Bjj Grappling Dummy Review

Hi it’s Tom from Today
we are going to look at our grappling dummy. We purchased if off ebay for seventy bucks
and another 30 bucks shipping from the caribbean. It came unstuffed but we filled up little
bags of sand and put it inside the dummy. That way you know, in case the sand the dummy
burst or a seam came open we did not have sand all over the place. Um, its pretty good.
It weighs probably around ninety pounds filled and it seems pretty durable, not good enough
for MMA but it definitely does the job for jiu jitsu. He’s perfect, it comes in any shade
of color that you wish. We picked up green I didn’t really care but you can get blue,
yellow red, they are custom made. They are stitched by hand and they are made out of
a nylon. They also sell leather ones too which I think might run you twenty dollars more.
Make sure to check out a resource for families training in Brazilian
Jiu Jitsu or thinking about training.

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