Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) Movie Review – (Le Pacte des Loups, a French action horror film!)

It’s Martial-Arts The Mystical arts and 18th Century France Today we’re talking about Brotherhood of The Wolf on garage movie Reviews Hello and welcome to garage movie Reviews The show where i review all the Movies in my collection Right Here from My garage i’m Levi? The Garage Movie guy and Today we’re gonna talk about a french film that Kind of Defies Classification The film is Brotherhood of The Wolf or in french Le Pacte des Loups it was Released in 2001 to american Audiences and It Incorporates Elements of action Political intrigue and Even Horror What initially drew me to this Movie Was the Juxtaposition of Martial arts With The setting of 18th Century france i haven’t Seen That Very often and director christophe gan Pulls It off Very Well he creates an atmosphere of mystery and tension and Then Sprinkles in some Great action Sequences and Toward The end of The film Changes The tone Making It Kind of an action Horror Movie I also Learned Fairly Recently That the Movie Was based on Actual historical events so that Makes It All the more interesting Brotherhood of The wolf opens Up with an Elderly Marquis d’Apcher Played By Jacques Perrin writing His memoirs as the French revolution Threatens His life he recounts a time When a Series of Grisly Murders Happen in the county of Gevauden in 1764 The Suspected perpetrator Was a Wolf of immense size but When none can be found King Louis the fifteenth dispatches His royal Naturalist grégoire de Fronsac Played By Samuel Lebihn to track and Kill The Beast Fronsac Is a Bit of a Renaissance Man And travels With His native American Friend mani Played By Mark Dacascos the to encounter some resistance from the Likes of Jean Francois Played By Vincent Cassell and They Begin to uncover something Much larger Than a Singular Beast at Work When approaching This film Director christophe gans Wanted to draw upon asian Action Movies to inform the fight Scenes he even spent his teen Years making Samurai and Kung fu Movies on super 8 film for Brotherhood he had three editors One of Which Was David Wu wu had Spent a lot of time previously Working with Legendary action Director John Woo In fact one of My favorite scenes Is the first action scene Which Introduces Mani to the audience he’s attacked by a Group of soldiers Dressed Like Women to lure the beast out of Hiding the scene happens in a downpour Which creates some Beautiful Slow-Motion Shots and Gans Loves His slow motion in this movie some People might Say That it’s a little excessive but i feel like With All the action Scenes It sort of Draws Out the action and Adds a Bit of tension Mark Dacascos Himself Is a Talented Martial artist His Breakout Role Was in the 1993 film Only The strong Which Featured the Brazilian Martial Art of capoeira the next Year he starred opposite scott Wolf in the double dragon Adaptation and the year after That he worked on a French Adaptation of The Japanese manga crying Freeman directed By christophe gans His other Roles include Eric Draven in the TV series The Crow stairway to heaven Kung Lao in the machinima series Mortal Kombat Legacy he even appeared as the Chairman on iron Chef America I really appreciate Dacascos Physicality I Feel like he brings a lot to the manney role as far as Authenticity Whenever Mani is in a fight another aspect of the fight scenes that i really Enjoy Is a Weaponry there are some Really interesting Weapons on display in this movie some of Which Kind of Defy Physics but i enjoy that Because i’m a Big fan of fighting Games Like Soul calibur so It made me enjoy the movie That Much more the composer Joseph LoDuca Provides a Great score employing some feral Drums During The fight Sequences and some Period appropriate Music during The Expository Scenes He previously acted as composer on Hercules the legendary Journeys As Well as Xena His horror Credits are impressive because he worked on the evil Dead series of Films as Well as The recent Stars Tv series ash Vs Evil Dead The first Half of The film is dedicated to Exploring the civil unrest that France Was Experiencing at The time a Lot of The Characters in the film are based on historical People in fact gone and writers Stefan Capel Adapted Much of This Story from a Historical account The Beast of Gevauden Was a name Given to a creature or creatures that Roam the countryside of France From 1764 to 1767 and Killed Over a Hundred People Often The Beasts victims were found Partially Eaten or with a Throats Ripped Out for more Information on the history of The Beasts and some Theories about What Actually Happened Check Out Crypticc’s video. He’s a YouTuber and he Makes Excellent videos that Deal with the macabre and cryptids Go Check Out his videos iF That Kind of Stuff interest You They’re Really High-Quality a Few Other notables in the cast of Brotherhood of The Wolf are Jeremy Rene Who Plays Young Thomas tap sure emily de Can Play ‘S Jean-Francois sister Mary ann and Monica Bellucci Who actually won a Fangoria Chainsaw Award For her depiction of Sylvia Who ends Up challenging Fronsac some Unexpected Ways So what do i think about this movie well the first Thing That Jumped out To me was how beautiful it is gone Really has a Knack for Capturing Beauty on film Whether it’S a Landscape or even a fight scene the beginning of The film Does Drag a Little bit but gahan Does a Good Job of interspersing action Scenes and a Little Bit of humor to make that move Right Along And a lot of the humor Actually comes from levins performance as Fronsac he’s Very charismatic and Just Looks like a guy that Loves life and Only but you Got Thoughtful moment cuba Is huge for Lulu and Because of His performance i recommend you Watch The film in french with Subtitles if you can Because i’ve Seen the english version of This movie and i think a Lot of France X performance is lost With That alternate audio track But Really My quibbles with the pacing are very Minor and Overall i Just love the Spectacle of This film i almost Feel like the pacing of the film in the beginning Is deliberate so when you make This he’ll Turn Halfway Through The Movie There’s this Unexpected Dark And Weird World That Opens Up for you and really it’S difficult for me to talk about this film anymore Without giving a Lot Away and i want you to go into it as spoiler free as possible but if There’s interest I wouldn’t Mind talking about the rest of The film some of The pop points that are Revealed in a Second video so if you’re Interested in that Please comment Down Below and Very soon i will release a video Where i talk about the rest of the film So finally Who should Watch This film Well if you’re a Fan of Martial arts Films and You’re a patient person that Doesn’t Mind a Generous Amount of Storytelling Over the Beautiful french countryside Then you’re gonna like This film and if The term Action Horror Movie Interests You at All Then Brotherhood might Be for You but That’s enough me i want to hear from you Have you Seen Brotherhood of The Wolf is this the first time You’ve Heard of the beast of Chevy dahl comment down Below Let’s Start A conversation if This is Your first time here and you like This video please think about subscribing to my Channel? But Until Next time i’m levi the garage Movie Guy Saying see you in my garage Action Action Action Always Felt That Transcending History and The World Test Your might hhhh iF so action action action Many Was testing His bite told Through Eternity eternally Toasty

7 Replies to “Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) Movie Review – (Le Pacte des Loups, a French action horror film!)

  1. This is one of my unsung favorites! I've never watched in French, but I'm curious now.
    I also like how wide you scope is when approaching everyone/thing involved. Those little factoids are super interesting

  2. Interested in the 2nd video to this…I need all the info I can get on the beast. Action horror and martial arts are inspiring. Will have to order the film, they've taken it off youtube. Thanks for the tip of CRYPTICCs videos, going there now to look. BTW, I live in the Gevaudan. No kidding. Thanks for any leads Levi.

  3. Back in the 90's I thought legionnaire was going to be a period piece with martial arts because it had van damme. But nope. But brotherhood was excellent. Nice review.

  4. It was a enjoyable but very weird movie. There was a TV show that devoted one episode to explore the story and came to an interesting conclusion: the investigators allege the hero of the story who shot and killed the beast was a serial killer who used a trained hyena to kill the victims. The silver bullet in his rifle would probably miss because silver is harder than lead, and would not spin enough to accurately shoot a fast moving animal. Wolves can not do the damage on the victims, only a hyena could. The hyena trainer decided to play a hero, get the reward money, and destroy evidence of his crimes. The animal was stuffed, stored in a French museum, and got filmed for the show. It was a hyena. I am not certain if it is the true story, but that show was fun.

  5. By far one of my favorite movies of all time. I actually make a point to wait until late fall every year to watch this movie with a good bottle of wine.

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