Bauerfeind Braces and Supports: Best Knee Supports for MMA, Jiu Jitsu & Combat Sports

Hi there! I’m Erin Grigsby the Bauerfeind
physical therapist. The knee is a common injury for MMA, whether your particular discipline
is jiu jitsu, grappling or whatever it may be. It’s common to have sprains, strains,
knee cap tracking problems and meniscus tears. There’s now a better solution than the traditional
neoprene brace, and that’s the Bauerfeind GenuTrain. The Bauerfeind GenuTrain is not
neoprene, but a hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture-wicking knit. It’s also washable.
The medical features of the GenuTrain are that it gives you 360 degrees of medical grade
compression, which is going to help pump out that swelling, which is going to reduce pain
and inflammation. It’s very important to redistribute forces off the knee cap and the patellar tendon,
so embedded in this product is an Omega pad. The Omega pad helps keep the knee cap in place
while redistributing forces off the meniscus and the patellar tendon. The other thing the
medical grade compression gives you is increased body awareness, or proprioception, so your
muscles can work to their fullest. It is anatomically shaped, so it’s not going to slip down on
you but stay in place during your match. Plus, it has no rigid component. This is very important
so the regulation of your sport will allow you to wear it, because there is no rigid
or hard part to this. Please go to our website to find more and find out
why many leaders in the MMA world are using the Bauerfeind GenuTrain with great success.
Thank you!

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