Breaking Posture inside Closed Guard and Choke with Armbar Variation

Alright guys, today I would like to share
with you guys a simple choke from the guard and a variation to attack the arm when the
guy defends the choke, okay? Alright. Very basic here. The guy has good posture here, away from me. It would be difficult for me to get to his
neck. It is important you guys break the posture
right here on the elbow. You guys are gonna bring the guy close, open
up his elbow but also bring the legs. Take your head out of his way so he does not
headbutt you, okay? To create a little bit more leverage here
you can bring your hip a little bit off of the floor, and then you bring him. Hug the guy, hug his head. And now this hand here is going to start to
open up his gi for my thumb to come in. The entire time I am holding him down here. Very important, leaving no space for him. After this hand, work for the other hand here. This hand is going to come under his chin
and go all the way inside the other side. Now, yes. I can feel him try to get up, get up. Then you let him get up a little bit, shave
it. Now I am underneath, and bring him right back
quickly without giving him any space. Okay, right here. Boom. I attack him right there. Okay? Now, he is going to start to stand up. Posture up. He go away, I cannot tap him. A lot of pressure right here. So then, what am I going to do? I go to the arm. The foot, the same side you want the arm,
foot on the hip. So I want this arm, this side here. So then, while I am open, I am still holding
him here. Foot right there, very tight here on his elbow. This rotation right here to this side is very
important. Swing your leg like this. This leg go up, lock always on the shoulder. Now I let go of the neck and put both hands
on the wrist and extend right here. So now in real time here guys. I hope you guys enjoy the technique. Keep tuning in, and oss.

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