Bruce Lee the Invincible – Chop Sucky #104

[Uh-oh, what militant?] [Under who?!? Can you guess
he’s not important to the plot? I, Fok Yuen Kap, am-a-PATRIOT!! That right? [Could that be LESS convincing?] [Some folks just plain deserve it.] But still… GRUNT! [Glasgow?] Names don’t get more unfortunate. …that right? [HEY! Language!] [“Fix things”… brilliant!] [Roger, Captain Redundant.] [Wait, I’m losing track of their “preference”!] Yeahwellshrruszurazzsz…. [Jeez.] …You pious bastard! [“I’m right behind you! Howyalike my ‘far away’ voice?”]

7 Replies to “Bruce Lee the Invincible – Chop Sucky #104

  1. I saw this movie a few years ago and I'm glad you included that slap at 1:46. That was the best and funniest part of the movie! I love how calmly he walks in there and slaps the crap out of her! That was awesome!

  2. In the end of the movie teacher mercy ! Thank you teacher…I can kill you …but I'll spare your life but you'll never fight again ! Let's go home

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