Beginner Sabre Fencing : Combining Moves in Sabre Fencing

JASON SHERIDAN: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is Jason Sheridan for Sheridan Fencing Academy here in New York City. Today, we’ll
be talking about beginning sabre fencing. Finally, combine all the movements we’ve been
doing into one fluid executed exercise, making cuts, changing your rhythm, and changing the
distance between you and the target so you’re hitting with the step in place or with an
acceleration lunge. Watch carefully. So, I’m moving. I’m changing my distance. Sometimes,
I hit just for extension. I’m very relaxed. I’m not rushing though I am changing my rhythm,
sometimes with a step. Distance is changing. I’m not in any rush, sometimes with a lunge,
very smooth, very easy. I can go a little faster, a little slower, incorporate the jump,
whatever I like, different lunges–oh, we haven’t gotten over with different lunges–different
timing, different distance, very easy, very smooth, and stay relaxed. On behalf of Expert
Village, thank you for watching.

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