your instructor this thing. Using dumbbel(s) or hand grip exercise tools, which one is much effective in terms of strengthening hand grip? I guess the later works much better in enhancing overall finger joints and grip strength but I want to know his opinion on this matter.

  11. Love the content but this guy with the "warrior athlete" hardly explained how n why these forearm workouts work out… (dude didn't seem to excited…) btw we need a new background song, cant have the same song every video… other than that, holy fuck dan you have truly killed it man keep on crushing mad kudos

  12. Thank you Master Dan ? this is so helpful – some peoples forearms grow effortlessly, mine require a lot of effort and Im looking forward to trying the 'squeeze' technique ??

  13. I think he should shown wrist roller exercise. When I was a kid I made my own wrist roller using wooden stick attached to bag by rope. Then I would fill the bag with weight ar roll it up and down with both hands extended in front of me. Great exercise. Burned the hell out of my wrists!!???

  14. Hi Dan, I assume you don't give training classes in JKD yourself ? If so, are there any instructors / schools you can specifically recommend ? I feel like most of the schools teaching JKD are pretty much just a big hoax.

  15. Hello Sir I am now 16th , and I want to start my own business in early 18th with technology. But now I have no any resources and business skills , so now what I have to do to start my business?

  16. The most simple fore-arm exercise what you can do is dead bar hanging, bcs that BURNS your fore-arms maybe less than 2 minutes


  18. Great video Sifu's on building your forearms. I def. agree Bruce Lee was an amazing body builder. People forget there are all types of body building out there it doesn't mean you have to be the Hulk or like Arnold either. Bruce was someone that showed people how to do bodybuilding for Martial Arts and for Health. He has some amazing forearms too.

    Sifu's i loved the HexHead dumbbell workouts. I was wondering do you ever use the Hand Gripper tool (Spring in the middle with a round longer tube on each side that fits in your hand or the Gripmaster Hand Strengthener (Series of three horizontal pieces with two sets of springs that your squeeze) to build up your forearms? It's something i've used since i was a kid and you can develop some great forearm strength from it. Awesome video, keep up the great work.

  19. Another secretive way is person to person training. Stand face to face to with fingers tuck into each other, apply the same motion but the opponent will resist your movement gradually and forcefully,vice versa. If you train like this not only your forearm underarm are conditioned, your fingers will be like a hook and your wrist like a spring coil. Follow by slapping each other’s arm with your palm then progress to karate chopping each other from light to hard, lastly try using sticks. Why do I need to? Bruce didn’t pass it on:-(Break the arms that throws the punch) (Paralysis the leg that does the kick).(pierce like a Jack Hammer with your spring force).
    Bruce said Train every piece of muscle if you want to fight. But he died too young, he haven’t have time to teach further. and I won’t accept the findings how he died would you?

  20. Or you can do Calisthenics.. Bruce Lee did it like a loads (e.g.: Dragon Flag).
    It's kinda hard (hellish) but very very rewarding.

    Edited: For forearms, Calisthenics have lots of compound workouts such as front lever, back lever, handstand that's definitely hit your forearms like hell.

  21. I use a 25 lb kettlebell for the twisting exercise with my arm on the floor. I go forward and backwards with both hands. Is that bad? I hold the handle of the bell and bring it over the top.

  22. Dan, you know a lot about the business world, but this video doesn't make sense even with the instructor who doesn't have a strong forearm.

  23. Hello, Sifu Dan and Sifu Octavio. I've been looking for a teacher in JDK. Is there anyone in Tucson, AZ or El Paso, TX that you can recommend. Always grateful for your guidance. Thank you.

  24. The reason Bruce Lee was obsessed with forearms was because the bigger your forearm is the harder your punch will be since the weight in your arm is closer to your fist.

  25. I understand excalty what you talking about Bruce is 100% right it give you power for punching and for grabbing so you can do a takedown

  26. I’ve been training my forearms (I do knuckle pushups on asphalt too and know how to throw a punch) since I first read Bruce’s books. It is one of the reasons I have such knockout power. I’ve hit guys that outweighed by 30-50-100 lbs and lots in my own weight class too. I usually knock out guys that are only 30 or so pounds heavier. If they are bigger than that and I don’t knock them out, I always knock them down and often break their faces in the process. In these cases the look of shock, awe and amazement on their faces is so very satisfying.

  27. This position, this position, bla bla bla… These positions have names related to tri-fecta muscle groups and beyond. Used by legendary bodybuilders such as Arnold, Franco, Haney, and Zane; the three basic tri-fecta variations are known as reverse grip, hammer grip, and curl grip.
    -Reverse grip is for girth, or thickness of targeted muscle area.
    – Hammer grip is used for increasing length of the targeted muscle volume.
    – Curl increases the peak of the targeted muscle.
    Then you have incline, flat, and decline angles that are implemented for upper, middle, and lower targeted muscle areas.
    Be specific and quit being half ass with your flawed fitness logic with undisciplined practices.
    Never forget. Abds and calves are done EVERYDAY! Stay motivated!

  28. ???hate to say this there are channels that are better then this when it comes to detailing the exercises Bruce Lee did

  29. Bruce Lee was way ahead of his time doing many things that are now been used today I firmly believe he was doing plyometrics before it got famous i mean jumping into the air leaping that high was impressive

  30. I love intro music… three of them having average forearms do you agree? Respect the legend brucee lee here.

  31. Punching power comes from the body not the forearms. Forearms serve as the driver of where the power is directed too! But not the source of the power.

  32. Hi. From an anatomical point of view. The power come from the recruitment of group of muscles. The literature says the more muscles we recruit the more power you have…..from a person that does martial arts ( more than 20 years) n from somebody who studied physiology, biomechanics, muscle physiology …..

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