Bruce Lee JKD Frontkick

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  2. 4 hours after graduation and Dan uploads a JKD video.
    My day just got better ๐Ÿ˜€
    (Too bad this can't be used in MMA though)

  3. How you handle business and martial arts at the same time is actually an amazing thing !
    And thank you for the tip on not chambering too much and telegraphing the kick ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Yes new video! And hey Dan always watching your videos for a long time just had no time to comment since i have school

  5. Thank you very much. By watching your video i can sharpen my techniques.

    My weakness are the non telegraphic movements.
    I find it difficult to be in the state of pure relaxation and suddenly to strike/kick with a destructive force (from 0 to 100) without telegraphing.

  6. This is pretty easy to coordinate if you really just let yourself be faster and loose btw the front kick is as easy as the pendulum step depending on your understanding of the mechanic and how fast you can grasp to it without even noticing it, JKD has been in my exceptional life and dedication for 4 years ever since i started Poomsae TKD, Muay Thai and other arts i continue to mix and increase its effectiveness in Fighting and shit i would do Lmao

  7. Nice…I find difficult to use wing chun blocks against continuous punches can u make a video on dat pls…sir

  8. Nice…I find difficult to use wing chun blocks against continuous punches can u make a video on dat pls…sir.

  9. how about punching boards would you ever want to do something on board punching i mean like the type of boards and thickness

  10. Hi Dan , I didn't buy or read "The Art Of Expressing The Human Body" so if there are some flexibility training for JKD can you make a video for these training? and thanks at all. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. It should be called as groin kick rather than front kick… as it hits by instep not by ball of the foot.. i personally think so..

  12. When I learnt Karate ๐Ÿฅ‹ was called a front snap kick, prefer to punch but this is a very effective kick, great demonstration, Bruce Lee was my hero growing up

  13. I would like to see more Jkd concepts like basic to advanced combinations and Jeet jitsu stuff, thanks btw your videos are top notch thanks

  14. Me and a friend are training JKD. He is much more trained in the art than I am and your videos are helping me cach up with him. Big help. Thanks allot and keep them coming.

  15. On the positive side: the concept of back heel being raised has helped me a lot, during everyday actions [outside of training]. As have had psychic trouble & disturbances, past four years: and Not able to reach them with any shadow boxing (like I usually would); UNTIL learning about this stance !

    On the down side: I am Not with too much offensive in attack; and have learned my lesson at cost of an eye, about 6 years ago.

    Because many Wing Chun / JKD wrongly interpret the phrase, "Attack is best form of Defense".

    What is REALLY meant by this (as was taught to me by sijo James DeMile, when he picked me out to demonstrate at a seminar around 28 yrs ago); is that all our attack motions can also be used as a defense. Eg: punch, palm, finger-thrust, kick; can all be used against similar oncoming from the opponent.

    I was so skinny in comparison to James DeMile, at the time: but with some simple structure applications: helped to demonstrate that it is the aggressor who will feel any pain (further confirming attack principle: ie, 'attack' on shin or forearm [used as defence]).

    So after a few punches intercepted: the aggressor is practically disabled [through too much pain in forearms]; and therefore effectively an open target (what more could we ask) !

    However this application will other than work with use of any padded gloves on [and reason why it is so rarely known]; because forward energy must extend straight from the fingertips (padded gloves of which will cause them to curl).

    Or when using punch against punch: the fist must be closed PROPERLY [in order for that to work]. And by 'properly' we mean free of any padding from gloves in the way (as fingertips must come right up against other side of the knuckle joint, before closing fist).

    Anyway, I forgot or Never paid attention to that last one [having re-discovered it in 2010]. And in 2002, stumbled upon a different club; where I went and did a couple of lessons (having only spent about a year in the first one).

    But instructor in this club took a different approach to the phrase, "Attack is the best form of Defense". With him, it was more of a timing / get-in-there-first type of thing [like most people seem to interpret it].

    And seemed to have wiped my memory of the way I'd learnt previously !

    But started taking my own training seriously, from end of 2005: training two to four hrs a day (mainly doing attack-only stuff).

    Then trouble from some youths began, end of 2011: name-calling as I went past youth hostel; on a number of occasions. Police wouldn't do anything. And in May 2012: escalated into a physical confrontation; with me going into 'attack-only' mode, trying to out-punch much larger opponent.

    Of course, doesn't work: as larger opponent also has much longer reach !

    But realized my mistakes within a week, in fact while recovering in hospital: and from then on started training with the principles I had learned originally.

    However, whenever I mention about this incident to people who are negligent in their own physical training: they always tend to assume that I would still be on the same level as prior to the incident.

    But at end 2013: went up against an ex-police officer, in another incident; who could have easily beaten that youth in 2012. Attacked down the central lines, like a battle-tank (big, fat butch woman).

    All I did was defend, even tho had opening plenty of times.

    But she gave up, due to forearms in pain and all bruised-up [through trying to force through my defense]; then her and lying co-prosecution witness got me wrongly convicted !

    Police and pen-pushing academics on judge benches refused to believe my side of the story: probably having been brainwashed by all this UFC Competition Fighting.

    But the sifu I learnt with originally is called Lakis Phillipou; don't know if you are familiar. He founded the 'Delta' Wing Chun.

  16. I remember the first time I held the pad for a demonstration of this kick. I wasn't expecting it to be even half as powerful as it was. Messed up my elbow for a couple days. I'm glad I've never actually been jkd front kicked to the groin. Life just wouldn't be the same. ๐Ÿค•

  17. You ask for feedback, so please accept mine. Since watching your videos over the last 6 months, I lost 25 lbs, have the endurance to walk at least 3 miles every day, can hold horse stance for an hour on a moving subway, and punch a wall without barely hurting my hands. Everyone has noticed my rapid transformation. I am so deeply honored and grateful to have discovered Bruce Lee, Wing Chun, Ip Man, JKD, and YOU! You are HERE and NOW and you are bringing us these training videos with the same ethical humble fun spirit as Bruce Lee. I am a very sensitive empath and can feel it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  18. Nice video. I could see the woman relax, loosen up more, and her speed and balance improved. I like trying these quick โ€˜instant forceโ€™ types of strikes and kicks, be relaxed, loose, then quickly accelerate.

    For me am working on kicks, my first impulse is to try to kick too much with the hip, pulling up the leg (which slows it down), rather than letting the knee lift and then hip snap while the leg kicks. Also that way it seems less telegraphic.

  19. I really love these videos, and I'm learning a lot, and I'm excited to start proper JKD training in the near future. However, I'm tired of people advising women to go for the testes. When a guy's adrenaline is up, there's a significant delay in the pain response and nausea associated with a groin shot. 9 times out of 10, this won't drop a guy, or provide a significant distraction. I'm no martial artist, but I've unfortunately taken a number of groin shots in my life lol. Personally I think a hook kick to the liver or a shot to the throat would be a far better idea. Watch MMA fights when a guy takes an accidental groin kick, vs taking a shot to the liver.

  20. Thanks for everything guys. Itโ€™s like having a JKD school right here in Syracuse. Learning JKD has always been a passion of mine. I am a large man and wasnโ€™t sure if I could learn due to having difficulty keeping elbows in, and learning the stance due to my wide shoulders and base. Due to your videos Iโ€™m learning to adapt and my speed is increasing. Any tips on how I can increase my speed or the best moves for a guy that has a powerlifting type frame? You both are very inspirational and in my eyes, are keeping Bruce alive, Thanks!!

  21. sifu octavio's and dan's jeet kune do exercises are just great. its nearly a steal to watch these free. i wish they would release online exercises in udemy.

  22. Basic Front kick to the groin by Bellator fighter Matt Mitrione against Sergei Kharitonov stopped the fight instantly after 15 seconds.

  23. I'm no mixed martial arts expert I do train but I'm no professional my point is having your feet so close to each other when throwing a front kick is a bad bad bad idea that's just asking for someone to take you down to the ground and f#@k you up

  24. Good at a distance but won't work if someone has grabbed you already. So you already know he's going to attack here.

  25. A most basic and fundamental kick n most martial arts that was, up til Anderson Silva first used it n the @UFC about 10 years ago causing much ado, not used before n the UFC or by any other MMA fighter.

  26. One thing u don't want to do is look down where ur planning to place ur kick. Sum one may have cautioned everyone on that. ๐Ÿ™

  27. Im into right handed but i have no balance doing orthodox stance. I'm doing southpaw stance instead. Watching this video serve its purpose.

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