Basic Capoeira Moves: Brazilian Martial Arts : How to Quebrada in Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts

GRADUADO ADVOGADO: You’re kind of perpendicular
to the person that you’re playing in the roda. And depending on what kick you’re going to
kick back or what movements you’re going to do, this could be to your advantage to stay
sideways to that person and far away from them. So you’d use quebrada in those situations
kind of depending on what you’re trying to set up to attack back with. Okay? So you’re
doing the ginga. We’ll start with the ginga. You’re moving in the ginga. The person throws
the kick. Now in capoeira, what you usually want to do is you want to make sure that your
face is going away from the kick. In this situation, your face is away from the kick
and your butt is pointed towards the kick. A lot of times when you’re starting training,
it’s hard to dodge the correct direction. But if you see the kick coming towards your
face that means you dodge the wrong way. You want to try to dodge the other side. Okay?
So what you want to do is you’re in the ginga. The person throws their kick, you’re just
going to–say our left leg is back, we’re going to turn sideways. You want to bend your
knees, sit down like in the base, in the base position. You’re going to keep your weight
distributed evenly on both legs, so both knees are bent equally. You’re going to keep your
hips straight and you’re going to turn sideways to your opponent. You’re going to keep both
arms up to protect your ribs and your face, and you’re going to basically just lower yourself
down as low as you can so the kick will sail right over the top of you. Okay, now quebrada,
from here, you would just turn back into the ginga, go right back to the ginga or throw
a kick or attack or whatever you’re planning on doing, whatever you’re doing to set them
up. Okay? Now, when you do quebrada, you want to try also to make sure it’s not just legs.
Your arms are taking part of the momentum of you going down and coming back up. You
want to use your upper body. It makes it more expressive. It makes it look nicer and it’s
a little more distracting. The more you use your arms in capoeira, the more it distracts
the person that you’re playing with, which usually can be a good thing for you.

27 Replies to “Basic Capoeira Moves: Brazilian Martial Arts : How to Quebrada in Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts

  1. Hahahaha keep your wrists limp and your jinga as heavy as possible to make sure you have absolutely ZERO spring. A great technique for Angola, as long as you're in the roda with another Angoleiro.

  2. good for dancing, not to useful in fights with some1 with professional experience. It takes massive amnt of energy to get 1 move out and with massive energy it takes too much time to pull 1 move off.

  3. @malandr0bem u know what i mean. i would love to learn this style for entertainment use and to enjoy the art–by the way im athletic built, problaby more fit than u…lol

  4. @halfbreedking More athletic than me? LOL I'm guessing you haven't clicked on my page and looked at the videos of ME actually preforming demonstrations of Capoeira.
    Go on, take a look. I'll wait here for you…

  5. @halfbreedking This is not so simple. Onde good capoeirist can fight every one and with good chances because he will not dance in front of his adversary. Modern Capoeira begins on streets of Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and other grand cities with black and mulato people finding someway to survive to poverty and escape of policial brutality..His efectiveness is largely comproved here in Brasil.. If you don´t agree came here and find it yourself in dozens street apresentation..You´re invited..

  6. dont judge a art , judge the fighter, we dont ginga in a fight get it straight. and no matter what art you use, you need massive energy and stamina , unless you a fat tart that will lose air in seconds.. so please dont criticize

  7. Criticize? I'm just voicing my opinion, i do mix martial arts myself and it's sad people get defensive off the word "massive amounts of energy". some of you young folks need to learn how to communicate with respect and not try to put someone down of of different points of view, OH WAIT- im sorry theres not too many people who respects themselves to even consider that…. "silly me"…

  8. yes i say criticize , why? because everyone claims it as a dance when its not im not getting offended bcus i laff at people who doubt this powerful art.. im guessin your very old so you old folks need to kno how to have an open mind. fyi no matter wha art u do, u need a high stamina, the "dance" does not get you tired, how i kno? kus i tried it b4, n also we dont "ginga" in a fight bro, so study the art before you giving opinion dat has false facts

  9. lol u obviously eating your own words. i have my opinion and i will state it. In no did did i even insult this form of art. so, for you to even jump at me like you know it all shows alot about yourself. practice what you preach and don't criticize my state of mind if your telling someone not to criticize theirs. Old? lol not at all, just a bit more wiser to not down someone else's opinions and point of views. i disrespect no form. Show some gratitude to yourself in order to give the same..

  10. actually i practice what i preach , i have 3 years on this art bro.n how am i eating my own words? u say u stating an opinion but really your u stating the fact that its more usefull in a dance dan a fight .. hmm sounds to me u dont practice wha u preach… n im not downing you kus of your opinion, but becus of your statement, if you cant prove it why state it? "good for dancing, not to useful in fights with some1 with professional experience", does it really sound like an opinion?

  11. (continuence) because it sounds like u have tried it or u had experienced with the art, an opinion is what you believe, what you feel, i simply told you dont judge an art, judge the fight, we dont ginga in a fight.. maybe you should learn some manners before i give u gratitude

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