BKFC 7 Arnold Adams Post Fight Night Interview

Backstage with Arnold Adams after his loss Arnold what’s going through your mind right now? I know it was a tough break for you this evening I Understand I just want to get that run back. I wanted to run that fight back I want a rematch, you know, I let a lot of people down Immensely, I got out of it somehow But I’ll be back One of the things that I found interesting about the fight was that there were a lot of body shots implemented Well, you heard it all by those He the body shots that he landed. They definitely had an effect but you can’t tell I have a Strong poker face, but I definitely felt I thought about him and that’s another thing I was thinking too much cuz after like the third body shot, it was me. Okay All right, and then you know you take body shots You lose a lot of your spring and your bounce and it worked It’s funny you mention that cuz my next wish was to me it looked to me like you were almost gassing at some point But it was not really because the the intensity of the body shots answer No, I was more so in the first round. He landed a stiff jabbed in my nose and it disrupted my breathing You know I do breathing exercises. I swim but if you can’t inhale through your nose and you have to change it doesn’t work out any time you inhale into your mouth you’re bound to go down Well know you’ll be back sir. I appreciate your time there. Anything else you want to add before we go? It’s all my fans sorry for letting you down My grandma would just pass Sorry, I’ll let you pick Everybody that supported me over the times I’ll be back. We’ll get it back. All right on

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