BJJ Underhook Escape From Sidemount – Dummy Grappling Drills

hi everyone in this video I’m training a
combination techniques and variations that flow together to get as much as my training as
possible covering more techniques in less time please watch the video all the way to
the in because I will add parts are the combination one piece at a time until we end up training 7 techniques
starting from one escape the underhook escape from side mount first my tummy has me in side control so
I’m going to bridge up and hip escape away to create space
between us then reach under my opponents arm pit come to my knees and secure their
far knee with my free hand I drive forward with the underhook pushing my opponent over and basically
reversing the position now in an alternate scenario I apply the
same technique accept that their knee is out of reach
or they’re blocking me somehow in that case I move my leg in front of
them grab the elbow and to a hip throw from
the knees now let’s add a submission I bridge up hip escape under hook come to my knees secure their knee drive forward and attain site mount then I place my knee against their hip and secure their
far arm I hug that arm with my arm closest to
their head and pivot around to the other side drive
their body forward rolling them to their side put my foot
up over their head bring other foot against
their back into a squat position pinch my knees together control their arm
in sit back for a straight arm lock so here’s another angle showing the
variation where I secure the knee and drive forward and another angle showing the hip
throw variation here I’m going to alternate the armbar
submission with the kimura so first I get my dummy into position so the underhood escape and hip throw and after I secure the
far arm and pivot to the other side i’m
looking for the wrist snatch that wrist as fast as I can and lock down the
kimura okay so next let’s say I do that under
escape and my opponent resists by pushing back
into me in that case one option is to go with it so i hook onto their thigh and roll
backward hugging the upper body and ending up in
side control and here’s another angle showing the
rolling variation here I go for knee on Belly and right into a kimura shoulder lock sometimes when I go for knee on Belly I can’t always get a kimura so I like
to practice attacking the neck with an arm scissor first i clasp my hands thumb over thumb around my opponent’s neck I slide my knee off to create pressure and drop the top eIbow towards the inside driving that outside weight of my forearm
into the carrotid artery for a choke my technique can definitely use a lot of
work so my plan is to keep training in the
meantime I hope this video gives you some ideas
to improve your training once again thanks for watching

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