Bruce Lee – The Legend [MOTIVATION] [4K]

well i mean definitely in the beginning , i had no intention
of what so ever that what i was practising and what I’m still practising now would lead to
this to begin with but martial arts has a very very deep meaning. As far as my life
is censored because as an actor, as a martial artist, as a human being all these i have
learned from martial arts. All type of knowledge ultimately means self knowledge so therefore
there coming into and asking me to teach them not so much of how to defend themselves or
how to do somebody, rather they want to express themselves through some movement be it anger,
be it determination, or what so ever. Don’t think! Feel! It is like a finger pointing
away to the moon don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly
glory. When i look around. I always learn something. that is to be always yourself.
and to express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality
and duplicate it. Ultimately martial arts means honestly expressing yourself. Now it
is very difficult to do. Mean it is easy for me to put on a show, and be cocky and be flooded
with a cocky feeling. And then feel like pretty cool and all that or i can make all kind of
phoney things, you see what i mean? blinded by it or i can show you really fancy movements.
But to express oneself honestly, not lying to one self. And to express myself honestly.
Now that, my friend, is very hard to do and you have to train, you have to keep your reflexes
so then when you want it, its there! when you want to move your moving and when you
move you are determined to move, not taking one inch , not anything less than that, if
i want to punch. Im gonna do it man and I’m gonna do it you see. So that is the type of
thing you have to train yourself into it to become one with the. Under the sky under the
heaven man, there is but one family. It just so happens that people are different. You
should look upon oneself as an actor man, i mean you will be very pleased if somebody
say “hey man you are a super actor”. It is much better than you know, super star. “you
got to admit you are a super star, if your gonna give me the truth”. I am honestly saying
this. Yes. Have been very successful, okay. I think the word “star” is i mean i do not
look upon myself as a star. I really don’t, I mean believe me man when i say it. When
you are talking about fighting . As it is. With no rules. Well baby you better train
every part of your body. And when you do punch , and I’m gonna lean forward a little bit
hoping not to break any camera angle. I mean you got to put your whole fist in to it and
snap it! And get all the energy and make this into a weapon. I said empty your mind. Be
formless. Shapeless. Like water. When you put water into a cup, It becomes the cup.
You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle. You put it in a tea pot, it becomes
the tea pot. Now water can flow, or it can crash. Be water my friend. You know what i
want to think of myself? As a human being.

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  1. Good clip! But for everybody here. The ping pong and sigaret scene are fake with a bruce look a like. Made for a chinese tv commercial

  2. "To express oneself honestly, not lying to oneself, that is very hard to do. And you have to train, you have to keep your reflexes, so that when you want it its there."
    Incredible. Same as in your everyday actions as in your physical training. Most of us hide so much in our daily lives. You become authentic by conditioning yourself to that standard at every moment of your life, till it's a reflex to express the real you.

  3. I always laugh a bit when I see that interview because I think probably no one knew what he was talking about at all xD, even now not every person knows what he means with expression and emptying your mind and beeing like water.

  4. "As a man… I'm flesh and blood, I can be ignored, destroyed. But as a symbol… As a symbol I can be incorruptible. I can be everlasting" "What symbol?" "Something elemental… Something terrifying."

  5. My favorite hero and unique martial artist in the world ,Never ever no one could achieve Bruce lee records.long live his thoughts.

  6. Man those stupid scenes with the dude using the nunchuks in the track suit Just kinda messed the video up. Doesn't the dude that created this video know that is not Bruce Lee? Don't show BS man. Bruce Lee you were and still are a BAD ASS even after your passing. My respects.

  7. A beautiful human being who's mind was a secret weapon in itself. Your mind can be your best defense if used wisely. Bruce Lee expressed himself very openly and came across genuine and original.

  8. I want to be water as you told I want to live with you forever….love you… whenever I look or listen to you I feel better..♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ ♥️♥️♥️

  9. master bruce lee is king of kungfu evergreen martial arts king master Brucelee is super good legend evergreen Brucelee is very super strong super powers brucelee is blixibiliti training workout very good great master brucelee all time and all days evergreen great amazing very good super brucelee funding jeed kune do and philosophy and strength very powerful I am biggest fans of master tiger brucelee I am from indian

  10. Y you people think that wasnt Bruce Lee on the ping pong. And the cig thing . what the fuck ?. That all him old videos of his skills way back in thw day are u people dumb. . thats his skills and he mastered and did his own thing. It's not just Kong fu. He mixed and made his own style . he is the master of all fighting. . he is the perfect weapon. .

  11. 3:28 "oh real fighting" nah shit this commentator didn't seem to understand what lee was saying seemed like he only wanted lee to answer his question

  12. Bruce Lee was and still is the greatest martial artist of all time he's too fast and too smart. He's amazing. He will always be remembered as the most greatest fighter and amazing actor and loving husband to his wife and amazing father to his children.

  13. Bruce lee was only human, he really emphasises that he wasn’t a superstar but merely a human who has developed him self into something special. We can all reach this level but it takes sheer determination and work on yourself every day of your life.

    True respect to Bruce Lee

  14. "פאב חנוך מורדכי דרך החלב".
    – פעמיים אותו חסיד בהלוך ובחזור נמוך חתך לצד השני בחזור.
    "הוה אות, עת הארה".
    – תלשה אותו וזרקה, את היצר הרע.
    "אסי לירה שמונה. (ניר, לי, קיי)".
    ספי, אלי, הרצל, רבקה, שמעון, ווילאם. (יוסי, יקי, ליאור קוגן).
    "את לב תייר". "תגידי לי את בסדר"?
    "בה פס לב נד".
    – ברטה, פנס בעין לילד. (הקבוע מתמטי. ציון רבי נחמן בחלום של אמא. איש מפתח עיניים בולטות ומשקפיים. גם איפה שעגלת סופר של איראן ליד בית משפט וגם בצומת ויצמן הרווחה.
    "נבט הוה, אני תער". ("בבה פנס".
    – נקברו באדמה טמאה, אין יכולת עיבור. (ברוס, ברנדון, היתקליף).
    "לי אריק נינוה".
    – לכן אמיר החזק, יהודי ישראלי ניצחי.

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