Bruce Lee JKD Stance

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  2. Thank you. I don‘t know how to express my appreciation besides thanking you for putting in your valueable Time for us.

    1 Question: Is the Front foot always flat or is it sometimes slightly raised? It would increase one‘s mobility if it is slightly raised (Standings on the Ball of the feet) right?

  3. when and how to do jumping stance or footwork like Bruce Lee which he did in the way of dragon against Chuck Norris at last minutes.plz tell that footwork

  4. As I've said before, I really like this series you are doing! My fighting stance is basically the same as you are demonstrating, but I move in and out of it with movement and the particular attacks and strikes I am using. I think it is very close to a good boxing stance. One thing, just for discussion purposes. When I look at very old videos of Bruce Lee sparring with Dan Inosanto for example, Lee holds his lead arm a little more extended and his rear arm much lower. I feel that is to protect his groin. From personal experience. I have never been able to block a, what you call hook and I call flip, kick to the groin with my leg. No opponent of mine was able to either, not at a close distance where I could launch the kick with independent motion straight from the ground. It was too fast. I could block with my back hand if I kept it low and was vigilant. You can imagine my learning curve was painful as my teacher had amazingly fast kicks 🙂

  5. Amazing stance Dan, is this stance the same like the book the tao of JKD? I'm really trying to study the book, but I think it's hard! Thanks

  6. It was in 2002 when a book sale bus came to my school and when they handed us the list of the book available, I immediately searched for Martial books and I was extremely happy when I saw Bruce Lee Fighting Method. I bought all the series and since that day I never stopped learning.
    But I always wanted to learn and get a clearer picture of JKD and glad I found out about your channel.
    A huge thank you to you and Mr. Octavio for the great content.

  7. Good tips again, nice to see all three of your insights.

    I’ve been training Wing Chun for some time, I have noticed the different weight distribution of stance depending on what I’m doing or how moving. Hanging back too much limits my speed and power, but still good to have rooting, so I am more often 60/40 to 50/50.

    My foot feel has changed too. I still prefer full foot on ground, but a light, reactive feel so I can explode off the ball of my foot in any direction. When I am up on toes of back foot I feel less stable and too front leg heavy, if it makes sense.

    I have also noticed that when I use turning punch or straight blast it improves my speed and power to allow my back heel to lift up slightly versus keeping the heel down.

    So basically I like to try things out and see how they feel and work, and keep learning. Thank you again.

  8. Thanks Dan great video. What comes to mind is the quote from Bruce it's like a fine play but played seriously. Don't be tense be ready. Get loose

  9. Yes More Videos About This Please Could You Do One From Transitioning To Kicks To Strikes, And How To Improve Speed And Power🙏🏽

  10. I enjoy all of your videos, sifu dan lok is legit (y) xD im learning from vids cuz i ve start practicing jkd through your vids, keep it up, greetings from algeria

  11. Sir it will be useful if you show an attack and corresponding defence using how to defend a straight kick or a punch like that.thank u for your videos

  12. great dan great clarification of the stance very thoughtfull of you to find your sifu. again thank you.

  13. I have a question, because am quite new with practising this stance (with back heel raised). And find it really helps to propel body from the hips, since the hips go naturally forward [with this stance].

    However, there is a technique which has rather devastating application I have also been practising more recently; ie the 'torso bend': and this one requires that hips go BACK (as first move).

    And assume that having back foot FLAT on floor would be more applicable in such instance [please correct if I am wrong].

    Also, another stance I have heard of from another of Bruce's students (namely James DeMile, who I met at London seminar nearly 30 yrs ago): mentioned something about 'close bijong' stance [?] And believe that this one is also with hips going back.

    Do you have any info on that one ?

  14. I used to believe this 20 years ago.

    But there’s a reason why they use a more natural stance in boxing and MMA.

    And FYI: 50-50 weight distribution is only good for standing on the spot. And then there’s the rest (like the lead shoulder dropped with the arm out). I could go on but I don’t care that much.

  15. Sir. I'm very impressed with your thoroughness in your martial arts videos. You're well spoken and you fill in the gaps that other video instructors seem to miss. I'm anxious to watch your other videos. If your pointers on other aspects in life are this helpful, I can't wait to see them. Keep doing what you do, man!

  16. I'd also like to add that I was fortunate enough to learn this stance from a second generation instructor in a classroom with just three other people. This video is a perfect replay of that class. Dead on.

  17. Thanks for ruining what Bruce worked so hard to create. If you knew anything about JKD you would know that there is no set stances

  18. 👏Great video. I've seen your solo version of this too. You are a total pro, yet still humble and absorbing knowledge from another master. I shall return as water 🤜🏼SHH! 🤜🏼SHH! 🤜🏼SHH!

  19. Being a person who practices Tai chi, wing chun and currently A type of shaolin kung fu, there is differences in stance. Shaolin style I am learning has both feet at 45 degree to stop front leg being broken at knee. So there no argument that front foot straight is quicker, in my opinion. This is improved obviously by raising the back foot as shown in this video.AWESOME!! I like it However the front knee I'd be going straight for that. What would the JKD approach to stop me from grabbing an arm and braking the front leg? I do realise the front leg bent but stance is high and would not take much force to straighten and brake? This is not a criticism all "styles" have weaknesses, a good martial artist realises this and learns ways to use his skill set to his advantage. Great video 😀

  20. I kinda have trouble throwing a straight rear punch from the bai jong stance,my lead knee experiences pain
    Can u tell me what I am doing wrong?

  21. Great video. It’s great how you’re teaching about Bruce Lee’s fighting. I don’t know anyone who does it better at least online

  22. Thanks very much for sharing the video.
    I have one question though, what would you say is the advantages of using the JDK stance as opposed to the krav maga stance?

  23. Started drills on the JKD footwork and ready stance when I was 18 working from Bruce Lee's Fighting Arts books and it felt strange at first compared to my usual bounce on the spot L shaped TKD sparring stance and other ways of movement. There is a variation to this which has the lead arm down and protecting the groin when at a further distance away that is also described in 'Tao' that I also use when just out of kicking range then bring my lead hand up when closer. When you incorporate the forward burst, sidestepping etc. into techniques, kicking and punching can be launched more naturally and with more power than classical karate or TKD where with things like side kicks you step behind and cross your legs (which I never do anymore). Having had the advantage of several years fencing in high school gave me an advantage in moving like this and it is also close to good boxers but slightly less pigeon toed. You can glide around but also have a strong base and lots of maneouvrability and always be covered. The most important aspect of the moving forwards part of JKD is the lead foot going first and then the rear foot immediately sliding to compensate, there is a moment just before you put weight on the front foot or it touches the ground where you can direct it into incredibly fast hook kicks or front kicks or even side kicks with the leading leg, it is just that tiny split second as the rear foot comes forward where there is a momentum you can throw into the technique. If you find a heavy target to strike it is the best way to work on it because you can know if you've got it right with power. It is hard to describe but it is like the weight of your body's gravity downwards is now suddenly transfered up and out and your rear foot plants and leg pushes quickly just b4 your foot strikes the target. I really think the principles of the footwork in JKD; shuffle, burst etc. are the reason Bruce could kick so fast and powerfully with his leading leg and arm.

  24. Lead leg inwards u ll get your knee fucked from lowkicks and u won t be able to block if your shin is inwards quick enaugh.

  25. All serious martial artists who really want to master footwork should study the master boxer lomachenko . Master the swivel. Also check out Willie pep the boxer Bruce studied his footwork avidly

  26. As a child, my neighbours from Hong Kong would babysit and let me watch Bruce Lee movies
    (on Beta) for hours…how i marvelled at 'Enter the Dragon'
    One day at the park some bullies were picking on my neighbours son…so I jumped in and gave my best fight stance that I knew….
    Taught from watching Bruce
    What happened next is amazing…with conviction to defend my friend and hold my stance…the bullies fled.
    Even without training I was empowered to defend without fighting. Such a great feeling for a seven year old to discover.
    Thanks for the video, it reminds me of that moment.
    Take note kids!

  27. master bruce lee is king of kungfu martial arts evergreen and all time all days evergreen great amazing very good super very powerful and very buietifull look very nice and you team workout super and your martial arts very super i am biggest fans of master i am from indian

  28. The only flaw with turning lead toe in leg kicks even an amateur thai boxer will just leg kick u to death watch the rick roofus fight vs thai

  29. I enjoy your videos however I do have a single question I have practiced JKD for 27 years and I currently teach myself; however what I noticed is that you seem to be teaching the old Jun fan Gung Fu footwork as far as the way your back foot is turned facing forward this does not increase Mobility but decreases Mobility being that you are incapable of going backwards very well I was wondering since Bruce realized the truth of that which is why he solved it by placing both feet at 45 degree angles… this is a much more symmetrical stance and capable of fighting multiple opponents in multiple directions as well as closing the Gap and retreating out of the Gap just as fast as you got in it I noticed that with both your feet facing forward you are very good at getting into the Gap but not very good at getting out of the gap can you speak as to why you still teach this?

  30. Dan, get Octavio on for a video about gates! Or just do one yourself! JKD gates are fundamental to practicing. The original 4

  31. Bruce lee greatest strength is technique has one of the greatest techniques out there, he was perfecting that for 3 decades.

  32. dan,i feel like losing myself,i have done the bruce lee diet and trying to learn jeet kune do its hard!!my friends want to sparr and i cant because i always loose!

  33. Oh wow I seen one of your inspirational vids a while back in a Bugatti or something. I didn't know you were a practitioner of Jeet Kun Do. That's awesome. I feel like this form is hard to find…I would've been started this class if it was near me.

  34. I do have a question. When I was reading the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, the stance is slightly different being the back arm is kinda curved downward with the hand protecting the groin area. With both hands up, does it leave room for lower attacks and is this way considered more of the norm, just the way Jeet Kune Do has evolved? Genuinely curious. Thanks!

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