Beginner Boxing Lessons : The Basic Boxing Stance

The next step in our introductory lesson,
after we got done the stretching and the jump roping and the hand wrapping, we’re going
to be looking at the basic boxing stance. We want a good stance that’s going to feed
off everything else from now on. So Nick’s going to help me out with that. What I’d like
Nick to do – Nick is right-handed, so he’s going to be having his left foot forward,
as you can see, and the right foot will be back. The right foot is pointed over here
at me, almost. The left foot is not pointing at the bag and is not pointing directly away
from the bag, either, like the right foot is, but is more of about a 45 degree angle,
okay? If I took my yardstick, and if I drew a straight line from the bag through to Nick,
what would happen is I’d be touching his left toe and his right heel, and that shows me
a good stance because he’s not completely open. If Nick were to stand broadside, he
would be too much of an open target. Okay? If Nick was to stand directly with one foot
in front of the other he would be way off balance trying to deliver that right hand
punch. His body’s facing way over that way and at this point his shoulders not above
his knees. So we’re going to go back to the proper stance. Now you can see Nick’s shoulders
directly above his knees. He’s got a slight bend to his knees. His elbows are tucked in,
the left hand is in his cheek, the right hand is under his chin, his chin is tucked down
into his fist. Here we have it, a good proper stance. Thank you, Nick.

29 Replies to “Beginner Boxing Lessons : The Basic Boxing Stance

  1. you will never learn a stance from a video, fightings arts is hard work and lot of time spent in gym! If you dont know how to fight, and will learn from the videos, the only weapon you will have will be that ''enemy will laugh thier ass off''

  2. @HitSanjHanj you don t know what you are talking about, i learnt my stance from a video on youtube, i was getting in a fight the other day, i was scared to hell, I got myself in a good stance and the other man thought i was for real (but i was really readu to run away), however he walked away…. a good stance is everything even without going to boxing

  3. I kinda messed up my right foot from standing on it sideways like that and punching a bag. Do I do something wrong or is my foot weak? Another thing: what a fight feels and looks like when you are right handed and your opponent is left handed?

  4. @oldpiq dont fuckin ask him man get in the ring and find out you cant learn how to box with someone telling you go and fight a southpaw then youll know

  5. dude i had the same problem i got into a fight with a guy and my stance all most cost me the fight, Your right foot forward and my left foot back But imma right hand fighter its always the Strongest arm and the oppisite foot forward! But heres the thing! Witch ever arm is ur strongest and feel the most comfortable with u step forward with the oppisite foot and u throw ur weakest arm first and u follow up with the strong arm and thats how u lay that mutha fucker out! Good Luck!

  6. I learned a good basic boxing/fighting stance for the purpose of exercising, self defense and balance. At first when I learned the boxing stance, my feet were at the usual distance in relativity to my body size. Now I have progressed, they are way more spread apart (sounds dirty lol) but I remain more balance, power and range of motion. I know the stance is supposed to look a certain way but it is more beneficial if it FEELS more balanced and powerful right? I mean, every one IS different.

  7. Don't want to give anyone a bad reputation, but I think the instructors at the gym I've just signed up suck at teaching. Or maybe because we are so many that they don't have time to go into details. Only time will tell.

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