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hey what’s up everyone the Iraq war
since at least rank dot com got it formula Bruce Lee Workout dot com there’s a video it’s gonna be
all about Bruce levy ass his principles his diet some
example workouts but if you want to come get the
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I’m get all the details but obviously we know who
bruce Lee is more than most iconic movie stars and athletes Bruce Lee Workout on wall times and you know he uses extremist a strong quick powerful and you are amazing agility okay and but
I think one the biggest reason that he was so
successful is because the principles they live with Bruce Lee Workout delivered by on his workouts and just life in general so that’s why I really
wanna books on also a little bit over diet little bit up some example
exercises but I feel like if you can grasp the
principles you can really start internalizing knows Bruce Lee Workout and apply that he not only your workout
your diet but just your life in general so once
you kinda have that base structure then you can go out and
get creative and and figure out different workouts different diets all
attempts to okay so there’s essentially by principles that bruce Lee went by okay first one is the core is the core
okay talking about the core your by so you know your lower back and
your abs that’s your core obviously and if you’re
gonna have a strong body you gonna be quick agile
that estar it all as a has to come from the true
love your aP’s and your lower back okay if you have a
strong or back and abs then you can have a strong rest your
body its weak then you’re gonna be injury-prone
personal on any prior in a week rest your body okay so it all always
arrives freshen the core and it’s always essential to you you
know cunt continually work on that every
single day and it’s not all just buggin a six pack its bags
developing ashtray and some thoughts on what you know is that
by just two and exercise alone it’s not going to Six Pack not gonna get
you regret here because the reason I bruce Lee was so ripped up
by a stomach was because he had such low body back Bruce Lee Workout percentage so if you want to get the
actual that six pack then you need to have low by that okay
this year may God be gone after a six pack okay and I want to show you
hear one of his favorite exercises you can kinda see it Bruce Lee Workout I’m it’s called the dragon flying
basically this this first one the bigger one is where
he would star in the second little one as we finish up very difficult exercise but as one of
his that’s on the you so the next Prince boys pension equals
control care a lot of people or find this arm counter-intuitive almost and basically
when he talks about his you know having tension always and no
matter what kinda exercise and just can you be a little bit example is
the reason yup he was able to do this bigger pushups because
he had a good tension throughout his whole body had
their fission Energy transfer to his entire body by just
tensing up his whole body so when he’s done a push-up yessi test his chest and then but he
also tenses core is lakes know everything shoulders his neck
everything when you have a good tension that he was able to control by a lot
better and another thing and it ties into that is isometric tension basically
what this is after each at work out say is a push up
again hewer come out contract that muscle to
it and you can check the surrounding muscles as well Bruce Lee Workout keeping that tension okay when you have
more tension for a longer period time that’s when your muscles gonna grow check so 2/4 Prince boy is left which
can actually I see this so many times I’m in the waiter people are just thrown a way that is not from what they should be letting it’s
too heavy for them and they’re causing bad foreigner just
using whatever muscles they can to get back
way up and Iraq even that tension so live what
you can actually wear focus on form and that’s gonna help you
in the long run and when you continually that’s when you
gonna get stronger and then you gonna be eventually be able to actually lift that amount to wait in the last one is
recovery cat think this is one that’s overlooked
a lot as well recite when you go and live in your during your workout it
constantly changing your muscles so if you just costly turn in muscle over and
over and over and over never gives them time to actually re
copper and rebuild up and get stronger okay so take take days up and there’s a
few other things that I wanna talk about his in addition to taking
days off get the proper in our sleep but also cross-train basically what that means
just do different exercises get a good variety
affection maybe that’s weight training one day maybe that’s
winning the next day maybe it’s running next day then come back to a chain and just you know keep keep mixing
things up so your body has T continue to catch up
with you and and continually you know work so you can
get more agile more strength more quickness all the
types that okay no C supplementation how are it’s just an exponentially increase your
results and presley he’s a lot of protein K I would
strongly recommend that so to get more into as actual diet
basically he’s a lot supplements like I talked
about protein also use supplements like dancing Bruce Lee Workout royal jelly and hack hiya had a lot by 10 as well sauntered diet UT round 4-5 times a day base is pretty
simple he just ate a lot Chinese I got away with this because a it are focused on carbohydrates from the
rice and vegetables which in Western culture food here I
stayed away from in addition to copy because it was more
focused on the proteins and fats okay and then
ya subject he is well so as you can imagine he the channel on
martial arts kinda develop this new Bruce Lee Workout one he called G koon doing basically
it’s a style that doesn’t have a style its kinda just like spur the moment
acting so you ready for anything and everything at a moment’s notice all that you can
come in here and check out all the exercises and then weight
training is right put together you example excise a weight
training and I’m some at have exercises in
addition to Jack Black and in Canada sixty a pro Graham so come in here and check it out
whole issue gonna go through and discover what you
wanna do basically on talk about his success
again and I I researched on a successful people and there something that just is
consistent with all along is that there really a student and bruce Lee was
you know what are the best in I’m not talking
about you like it school student been a student of his crap okay he was always
looking to get better is always looking to grow Bruce Lee Workout and do the very thing get quicker get
better and just improve on a daily basis and I am I have
a strong firm grass on what I think is that you either get better on daily basis are
you were some database issue they’re growing on a daily basis or your shrinking daily basis okay so you never
really stay neutral k you either go not being on down so if
you’re in a student might say you’re gonna be continually grown
continue moving forward to continuing getting better okay so let’s take some
advice from bruce Lee Ann let’s continue to get better is
continually look for more better ways to do things and just be the best version of yourself
okay so that’s good article feel free to come
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  1. Bruce Lee was didn't grow up like ous in USA eating junk food his body never had junk food even when he was a little boy ois in USA have had junk food with high sugar intake to its harder for ous today to tune in go diet Lee all ways had been fit his whole life we all should remember that

  2. he had more mental focus than we will ever know we may become good fighters and be in good health but Bruce had something we will never master that's called the inter spirit and able to use ones mind in a deep metal state of focus and with ones body is like a deep burst of energy

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