Biggest Fakers And Floppers In MMA

Pretenders, fakers, and floppers exist in every sport. Athletes will do anything they can to win, even if that means sometimes looking like a jackass. [Football commentator] “Clearly a flop there. No contact made.” This is a list of fighters who faked being hurt during a fight, either to win via disqualification or to have a point deducted. These are some of the biggest fakers and floppers in MMA. In 2014, Azi Thomas took on Mario Saeed at Cage Warriors 72. Saeed, who was 6 and 2 at the time, was declared the winner via disqualification after his opponent landed an illegal kick. [MMA commentators] Oh! -Saeed is out! When a fighter has a knee or hand touching the ground, it’s illegal to kick them in the head. Saeed, knowing he was fouled, milked it for all it was worth. [MMA commentator] “That was illegal, that was an illegal upkick.” [MMA Commentator] “It’s an illegal up kick, but he turns and he says to the ref, “Ref, what about the up kicks?” -And then, pretends to… -It’s a very confusing situation” Saeed wasn’t sure if he should complain to the ref or pretend to be unconscious. So, he did both. While Azi Thomas’s kick was illegal, it’s clear that Saeed wasn’t injured, and took full advantage of the situation. Referee Marc Goddard disqualified Thomas, declaring Saeed the winner . While the end of the fight was anticlimactic, Saeed’s last fight more than made up for it. [MMA Commentator] Ooh, that body shot with the left hand! That was quick! Thought Mario Saeed was good at pretending to be hurt? Wait until you see Josh Koscheck. [MMA Commentator] Hmm. And the Oscar goes to… Josh Koscheck was a contestant on the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, and fought Paul Daley at UFC 113. The most exciting part of the fight was watching Koscheck pretend to be hurt after a missed knee in the first round. Daley threw a knee that, if it landed, would have been illegal. Only, it didn’t land. [MMA Commentator] Oh, wait a minute. He didn’t even hit him. Koscheck successfully had a point deducted from his opponent and won the fight via decision. Dalely, being frustrated, landed his best punch after the fight. [MMA Commentators] Oh! Koscheck has a history of this type of behavior, and did the same thing to Anthony Johnson at UFC 106. [MMA Commentator] No. No, that knee did not hit that left eye. Whether it was a fix, a dive, or a flop, we do know one thing; this punch couldn’t have hurt this much. In 2010, Eddie Bengtsson fought Aleksander Emelianenko in Russia. But just 40 seconds into the first round, Bengtsson already seemed to be looking for a way out of the fight. A light jab from Emelianenko, which didn’t even seem to land, sent the 263 pound fighter to the mat. Bengtsson looked as if he had lost consciousness, but awoke immediately after the fight was called off, and stood up without a scratch on him. Emelianenko was declared the winner via TKO, and Bengtsson either faked it, or was the first MMA fighter to get knocked out by a gust of air. Pedro “The Rock” Nobre proved that nicknames in MMA aren’t always accurate. “The Rock” took on Iuri Alcantara at UFC on FX in 2013. Early in the first round, Nobre was on the verge of losing his UFC debut after being on the receiving end of Alcantara’s ground-and-pound. During the flurry of punches, one of Alcantara’s punches may have grazed the back of Nobre’s head. Being that strikes on the back of the head are illegal, Nobre milked the situation as much as he could. [MMA Commentator] I did not see one hit the back of the head. Not only that, these aren’t hard shots. So I’m not sure what Nobre’s complaining about here. Even UFC President Dana White, who is usually very supportive of fighters, thought Nobre was faking it. [White] I don’t give a shit what anybody says. The guy was faking it. As bad as Nobre’s acting was, he managed to convince the referee, and the fight was declared a no contest. Immediately after the fight, Nobre was released from the UFC, and Alcantara was given a win bonus. (Bob Segar- “Like a Rock”) And a few honorable mentions; In a fight against Roger Huerta, it looked as if John Halverson faked being hit in the head with an illegal knee. [Huerta] I throw the knee right here, but if you see, it’s all shoulder, so if he wants to pretend, like he’s playing possum, then, I mean, that’s not my fault. Almost every Bob Sapp fight. Halas Gracie [?] did his best Ric Flair flop. He wasn’t faking it. Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe! ♪♪

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  1. Here's the thing though, why are they sending illegal knee strikes to the head? So what if they don't make contact? So if I tried to break into your house but failed, I guess it's all good? I guess you shouldn't bother calling the cops unless I actually enter in and start stealing, right?

  2. "[Dana White] is normally supportive of fighters." ???
    Either this video was made before REEBOK or it was commissioned by UFC.

  3. Those Fakers are nothing infront of Legendary Conor McGregor, scenario for popularity, so that the UFC is increasingly popular

  4. Its not bad to fake it if the opponent intentionally violated the rules. Whether the punch or kick was landed or not, it means disqualification. If it was obviously landed unintentionally and the fighter procceeded to make him lose just by pretending then yes he has no balls to fight i agree

  5. Everything is fake this days why else is there gambling in the first place for them to make money and steal it from us, they do it till today but they do it better.

  6. Why all the rules in MMA?
    A lot of MMA fan boys say nobody can beat an MMA fighter, but in the street there are no rules or ref.
    And what about the rumours about death matches? If a practitioner of MMA is so sure they are the "toughest man on the planet" shouldn't they try and enter a death match tournament, where there are NO rules?

  7. All those fakers should be fired and let go be those companies people pay alot of money to see those fights u don't need fakers in ur businesses

  8. That guy who dropped at 3:00 could've suffered a panic attack, it looked like he was confused and out of it before the fight even started, panic attacks are very real, I'm not saying it's the case, but it could be.

  9. Culture Shock! Josh was supposed to be suspended. It ended up the other way around. It is incompressible in many other cultures. It is all straight bussiness in America. They can do anything to win the game.

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