Basic Capoeira Moves: Brazilian Martial Arts : How to Martelo in Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts

Hi, my name is Ajugado, on behalf of Expert
Village, we’re going to talk today a little bit about a kick called, in most Capoeira
groups, they call it Martelo, which means ‘hammer’ in Portuguese. In our Capoeira group,
we call it Pontepe cruzado, just because that’s the way I was taught. I was taught it that
name, and so that’s the way I call it myself. Pontepe cruzado, or Martelo, is a, what they
call in Capoeira, it’s a traumatizing kick. You use it to traumatize the other person’s
body by kicking them in the head, the knee, the chest, the ribs, kind of, whatever is
the open, the open space, to kick them, where they’re not protected or defending themselves.
Ok. You’ll see this kick in just about every martial art, it’s in English, people call
it a round house kick, in like a karate type class. Basic, simple, you want to. I like
to think of the kick as three broken down motions. We’ll kick with the right foot, you
start with your left foot back. Left arm up to protect your face. You want to step your
left foot forward. You want to judge your distance, so that when you kick, you would
be striking your opponent with the top of your foot, or with your shin bone. Personally,
if I’m going to kick the top of my foot, I like to be wearing shoes. If I’m barefoot,
I’m going to kick with my shin bone. There are a lot of small bones in the top of the
foot you don’t want to hit something hard like someone’s head with the top of your foot,
because you might actually do more damage to your own foot than you would to their own
head. So you want to make sure to, to be careful when you kick this kick. And use the shin
bone if you’re barefoot. Now, if I’m wearing shoes, I’ll kick with my foot because the
shoe is going to protect my foot from injury, for the most part. Ok? So your left food steps
up. Point your toes out slightly to the left. You’re going to raise your right knee to the
correct height. And from this point, you want to remember that your knee is like your guide.
Wherever my knee points, that’s where my foot’s going to hit. Ok, so from that point, my knee
is straight up, it’s pointing at the ceiling. If I just release my foot from that point,
I’m going to kick straight up and probably not do any damage. Ok, so what I want to do
is, I want to pivot, on my base foot. I want to pivot on my left foot, to where my heel
is pointing at my target, on the ground. My right knee, I’m going to turn over my hips.
My right knee is going to point sideways. I’m going to release my foot and it’s going
to hit my opponent, side of the head anywhere in the ribs, anywhere kind of on the side
of their body. Once I do the kick, step three, is I’m going to retract my foot. And put my
foot all the way down to the back.

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  1. martelo is supposed to hit your face, well, in most cases. sometimes when you trick your opponent/game buddy you can sort aim lower, if they dodge too soon.

  2. i would agree this guys movement is not very dynamic. Although, I do think he is a good teacher. He explains it very well and in a manner than everyone can understand.

  3. Tyzzni….relax. The comment wasn't directed at you. It was directed at the original comment made by "Fuscaopreto1".

  4. meu vai toma no cu!!!!Q porra de martelo mais podre!!!É pra acerta o q os bagos do cara????Seu saroba!!!!!!

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