BEST MODULAR BACKPACK? Tasmanian Tiger modular backpack 30lt -SUB ENG-

Hi guys and welcome back to blackwater softair
Rome! Today we’re going to see the modular tactical backpack
30lt of the TASMANIAN TIGER! The backpack measures 58 cm in height 27 in width
and 18 in depth, with a volume of 30 lt and an empty weight of 1.5kg and 1.8kg included
of accessories is really light and compact The fabric with which it is made is real cordura
500d multicam Both in the central part and on the sides, the classic
MOLLE system has been replaced by the new one Laser cut molle system, in my opinion very much
sounds cool The backpack harnesses through a clip at the height
of the chest and through the compression straps side, which are padded for a greater
comfort and equipped with zip pockets, moreover they have the essential function of downloading
from the shoulders part of the weight of the backpack. At the top we find a pocket with
zip with other multitool pockets inside Thanks to the arrangement of the hinges is
You can open the backpack completely The interior is completely modular
with the laser cut system 3 pockets are provided modular accessories and also in the part
rigid 4 velcrate straps born as a weapon holster but which you can use at the end for
everything else. Behind it, a large one is hidden
pocket for your hydration system All parts of the backpack in direct contact
with the operator they are padded with a material soft and breathable So if you’re thinking
which backpack to take for a milsim or even just for a campsite, maybe this is it
what you were looking for If you are interested I leave you the link of Barbarossa in description,
using the discount code blackwater roma you will have entitled to a small discount
That’s all for today, at the next video!

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