Basic Wing Chun Arm Conditioning Everyone Should Know – Bruce Lee JKD (IN DOOR)

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  1. NOTE: We promised 4 techniques but somehow one last exercise footage was not added so its only 3 techniques and a bonus. Dan will cover it and reshoot in the future along with any other conditioning techniques enough people request for.

  2. "Yip Man Wing Chun" still milking on Bruce Lee's shit almost 50 years later. of course this clown isn't Yip Man. but, let's just keep in mind "Yip Man Wing Chun" originated from Yip Man around 100 years ago. And Wing Chun isn't 100 years old, nor was it 'created' by a woman. It's like saying Computer Programming was 'created' by a woman (google it).

    Look into other branches of Yip Man. these branches kicked the shit out of Yip Man, if he had dared to fight those practitioners. Of course he ran all the way to HK on the money of spying for the Japanese.

    Spying for the Japanese? Yes, that's more likely what this piece of shit did than fight with the Japanese.

  3. I'm trying to learn Wing Chun, but nobody in my area teaches it, and I don't have a partner. I enjoy watching your videos

  4. Great technique Dan. I practice some of what you are doing plus some other things from the Sil Lim Tao form on my Muk.
    Thank you for the great instructions and ideas.
    Always good information.
    Best of all good things.

  5. Ive been smacking my arms against steel for 29years as a diesel tech,ive9 belts in tae Kwon doe,arms are pretty resilient,

  6. Just subbed Dan Lok. Thanks for taking the time to show us these effective techniques. I'm going to watch more of your videos. Dan can I ask your opinions of other Martial arts? Your truthfully honest opinion of even just the first two you can think of?

  7. Good ol' 3-star!
    Counterpunching is useful for conditioning, too. Most notably when your and/or their arms are hairy.
    Even just pak drills improve you. Si dais are amazed at how I don't feel their pak, but say my paks feel like my hands are made of hardened cement. I have to just place my pak with new guys.


  9. We do this in tkd as well it’s so helpful in sparring cause when u get hit with the kick u get use to the pain

  10. Man this dude makes me wanna reach for the sky! My pop had his attitude. He never complained. No excuses. This dude doesn't wait for anything. Good man. ?

  11. Dear Dan, thank you so very much for wisest advices and amazing videos and especially for clear, easy and pretty nice explanation??

  12. Hey man nice hairstyle…brucelee died but his influence not…and of course nice techniques

  13. Hi Dan, I'm Ben. Wasssup, wish all is well to everybody. Nice video, although I reckon the whole picture would look much better with a slightly wider frame, especially w/shots of body contact and specific technique tutorial. I like how you present this whole thing therefore I just wanna share some different perspectives from my eye's POV.
    We have similar early Years experiences, although I've started my 四平弓吊走 southern horse stants. Is some family thinging that we all have to practice
    at 5 years old。 I still get my ass kick until after 9. what I know there is a total of 12 Bridge hands in the Southern fist system. And I had the pleasure to know 7 of its 12 but really practice 5. I like to share that with you. on the third Bridge hands, after the contact of the wrist, follow the Curve swinging up while opens your palm and turning it to faces you approximately 45 degrees where the right inner wrist is the contact point. 3inches from the palm.
    This explanation may be annoying to know what I'm trying to share. but if I tell you in Chinese or Cantonese you will understand immediately 美人照鏡 there the fourth bridge hands.
    and after the contact Point draw your hands back with finger facing forward and push it forward with strength focus on
    your right outer wrist which is the contact Point. thumbs knuckle is level with the tip of your nose while the rest of of the four fingers pointing up in the sky 單手禮佛 hope you like it. Enjoys

  14. Wing Chun than same different called Wing Tsun is not JKD !!!!
    They are not similar at all except Bruce Lee was trained by sifu Jip Man to about second Wing Tsun form when he left to US. Bruce Lee formed JKD from his own experience so please don't mix JKD and Wing Tsun – Chun as they are fundamentaly different.

  15. I just started watching your videos. I am 33 and have been studying martial arts since age 4. I have studied many styles, but I have always wanted to study Wing Chun. I did study Pencak Silat for 3 years before working studying it on my own and I still practice. I notice the similarities between Pencak Silat and Wing Chun. I finally found a Wing Chun class and will start studying it soon and I am excited. The partner workout you did in this video I used in Shorin-Ryu Karate.

  16. Just started my training back thank you for you're lessons. Where can I purchase the herb from you spoke of. Thank you

  17. lOVE THE VIDS, but I ain't been training… 🙁 I ALSO wanted the learn to play instruments, guitar, drums, and keyboards. OMG!!! Since learning, I've found boxing, martial arts, and learning to play instruments too, ALL GO HAND IN HAND!!! "HERE'S TO AN AMAZING FUTURE!!! Thanks ever SO MUCH 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks…

  18. What is it with the 83 dislikes – they must be from Quentin Tarantino and his friends … because they do not like your t-shirt.

  19. You remind me of my Sifu!
    He comes back every year but I was always working and couldn't go to his seminars, I really miss him!

  20. I dont like chinese no matter what because they are greed on money and over work their workers without no consideration I all hate them

  21. Thai boxing helps us out with conditioning and post treatment more than any other martial art. I combined this with my wing chun. Which gave me similar results to you Dan. I wish to point out the, Thai Yoga Massage, which is ALWAYS done after a training session in Thailand as far as I am aware. They use their feet and rub down vigorously the whole body. One of the most important things about conditioning is BLOOD flow. Why you also rub this medicine in. The herbs help, but the stimulation to the muscles, easing their pain thru blood flow will also ADD to conditioning and keep that blood flow at all times. Resisting bruising and abrasions. Massages after training will ease pain and promoting even MORE conditioning. This was a WONDERFUL video Dan. Didnt even know you trained til today!! Thank you brotha!!

  22. I always conditioning my knuckles, basically a karate thing but i do apply kung fu forms in my training….
    Mostly wall hitting…. And knuckle pushups….

  23. Web do the second drill in my karate school. Good stuff. If you haven't covered it in a video yet, you should do a video on Wolf's law.

  24. Great stuff, I really like your presence of being both a business and Martial Arts professional with the focus on proper technique and care to do it safely. Thanks for the great lessons!, Ken.

  25. I remember doing this over 25 years ago for a couple of years studying choy li fut. Wow… I love the smell of dit da jow. Brings back some good memories

  26. In my younger years I strengthen my forearms,but in practice against 1 or more opponents I I found my forearms strong but my wrists taking damage from 1 or more blows. Your wrists are very sensitive and need special attention. I worked my self up from wood then a flat stone that I had for grinding at one point in time, then found the back side of a Iron frying pan for more hardness!

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