“Be Water My Friend” by Keanu Reeves [DeepFake]

I said, “Empty your mind. “Be formless, shapeless. “Like water. “Now, you put water into a cup,
it becomes the cup. “You put water into a bottle,
it becomes the bottle. “You put it in a teapot,
it becomes the teapot. “The water can flow
or it can crash.” “Be water, my friend.”

100 Replies to ““Be Water My Friend” by Keanu Reeves [DeepFake]

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  2. If you can see this CSF, I know what you need to do next. You should do the one with Jim Carrey on SNL doing the Lincoln parody commercials and, obviously, put Matthew McConaughey’s face on Jim’s. Hope you read this!

  3. So, where are we with deep fake for audio… That would be so cool if you could match both the face and the voice to somebody else's performance…

  4. Elvis Presley in the Kris Kristofferson role in "A Star Is Born" (Barbra Streisand wanted Elvis to play the role but Col. Parker said his boy wouldn't take second billing)

  5. I have a suggestion for you that might be interesting. Originally, for Back To The Future, Eric Stolz was originally cast for the role of Marty McFly and after a few weeks he was then replaced by Michael J. Fox. If you're interested, maybe we can get to see a couple of scenes with Stolz DeepFaked into some Back To The Future scenes (that weren't filmed).

  6. I didn’t really see it in this one. I think that clip is too well known that I can’t see it as anyone except Bruce Lee

  7. You can see it's far from being perfect. It constantly shifts between Bruce and Keanu and makes a face that's kinda stuck in between, not really Bruce, and not really Keanu. It looks weird.

  8. Pero que miedo me da tu canal ??? estoy acojonadisima de lo que se puede hacer manipulando un vídeo, la de mierda que nos van a colar ?

  9. The Mill in London had done a Bruce Lee / Johnny Walker ad six year ago it was the beginning of CGI, I am sure you can do a much better job with the new software!

  10. Despite what apparently some think on here, this is a very good effort. I mean, you’re taking a video from like 50 years ago (probably shot on video and not film) and still putting Keanu’s face on it. My only question was why the deepening of the voice.

  11. This is just making me more and more frustrated that Keanu reeves can't be Spike in Cowboy Bebop anymore because of his age…

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