Birth Of The Dragon Review Bruce Lee Vs Wong Jack Man

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  1. Hi Dan! your videos are a big inspiration for me and i really learn a lot from them. This is just a message of appreciation to let you know that keep doing what you're doing. Thanks!

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  3. Im still happy i got to see something involving bruce lee on the big screen. What would be awesome is a BL video game that i would actually wastetime on a lot. You guys see that cgi bruce looking pretty realistic. Game possibilties anyone?

  4. Wasn't thrilled with it and it's easy to feel something is missing from these movies, which is a testament to Bruce's irrepressible charisma. It does serve a great reminder how powerful his teachings on mindset were – visualise, ACT, adapt, and move forward.

  5. Hmm good review! I thought the fight scene was fun to watch…albeit inaccurate as you say. I almost like to pretend that the movie version of the fight was like a fight happening within Bruce. Wong Jack Man practiced Shaolin but he was not a monk right?

  6. Part of the main reason the Chinese community had an issue with Bruce was because he was not a "Pure blood" Chinese. As his mother was half German, Bruce was initally not allowed to study Martial arts in Hong Kong. But given Bruce's father's reputation and wealth as a Opera actor, he was able to get Bruce to study, not directly under Ip Man as it were as he could not "officially" teach Bruce, but his number one student, and some private teaching from master Ip. What happened is later, when Bruce started teaching non-Chinese in Seattle, it was not so much a "New Thing" that he did first. But it was more of the Chinese heads saying "Hey, we did you a favour in allowing you to study the martial arts, know your place and don't think you can share it with others. You wanna tech? Then only Chinese students are allowed." That is more or less what happened. Racism against Bruce himself was an issue. So I have read.

  7. you really "had something" with that movie Sir.. you already named..mmh…in at least four different videos ????

  8. people told me not to watch it, but I still did and I enjoyed the movie. It was entertaining and sort of deep and inspiring.

  9. I think you hit the nail on the head, there are some truths there but its a movie not a real life documentary. Movies are made to entertain and many times they will skew the truth into the way the director wanted the audience to see and feel how they painted the depiction of what happened.

    Its like the book by Shakespeare "Taming of the Shrew". If you read the book then saw the movie with Elizabeth Taylor. The movie was great but it was different then the book. In the book it showed a woman of the time were men made all the choices and women were best seen and not heard. And the character played by Taylor was a rebellious woman that was like i'm woman hear me roar. I can think for myself and don't need a man to decide for me. But if you watched the movie you would think she was a spoiled brat that needed the right man to break her in like a horse so she is a good obedient woman in society. Which is not what Shakespeare wanted but the director did.

    I did enjoy the bruce lee movie but i also always tell myself its a movie and not to take things to seriously.

  10. Good review. Movie sounds too far off but whatever. Thanks for the videos man I know you don't have to do them. Really like the Wing Chun and JKD videos.

  11. I saw the trailer and really got angry on how badly they promoting the image of Bruce as a immature short tempered guy, which is absolutely not true, Bruce is one of the greatest philosopher, whose philosophy actually can be applied in life, JKD is much more then fighting style

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  13. I agree with Sifu Octavio's and your views. Interesting to me is I had similar views as you both had relating to the new Cobra Kai series verses my memory of the original Karate Kid.

  14. Ignorantly showing Bruce how he was I don't like it at all .the guy had a good face fight skills OK but Tue story is so lame.. Dan as a fan to a fan I hope you can get the only piece of Bruce history not captured on DVD the green hornet series on DVD/bluray …do I gave you an idea??

  15. Hey guys, saw the movie and found it entertaining to watch. As far as accuracy, there are some things to consider: 1) If you actually watch some of the Bruce Lee biographies from the past you will see that some of the people that really knew him, like his younger brother Robert will attest to him being kind of a bully and even cocky. Robert said that growing up Bruce had the nickname "The Gorilla", and it was nothing for him to get into a couple fights a day. 2) As far as anything in life, there is this side, that side, and the truth lies somewhere in between. I have read articles that question the "official" story of not only the fight itself but of the story behind the fight. There is an article from the side of the San Fransisco kung fu martial artists that states they never said he couldn't teach foreigners kung fu, and even have photos of white students at the time. Their recollection of the fight itself is somewhat different, stating that the fight actually took more like seven minutes instead of the three minutes we have been told, and that they don't remember anyone being on the ground in the fight. It goes on to say that it wasn't supposed to be a real fight but just a match, and that Bruce was so nervous that he immediately went for Wong Jack Man's eyes with finger jabs. Unfortunately we only have been told the story from Linda's point of view and of course she wouldn't do anything to damage her late husband's legacy and reputation. I really wish someone from Wong Jack Man's side would have given their account of the fight just so the public could compare notes; but remember the fight wasn't really pivotal in Wong Jack Man's legacy like it is to Bruce Lee's. Wong didn't have big dreams and goals to change the world as Bruce did.

  16. I just watched it for the first time about 2/3 weeks ago and I really enjoyed it, as a movie it was very well done, though I did feel the same way about how they made Bruce seem arrogant and all that and I felt it wouldn't have been very accurate due to some events in the movie not seeming realistic such as the end fight when they team up, just didn't feel like a likely scenario.
    But anyway, I still loved the movie as a movie, I'm definitely going to re-watch it again in the near future.

  17. Enjoy the fight scenes , but was surprised by the portray of Bruce so arrogant. Also didn’t realize was done not that long ago, thought it was movie done sometime ago- lol.

  18. Have been a Bruce Lee fan for forever and liked the movie. Some of the fight scenes that didn't have the flying kicks were really awesome. Bruce would have been happy that his own movie taught a moral lesson as he was a fan of doing the right thing. That's what made Bruce that much more of an icon

  19. I heard Lee's family didn't endorse the film. And according to Shannon Lee, her comments weren't positive..

  20. The best fact about Sifu Dan and Sifu Ovatius is that they are well balanced with experience and theory.

  21. Growing up with people that took kung fu from Wong Jack Man, the students would say that the reason why Bruce Lee was challenged is because he was challenging various kung fu masters to a fight not because he was teaching white people.
    I think at that time in the 60's a few kung fu teacher were teaching white people. I think George Long, who was teaching in Japan town, had a lot of non-chinese students.
    So it may not be a true story about Bruce Lee being challenged because of who he taught.
    I really liked Bruce Lee in the old days so even I took Wing Chun from 2 teachers in SF. (I started Wing Chun in 1972.)

  22. I liked the way it was shot,it looked good,and the guy playing Bruce was good,the fight choreography could have been more realistic in my opinion,but overall i found it enjoyable.

  23. It was very entertaining and it wasn't about the white character. that character was to represent the audience and make you feel like you're in the movie ,since it was marketed to an American audience. They wanted to show that Bruce grew but I think he grew earlier in real life maybe not in relation to that fight. But he did change develope his fighting style after his back injury that was attributed to weight lifting or was that just another movie ? the director was actually wanted to make a martial arts fantasy so I don't think it's supposed to be completely accurate the more of a alternate reality where Bruce is living out his own kung fu movie.

  24. I would rather see remakes of all his old movies i personally thought the movie made bruce look like a young punk too just get a really good actor to retell his old movies like jet li did with fist of legend and im good i dont like to see his real life trying to be portrayed on screen its always horrible except dragon the bruce lee story i liked that when i was a kid but the whole demon thing and getting hurt by dude was a little to much

  25. Dan Lok this was a good review. I feel the same about the movie as you. So, basically I feel that the movie was garbage

  26. Well, a thing to remember was Bruce WAS arrogant. Not a dick like he was portrayed in the film, but he was young and cocky. The reason the fight happened wasn't all about Bruce teaching non Chinese. Other instructors in the area were already doing this.

    Bruce, after a period of time ruffling feathers in the community speaking out against traditional martial arts, calling old masters "Tigers without teeth", issued what was taken as an open challenge on the stage of the Sun Sing Theatre, during one of his demonstrations. He promoted his book which in an of itself was directly challenging the work of T.Y Wong. Bruce would demonstrate how he could close the gap and called for a volunteer. Kenneth Wong jumped onstage and surprisingly blocked Bruce's first attempt to tap his forehead. Bruce went again, faster and harder using a feint and knocked Kenneth back a step. After a fight nearly broke out there, Bruce closed by saying "I would like to let everybody know that any time my Chinatown brothers want to research my Wing Chun, they are welcome to find me at my school in Oakland".

    David Chin was outraged and recruited Wong Jack Man, who wanted the notoriety of putting Bruce in his place to open a Kwoon of his own.

  27. Dan Inosanto says Bruce was very cocky,other reports also state that, I just wish they would keep these movies real rather than add the dramatic jump flying moves,it is also well-known that Bruce loved street fighting

  28. Hi Dan, I am a Bruce Lee fan as are probably most martial artists. I will check this out and see. If you get a chance watch The Legend of Bruce Lee on Netflix. It goes for a while but I recommend it.
    All the best.

  29. Lee vs wong in the movie was kinda like they didn't add special effects in the fight…was kinda realistic but not so much of a movie like

  30. Linda Lee said she was there and Linda said the fight only lasted 2 to 3 minutes…Linda said the fight was over really quick…

  31. I saw the movie, i didn't like it as much as the TV series (Chinese) "The Legend of Bruce Lee" starring Danny Chan. (the guy who was one of the Shaolin brother goalie from Kung Fu Hustle). I liked that tv series better than the movie because it better portrayed Bruce Lee as a whole.

  32. Loved it tbh, the film was somewhat questionable. Historically speaking. But I think we owe that to Lee's name. He was a Martial artist first and an actor second. He was like a Chinese Arnold.. way way ahead of his time.

  33. The only thing I like about the movie is that they called Bruce Lee by his real name in Cantonese that's all it was talk to me when I started to change you from though for 4 years I created my own martial arts style and it's been effective because of the base of Jeet Kune Do I like the movie because it's like a fantasy something it's not true I don't think they never made a real could Bruce Lee movie they're all okay they're not real accurate but I love your Channel you speak the truth respect OSS!

  34. I've watched so much on Bruce Lee an about his personality people he worked with producers, actors an associates including his own mother have said he was short tempered an could be very arrogant,I still like him though

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