Hey, what’s up everybody? My name is Jesse and I’m the founder and
grand master of MMA, Mexican Martial Arts. The other day I was watching the Top 20 Knockouts
In UFC History. Uploaded by the UFC, itself.. And honestly, I was inspired. Not because the list was good, the list was
garbage. But it inspired me to make my own list. So today I’m gonna be sharing with you the
Top 20 Knockouts In UFC History. And, Dana White, I would appreciate it if
you would change the name of your video, because it’s clickbait. After countless hours of research I finally
found the real top 20 knockouts in UFC history. And it turns out the UFC’s list wasn’t
completely worthless. From their top 20 list, five of them actually made
my top 20 list. That’s a lot better than I expected from them. Keep in mind that this is only for UFC knockouts. But I’m gonna making other ones in the future
for like Bellator, boxing, the streets, Mexican Martial Arts, excetera. Also, I decided to base my list on one important
factor. In order for the knockout to impress me, it
has to be a one hit knockout. It could be a single punch, elbow, kick, whatever. But when you start getting into like combos, ground
and pound, and stuff like that, that’s sloppy. If you had to punch some fool like eight times
to knock him out, then you didn’t do it right, and you don’t deserve to be on my
list. You might live up to the UFC’s standards,
but not mine. Mark Hunt vs Stefan Struve. This one barely made my list because he threw
that punch right there that was kinda like a setup punch, very close to being a one-two. But I let it slide because Stefan Struve is
seven feet tall. And I don’t like tall fools. I said it. Marilena says that her ex was tall, dark,
and handsome.. and as you can see, I’m only two out of three….. and then she wonders
why I’m insecure.. Mark Hunt vs Frank Mir. I both love and hate this one. I love it because the punch was effortless. Mark Hunt barely touched that fool and he went down. But that’s also why I hate it. It looks fake. I keep watching it over and over and I can’t believe how that fool went down with such a soft punch. It even looks like Mark Hunt tried to catch
him and pick him back up like the fight wasn’t supposed to be over yet.. Was it all rehearsed? Did Frank Mir throw the fight, for financial
gain? Spencer Fisher vs Matt Winman. This one reminds me of when you’re playing
a video game and you press the wrong button and start taunting, and then the other fool
takes advantage and knocks you out. And it didn’t even have to go down like
that. But for some reason, the moment Spencer Fisher
went airborne with the knee, Matt Winman lowered himself and got into the perfect position
to get kneed in the dome. It’s as if it was more important to Matt
Winman to make it onto my list than to win the fight… and I can’t blame him.. Tank Abbott vs Steve Nelmark. It’s not easy to kill somebody and get away
with it…. it’s possible but it’s not easy. Tank Abbott bodied this fool on live TV and
there were absolutely no percussions. I don’t know what was worse.. the punch
to the ear, or the throw to the ground….. or the TMZ interview…. Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson. I don’t know what it is about this fool’s
punches. They never even look like they hurt. Mark Hunt should be thrilled that he made
it onto the list three times.. but he should also embarrassed because they’re all in the bottom five.. James Irvin vs Terry Martin. I’m starting to notice a trend with flying
knees. Every single time someone attempts a flying
knee, the other fool puts his head down. Whether it’s just a horrible reflex, or
they actually try to counter with a takedown.. It doesn’t make any sense, they should just
get out of the way. And if you don’t have the option to get
away then don’t go low.. go high.. You can also use the flying knee yourself
to place your opponent into a favorable position. Rick Franklin vs Nate Quarry. This one is hard to watch.. not because of
the knockout, but because Nate Quarry is currently fighting the UFC to have the footage taken down, he
even filed a lawsuit. But I can’t blame him.. we all have things
on the internet that we’re not proud of.. Cung Le vs Rich Franklin. The way that Cung Le took that kick and responded
immediately, is straight up savage. Most people would take a moment to react to
the pain and even retreat but that fool didn’t miss a beat.. He responded much faster than Rich Franklin
expected and caught that fool slippin’.. But it looks trippy because he threw a hard
punch in one direction and that fool fell in the other direction. It’s kinda like when I’m trying to demonstrate
with Flaco and he doesn’t know how to react. Ay fool, you need to make
a face like it hurts. It doesn’t hurt though. Well if I did it for reals you would
die, fool. It’s for the camera. Brad Kohler vs Steve Judson. This is one of the best examples of non telegraphic
movement that I’ve ever seen in my life. Brad Kohler didn’t even have his hands up
but because he went from a to b, point of origin, to that fool’s dome, it was lights
out. People think that if they pull the arm back
they’ll get more power but it also makes it very obvious what they’re doing. To learn more about telegraphing, watch Michael
Jai White talk about it like if it was his idea and not Bruce Lee’s. That fool’s a biter and a hater. Melvin Guillard vs Rick Davis. Speaking of Bruce Lee, in this clip we see
Melvin Guillard employ one of the methods that the GOAT talked about very often. Attacking the moment that your opponent attacks
because when they throw something out there, they leave you a window. And a lot of people have the terrible habit
of dropping their arms when they kick, which Melvin capitalized on right here. Ay (whistles) listen. Stop dropping your hands when you kick. Just work on your balance. Don’t be a cheater. Stayed tuned for part two of the Top 20 Knockouts
in UFC History, and let me know in the comment section below who you think made the top ten. Thank you for watching Mexican Martial Arts. Preciate it. Good looking out. Late.

100 Replies to “BEST UFC KNOCKOUTS pt 1

  1. Bro you vids are so underrated the editing is flawless and the humor is also great can't wait to see you go big

  2. Yes! Finally someone famous says it. Dont drop the hands while kicking. Some karate and tae kwon do friends even argue with me that it gives them more power and balance, but you can achive both wirhout loosi g your guard.

  3. Your list is waaaay better already. And I agree totally, if it's not an obvious one hit KO then it shouldn't be on best KO list.
    Having said that I guess I get why they wouldn't want the scary knockouts on your list circulating around FB turning the unappreciative KO artists off the sport even more.

  4. To be fair, Michael Jay White already apologized for his statement, so putting it in here like it is still his honest opinion is wrong. Well it's not like you do a lot of stuff "correct", but I just wanted to mention it. : p

  5. I have a bad feeling you have a McGregor in there. I wanna see Romero vs Rockhold and Barbosa's spinning heel kick (can't remember the other dudes name). I know you got my homie Ortega vs Edgar in the top 3

  6. Thank you MMA for the great lesson. As shared by this video…i have focused on my A 2 B technique…but not untill i have exhausted my verbal judo, calling the cops on myself, and the ultimate hook to my own jaw. Then its A 2 B. Followed by a pivot and bounce.

  7. I was going to say the arm splaying out for a kick is to help balance. Then you just shut me down so effortlessly I had to let it be known

  8. When he brought up how dude was 7 feet tall, that would've been the perfect time for him to say…"And you can't teach that." 😅

  9. That fool tripping, he thinks because he weighs more that he could have beat Bruce Lee 😅😅😅. What a dumb [email protected]#k. Bruce Lee would have hit 👊 him with about 10-15 👊punches before this fool even realized what happened 😴.

  10. most one hit ko's are based on luck, timing, and tartgeting the crit areas. not effective to one who knows how to clinch their jaw… lol

  11. Lmao I came here thinkin you were a real vato lmfaooo!! Hey keep up the good work tho brother. I ain't gonna hate, do you…Or actually, do you, acting like the homies 😂👍

  12. This video should make it into the Voto Studio "best of" videos when it comes out 5 years from now. Not sure why it doesn't have 100k more views. So funny and witty, Jesse.

  13. I'm watching this after the Askren vs Masvidal fight. You called dropping to flying knees out pretty well. Even at 5:27, you did a spot-on impression of how the fight went down.

  14. According to your vids there's not any martial art that works in the street, and of course not all the techniques will work but some of them can actually work, overall a person with training in martial arts has defenitely the advantage but I get that most of your comments are jokes, I just do not know which are jokes and which comments you are being serious (sorry for my bad english, I am mexican living in mexico)

  15. You predicted the Ben Askren KO perfectly! His pose and everything! UFC 240 Mexican Fight Companion Training, as commanded. 8/7/19 I was there live with you and Flaco

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