9 Replies to “Basic rapier exercises | Operation Fencing #6

  1. Great video, loved the technical side and seeing you in action obviously too. Always amazing whatever you wear ? love to see some sabre too

  2. Great video ?
    Is that all some people can think about? Boobs? ?‍♂️ Ye gods. How crass. You should be able to wear whatever you want without attracting unintelligent comments.
    More small sword please ? it's definitely my favourite fencing

  3. 1:50 – 2:19 – is it not too dangerous to loose contact between the blades when you're on the outside? (although you re-engage kind of naturally when you are doing an exercise with a resisting partner later)

  4. rapiers, sabres, I like both, though I find the sabre more practical. still, there are a lot of great sabre drills and exercises put into very clear videos. I find that information on rapier techniques to be more obscure. I'd really like to see more rapier.

  5. I think you should wear whatever you feel better with, don't mind the trolls and conservatives commenting nonsense. Also, I have a question: For a fantasy medieval setting where someone is using a rapier against an orc or something big like that, does it make more sense to use the rapier as a slashing weapon or a thrusting weapon?

  6. Awesome!! Really loved the video, surely I'll try this exercises soon ? furthermore I think that the situation's quite opposite – not enough of boobs and the one's complaining are just jealous ?

  7. i to wchodzenie z natarciem na ugiętej ręce xDD Waćpanna chyba z konia zleciała, że za nauczanie szermierki się bierze niewiele wiedząc o niej.

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