BJJ Black Belt Breaks Down John Wick’s Jiu Jitsu & Judo | Scenic Fights

Hello Everyone! My name is Chad Hernandez Vázquez. I am a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and the Head Grappling Coach for Evolution Muay Thai and together, we’re going to break down
the scenes in John Wick in the grappling and hand-to-hand combat. Here we go And Common is not playing around, Yeah, but there are all these like huge motions, right? [Logan] It’s very Kung-Fu like. [Chad] So there’s two things that happen,
John Wick tried doing an Ōuchi Gari and then Common reversed it with
an arm-bar. John Wick in the exchange, he caught a leg,
and I think the move he was trying to perform is was referred to as an Ōuchi Gari. I believe he had his right leg in front left leg in the back I believe this hand was grabbing the jacket Now hands push forward here Here we go 1 2 Out Circle Right to that leg again 1, 2, Out, Circle Common countered really cool with a flying arm-bar and I believe that was available because John Wick had the jacket grip. Just to give you an idea This is where the characters were John Wick started his movement and from here Common jumped and brought that leg over and rolled him over to a down-position so the general rule in breaking joints is you always want to try and control the joint above it Right? In this case, I’m attacking the elbow. I’ll make sure my legs are firmly pressed
against this joint. From here I should have a good grip on the hand / wrist That’s where the leverage and my grips will be like so you would want to pull this elbow up pull this into the hip joint the bone here to break this elbow and that’s the action Okay From here John Wick managed to grab
his hand and come up [Chad] From what I saw, the arm is pretty extended He was really laid back here I don’t see how that’s possible How you grab your hand and pull it back from here, if I was doing the job right I mean, this is going. I have too much leverage here. Even if he was able to grab his hand here,
it’s so extended, I could still break the elbow. So I don’t see how that was possible coming
up at that point. But! Somehow he did What you really want to do is way before then you’d want to grab earlier, pull down maybe, create like a pretzel and then this is more effective and can us this to rock up but somehow John Wick he grabbed his arm came up, and they continued the fight scene. So that’s definitely, Hollywood playing it’s
role in the movement of the scene and how it moves from one scene to the other. [Chad] Now here’s going to be a straight Jiu-jitsu
scene right here. [Chad] So he’s using like a spider guard cross sleeve into a lasso Inversion to a sweep And the sweep I don’t know if it’s a tripod sweep. Right into mount Now there were weapons involved Common, I’ll be Common, had the knife Logan, John Wick, had a gun My right hand has a knife, his left hand has a pistol Let’s go into the guard that Common used. Guard is a term used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to refer to what a bottom person
is doing with their limbs to control a top person, there’s different
attacks you can do. So let’s go right into the first exchange here. Had a grip like so. I had a knife, John Wick is blocking it. Foot in the hip Foot on the bicep First thing I don’t really get is how I’m not getting shot. I don’t see how that I can stop that. If that was a knife, that’s a different
story, obviously, right? If he’s trying to stab some of my torso. But, whatever, it is what it is. From here this hand he goes into a cross sleeve grip and he rotates the gun around his head to not get shot and turns it. Now the whole time, Common is still holding
on to his knife. From here, he now adds what is called a lasso so from the script he goes here by then, John Wick has let go Common still has the knife and Common does an inversion to set up a sweep I believe. He rotates around to better turn that grip. His feet from what I could see one foot is on the hip the other goes back beyond the ankle and from what it looks like from here,
he trips him down to the floor in which he enters the mount position. I think it’s a pretty cool shot to seeing
like really cool lasso stuff there. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I’ve
ever seen that before in any other movie to use Jiu-Jitsu in that way. But with the gun involved that’s very Hollywood, I don’t see how he could’ve stopped himself from
getting shot in that position [Chad] So now from right here, you’ll see
a fireman’s carry boom, beautiful That’s a fireman’s carry. Now I don’t know which choke he’s trying to do here I think hard to tell because the jacket is really dark. but I don’t know how realistic that is. Now here is where I’m a little bit confused, I don’t know exactly how John escaped But it looked like Common took the jacket and was trying to like do something like this to choke him. I don’t know how effective this is. I don’t think so. I think a better control was actually established
a back control and if you’re gonna use the jacket to choke someone you use something what’s referred
to a rear cross collar choke, so I grab the collars this one very high, this one very low. Now where wearing clothing so I might have to bundle up, the material, to
develop a good cutting weapon. So from here, I really bundle it up like so
and I grab the other collar here and from here, I got my rotation and pull. Alright, the goal for that choke is to cut
off blood flow to the head attacking the carotids which creates a very fast knock out. That would’ve been a much more effective answer
in that fight in that particular scene than what I think Common was doing. Overall, I thought it was pretty dope. You see techniques from Judo, Sambo, Wrestling,
and of course Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I don’t think I ever seen collar sleeve, lasso
type techniques in a movie before. I mean of course, if you guys have you could
probably leave it in the comment section. It had a good flow Of course, yes, I mentioned there are some
unrealistic aspects to it but with how it moved from shot to shot how the technique kinda of guide
the characters through the environment and then of course they
beautifully combined it well with striking gun work and knife work. Imma give it an A Imma give the overall scene an A and I think if I’m right Keanu Reeves worked with the Machado which are a really big name in the
Brazilian Jui Jitsu community they did a fantastic job. I thought it was really awesome. Hey guys, I want to thank you for watching! If you want to learn more of these techniques, and how they really work, I recommend you come by to Evolution Muay Thai Right here in New York City. Again, I cover the grappling program and from
there we teach take-downs, striking we put it all together So, if you guys are definitely in New York City and if you want to try to learn
the stuff you saw in these scenes, come by and try a class out.

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  1. I remember when I first saw this movie I had just gotten my blue belt and I was so psyched to see such realistic fighting and especially involving jiu jitsu. this video was a great breakdown of that scene

  2. This is really good. I especially like the choke explanation. I've seen too many unrealistic clothing chokes before, so it was nice to hear someone address the right way (or one option, anyway) to do it

  3. On the arm bar escape at the beginning; in the still shot, it seems like there is a lot of room between Wick’s shoulder/body and Kama’s crotch, no?

  4. This took me right back to BJJ classes when I was a kid. Great breakdown of the merits and flaws of the scene. Thanks!

  5. But the problem is they are in combat and not everything works out as plan or you even have time to plan. Yes there is flaw but it one of the best scene

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