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  1. That's cool, you guys always make videos that are so concise yet full of information. Nice way to see jkd that is different from "business Dan", which is also good too

  2. Thanks a lot sir!!! I craved a lot for your videos this week as my exams are going on!!
    But finally… I saw it today!!! Thanks a lot sir….
    Please keep making videos
    .. GOd bless you…
    Love and respect from India

  3. another great video!! thank you Sifu Dan and Sigong Octavio! i'm waiting for more original jeet kune do footage! Greetings from Greece!

  4. I think I've seen some of these moves in Jack Reacher. I see more possibilities aside from what I've watched today. Thank you, teachers.

  5. On pages 112 and 181 of "Tao of JKD" Bruce Lee wrote about the "corkscrew hook" and "riposte attack." Could you explain and demonstrate those two principals and techniques?

  6. Defend Takedowns video, do it 🙂 Love these, wasn't aware of JKD before, but definitely more interested to learn it.

  7. Sorry, in my personal opinion you should combine that lower kick with single leg takedown.. If you are on top access to eye and throat is more viable???

  8. Thank you for the video, very informative.
    Personally speaking, I don't look for takedowns myself — or rather, I don't look for ground fighting. It exposes you too much to other attackers.
    I do, however, train in takedown defense to prevent it, and learn how to disengage ground fights should my takedown defense fail.
    Considering that you're expected to move like water in JKD, learning both takedown and takedown defense, I think, would be just a natural part of it.
    Striking is good and well, but doing so while not knowing how to defend against instances and react in kind could be.. fatal.
    Though, I haven't fought many folks on the street who just goes for take downs, and if they do, it's rather sloppy.

    So TL;DR, yes, takedown defense video – JKD style would be best.

  9. I want to see How to Defend a Takedown. Thank you for taking the time to make these insightful videos. I personally spar against a very good grappler and have a hard time.

  10. Very good i like how you dont need to create a takedown its just there. Usually i only use one forward takedown which is placing a foot sideways behind someones forward facing foot and at the same time slide into their chest with my whole body shoulder facing them. Basically creating a trip and nudgeing them in it so they fall back. This seems far better i already dont like most takedowns due to them being vigorus throws. Crippling seems like a good method. Very good video loving it!

  11. I am ex army and they always used to teach us not to form a fist but to use open hand in case we needed to do eye gouging etc. What is best in the street? (as I find I naturally revert to what I was taught in the army).

  12. DAN LOK, I'd like to request that you guys address something I've noticed on OTHER YouTube channels concerning "moves to end a street fight". in the last 2 days, I've seen at least 2 videos instructing people to hit the temples, and the throat. as I'm sure I don't need to tell you, hitting the temple is a very bad idea. and hitting the throat is even more dangerous than the temples because it's so easy to kill someone doing it. these other youtubers are handing out extremely irresponsible advice! one of them is claiming to be a jeet kune do instructor. I asked this channel if he was an official jeet kune do instructor with Dan inosanto's approval. the fact that I've not received a reply, tells me that he/they are likely NOT approved by inosanto..

  13. Awesome…awesome…awesome. Looks so much like solid southern kung fu. Dan…bro your videos are top notch and your Sifu is the real deal. You have a new subscriber my friend.

  14. I really wanted to have the book of bruce Lee…. Too bad its all out in our country… I have always been looking… But no luck.. ????

  15. Appreciate the acknowledgement here, that real fights are messy. It doesn’t get said enough in martial art videos. Thanks. (I also appreciate the music intro/outro, like it)

  16. It will be interesting, to see you sparring with mma guy(with takedowns),,,,
    Waiting to see you apply in full contact sparring with mma guy…

  17. 5:50 When some one drops down and rushes me to tackle me (essentially that is all it boils down to "a tackle," its not a martial arts technique) I automatically double shuffle step back and at the same time i reach out and either get my hands on their shoulders or head and push down hard so their head will kiss the ground or asphalt. I then will lock them n a half nelson til they calm down or give up but IF but they continue to resist ill move on into another technique. I do know one must practice, practice, practice each move til it becomes a muscle memory reaction. Also would like to say there was only one Bruce Lee. There will never another one. It is good to c ppl who r carrying on his passion: his way of the intercepting ?. ?

  18. In reality-based fighting there's no guarantees… the bigger guy will always overpower the smaller guy… doing drills and learning training techniques are useless without training for Speed and Agility and Power… Bruce Lee used a day timer for is hourly and daily training… Bruce Lee was a fanatical martial artist!

  19. Great video as always. I will add this: going to the ground in a self-defense situation IS death. It is not so much the guy in front of you that you have to worry about. It is his buddy lurking nearby. Maintain your mobility (Stay on your feet,) and strike.

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