Bruce Lee JKD Roundhouse Kick – Hook Kick

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  1. This was explained better than my teacher lol. I think good advice would also be – wear a cup if sparring Sifu. 🙂

  2. Discovered the channel while looking for the business advice. Now I see that you appreciate Bruce's philosophy of martial arts and life in general. Subbed!

    As a martial artist myself, I'm so inspired and excited to get to know individuals who aspire to learn and value similar things in life. Keep it up, Dan.

  3. I use the hook kick as a counter/interception
    I caught a Brown belt Taekwondo practitioner with it when he was coming in do deliver a kick of his own
    then I just raise my lead foot and delivered the hook kick to his face.

  4. Good video, but if your in a stance where your best kick is from the rear it's only a small time difference.

  5. Jack’s kick started out well, good relaxed power, and balance.

    Dan your kicks were also powerful, liked how your first kick you just walked up and kicked, quick and smooth.

  6. Very powerful and non telegraphic, depends on the precision and movement combined with total relaxation Great video Dan respect??

  7. Great work dan , to say you do vodeos with your Sifu. You are not arrogant, and in order to look like the JKD Master you give you Sifu much respect in demonstration. Awesome

  8. Love how lok is so humble and how he breaks it down and serious at same time can have fun and joke

  9. Always appreciate what your doing with the videos, and appreciate the time y'all take to do them. Would like to see some sparring.

  10. The secret is the ability we all have that is the ammunition called flexed method motion. We call it effortless strength. Bruce Lee developed this power to conserve energy and develop greater speed.

  11. Thais can do powerful lead leg kicks too though. It’s called a switch kick, or they can do a mini step

  12. when I read the title, and it said "hook kick", I was thinking a heel hook… you can tell that the teacher, or "sifu" has worked on speed with some of Bruce lee's speed building exercises. he's very quick! I turned 50 today, and even though I can't train anymore because of injuries I got from a car accident. I still enjoy watching the videos and learning the best way I can. I could probably still do a spin kick, or jumping kick if I really needed to for self defense. but I'd have to end the fight quickly because I can't "go the distance"" anymore. good videos. keep em coming

  13. one thing you guys should do a video on is, what Bruce lee talked about concerning "explosive power". going from a relaxed state, to an explosive strike, using all your weight from the ground up. I think that many people are misunderstanding what he meant, and how to do it. also, the importance of snapping your hand closed at the moment of impact. I think that many aspiring martial artists are still over looking the one muscle that I consider most important for punching power, the forearm. people tend to concentrate on the pecs, and lats. those are important areas to train, but the real power comes from the forearm. I'd highly recommend training with a "captains of crush" grip trainer. maybe you could also explain to people why big biceps and chest muscles can actually hinder punching power, or at least not be a great benefit

  14. Dan Lol, that is not a hook kick, that first kick is the roundhouse. How could you get caught in era like this? I'm sure Bruce knew better!

  15. I was really hoping to see a roundhouse and a hook kick. This is the first time I have ever heard a round house also clad a hook kick. Where as every other style those two words were talking about two different type of kicks.

  16. but I think the power would be less in this kick, when the kick has not full movement and gravitational force the its power will be less.

  17. Perfect application because it uses minimal excertion, uses the shuffle step or the pendulum forward hook and reverse round house like seen via Enter the Dragon that Bruce Lee did. He was taught different kicking ways via Jhoon Goo Rhee, the man who learnt alongside my Master and until his passing this year, he was the greatest TKD Master since the original 6-8Kwans were united for TKD post Japanese Imperialism days.

  18. My JKD Evolution versions are quicker from the half step sly step shuffle but I use the knee below the waist and hook to the back of the head with the back leg only to eliminate weakness. I 'll let the Dragon do its thing and the tiger will stop you … Snap to it ! Pang ! IMG GM Carlos Ollervides International Martial Arts Gung Fu Association. Ark Wong RIP Choy Li Fut Mok Hung 1972, # 1 fighter representing Bruce Lee Chinese Kickboxing Academy 1976 Danny Inosanto Richard Bustillo RIP , James Wing Woo RIP Gung Fu 1979 …

  19. This is good but needs practice esp for me who trained in TKD. I'm used to kick from the back leg and normally aim for the body or head.

    One thing though, if the opponent has strong legs, he may be hurt and if he is not down or off balance, his may counter attack with his back leg.


  21. Basically the difference between Bruce and all the others is EVERYTHING!. This guys kicks hard, but they naturaless is terrible. Bruce has been the first to use the arms for improving the power, and help the body in balance. In Way of the dragon we can see very clearly his way to taken the hook kick vs the guy with the yellow kicking bag. And his way was very simply, in practisise a "normal" kick developed at the maximum way possible but still natural.

  22. Where did you saw Bruce Lee kicking this way, he never did it like this. Try to do what hi did not what so called Gurus teach in his name.

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