BRUCE LEE vs MMA Fighter !!! NEW

Edgar Abromyan is from Armenia This is second fight. This fighter came with big team of support Let’s applaud him! He was a winner last time and he’s going to win again His opponent is builder His friends gave him name Tayson So,we’ll see Remember the rules and don’t break them.Respect each other.Shake hands with each other and proceed to your corners. Are you ready? And you? Fight Let’s support our guys! Let’s applaud them! They are fighting perfectly! Let’s support our guys! Hey,hey stop! Well,our builder is winner! Should we continue this fight? We continue this fight because nobody gave up Let’s support our guys! Are you ready? And you? Fight Stop Stand up and come to the middle of the ring Straighten the ropes Lie down in the starting position Stop! Stand up Are you ready? Fight Nape! Stop the fight Stop Our builder is winner! Hello Edgar! The fight was great Did you like this ? The fight was great! Congratulation! Tell us smth Thanks to the sponsors it was great Where are our prizes for fighters ? Say hello Hello Well! It’s a builder who friends call Tyson! Next fighters, be ready,please

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  1. English, Germany, Poland, Portugal, italiano, France, Spain, Turkish, Arabic, 日本語, 한국어, भारतीय भाषा subtitles included !!

    Организуй первую СТРЕЛКУ в своем городе !!! Узнай о Франшизе чемпионата

  2. Кавказец больше Брюс Ли, чем тот. Такой брейк устроил, мама не горюй.)

  3. Good match! Both sides fought decently !!! One was a little weaker, there is such! Didn't give up !!!! Respect her !!!

  4. 😡 eine Frechheit würde bruce lee sehen das sein Name von diesem Typ beschmutzt wird würde er den der das hoch geladen hat aufessen 😡😡 Schande für die Ehre von bruce lee😡😡 er bixt so unkoordiniert einfach wie ein billiger Tänzer 😡

  5. 1:20 это было неожиданно. Молорик. Небритый такие нежданы выдает )))

  6. me encanta vuestro canal y lo sigo, pero mientras no quiteis la arena y pongais un ring en condicones,no se vera una pelea de verdad! saludos 😉

  7. Really tough small guy but just needs better form when kicking. And needs to be careful putting the hand out there other wise you'll open a pocket for someone to slip their head on your shoulder and throw hooks at the head and stomach. It's also a good set up to get clinched and elbowed

  8. Слышь, пиздаболы, где вы там Брюса Ли увидели, пидарасы тупые? Кликбейтеры хуевы

  9. Судья какой то мутный обратите внимание,это интересней боя…

  10. What because the guy is Asian he is Bruce lee that seems racist, he’s a great fighter but he wasn’t using like any of Bruce Lee’s principals of jeet kune do which are usually straight to the point strikes not big over hand rights. Not knocking the guy I actually really like how he was setting up those haymakers by keeping his other hand out for the range and waiting for the right moment he had great timing and was clearly very effective. Just don’t call him Bruce lee he deserves his own identity

  11. Não faz sentido colocar caras de pesos diferentes para lutar… Coitado do nanico, deve ter a cabeça de ferro para apanhar tanto e não morrer.

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