Basic Capoeira Moves: Brazilian Martial Arts : How to Au in Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts

GRADUADO ADVOGADO: Hi, my name is Advogado
on behalf of Expert Village. We’re going to talk a little–talk to you a little bit today
about how to do a capoeira au. Okay? An au is a–it’s a cartwheel in English. Okay, so
there are a couple of differences if you’ve trained maybe some gymnastics in the back–in
your background or something like that. There are just really a couple of differences between
a capoeira cartwheel or an au and, say, a gymnastics cartwheel. The first major difference
and the first thing that you want to learn how to do is you want to always look forward
towards the person that you would be playing when you’re training capoeira. Okay? You want
to get in good habits of doing that. So instead of looking at your hands when you do a cartwheel,
you want to look forward. The next step that you want to think of is you want to keep you
elbows slightly bent. You don’t want them straight. You don’t want them taking a lot
of impact on the floor, okay? So keep them slightly bent. You want your head relatively
close to the floor so your arms have to be bent anyway. Okay? It makes you a smaller
target on the floor. Instead of extending your whole body, you’re bunched up a little
bit. Now there are several different ways you can do the au in capoeira, the cartwheel
in capoeira, personally, I like to–I don’t like to put my legs way over the top of my
head like a gymnastics cartwheel because that leaves your face and chest exposed and a person
can kick you while you’re down–upside down. They’re not supposed to–just because they’re
not supposed to doesn’t mean somebody won’t, so I’m big on protecting myself when I do
movements like au. So you want to go ahead and just–your feet just barely leave the
floor and they hop around from one side of your body to the other side once your hands
are flat on the floor. Doing this, you’re putting your legs in between yourself, your
face and your chest, and your opponent which makes it more difficult for them to at least
kick you in the face, so you’re kind of trying to protect yourself as best that you can.
Okay, so we’re going to go ahead and start with the left leg back. We’re going to cartwheel
to the left. You’re going to step to the base. Hands are going to go flat on the floor. Look
at yourself forwards. Look at yourself in the mirror if you’re training with a mirror,
if not, look forwards. And then your right foot is going to come off first. Your left
leg is going to follow. You’re going to go ahead and land with your left leg all the
way to the back. Once you land, left arm up to protect your face. You’re right back in
the ginga position. From here, you would step back up to the base and go right back to ginga.

100 Replies to “Basic Capoeira Moves: Brazilian Martial Arts : How to Au in Brazilian Capoeira Martial Arts

  1. dont hate on the guy capoeira is about having fun and accepting everyone besides he more than likely could beat you in a roda because you underestimate him because of his size i know plenty of guys his size the can move pretty good

  2. Maybe you've right, but i guess he's more athletic than ya. Start to training martial arts or just real sport, not your skate shit (or whatever you're doing).

  3. No, I believe you. But if somebody is fat, that don't mean is unathletic. By the way I am still doing Free Running (about 5 years).

  4. Aw man im sorry but the gut is painfull to watch, running, fitness training, realy worth a go. good move though

  5. THANK YOU for making these videos! your explanations are thorough and totally walks through the itty-bitty things that the eyes miss (BUT really make the difference). know that there are some very grateful souls out there 🙂

  6. man.. expert village has everything..


    They can come in handy once in while in my country..

    i wana start capoeira here ! !! please teach me ! !

  7. my friend is the best guy i've ever seen doing capoeira (i'm braziliam, but i don't know capoeira very well)

  8. A lot of people in brazil speak english, but i live in São Paulo and the best place to learn capoeira is Bahia ,and there i believe that almost nobody speak english. BboyKundei503 you speak portuguese very well (quando você tiver tempo e dinheiro venha visitar meu belíssimo país) Abraços (Hugs) João Pedro.

  9. hey you guys dont be like that. in capoeira you dont have to be too slim to teach and to learn it. its all on you.

  10. a good tutorial, well explained. however basic of course. more advanced capoeiristas differentiate their aus. a defensive au, an au for flipping after it, or an escape au, they are all very very different. but this is a good way to start.

  11. Cara, vc é um babaca, não sei se já aprendeu o protugues para ler os comentarios. Moro no Canada e sou Contramestre, sei escrever em ingles mas vou escrever em portugues, pois se aprendi o ingles vc pode aprender o Portugues. Mas acho que não aprendeu muito bem a capoeira tendo em vista que so dá Au para a esquerda. Vc é um babaca… tira seu videos do Youtube mané.

  12. thats how i do my cartwheels because i use to do cartwheel and roundoffs perfectly. but i do my cartwheels exactly like his. i'm off to a good start basically

  13. He talk too much about the theory when in the practice he couldn't do properly the movement…first of all the 'au' don't use the hands and second with both legs completely straight…sorry man I'm brazilian and you have a lot to learn and improve before try to teach capoeira to somebody…my 12yd nephew would make you feel shit….like I said…learn properly b4 teach!

  14. "He´s protecting his face with his legs ?!?" not really….

    Also , why the hell is his belly wobbling around like pudding.. not much of a martial artist … Capoeira is martial art , just disguised as a dance …

  15. This guys a total noob. San Antonio has a much better group ( Cap- Luanda) than his ( Cap-Ginga)! He's a real fake and can't even teach his own classes all the way through.
    Capoeira should be about physical conditioning and forum, and this guy doesn't have either going for him.

  16. I suppose he gets a lot of cardio/burns a lot of calories and he is still obese so it must some sort of disorder, don't judge.

  17. i'm no expert, but as far as i'm concerned (and i've been learning capoeira in the camangula group for one year) the "au" in which you don't use hands is called "au sem mao". the other versions definitely incorporate hands. i realise there are differences between groups in calling some techniques, but i just wanted to clear this up.

  18. Interessante, é bom saber que tem gente no outro lado do mundo fazendo e divulgando a capoeira. Parabens..

  19. Mean ppl ;;;>_____> Doesnt mater if he big, everyones differnt, to me his awsome 😀 If u reading this white guy idk UR AWSOME 😀

  20. @rayfangs05 a guy his size can actually deliver blows that would rupture your spine from a kneel based roundhouse. especially if it connects to a side of your face.

  21. I don't have much knowledge on this, but I don't get this..
    Aren't you draining your energy before you even make a jab??

  22. @JIHOJIJO Capoeira isn't just Jabs… it is, but not limited to, swift, dance-like moves. Such as flips, cart wheels, punches ect.

  23. I wonder if he actually knows capoeira. And no meaness intended but it was not pretty looking at his fat jiggle like that,

  24. well,some of the people who commented this video believe that people haven't got the right to be fat,fluffy or just different that those 'perfect' people who are everywhere but what about freedom to be however you want????

  25. @1markred1 are you skinny or slim? and can you do better? he may not be in his best phisical shape but he's good at what he's doing

  26. ok i got a problem doing this… i see that EVERY one that does au/cartwheel when lands on the first leg its in the same way but when i try to do it , everything goes fine until i land the first foot , then it gives me a huge frikin pain in the ankles (both of em) and collapse… WTF 🙁

  27. @arsenalmortal Uhh yea it is wtf you talkin bout dumbass, I train in it & them kicks will fuck you up

  28. @cherrybaby667 you don't have to be pretty to break someones face in half. But I'm getting off topic since Capoeira is evading.

  29. @Gideon6640man Dont be silly, Do u think that a capoerist is going to do cartwheels in a fight, Do u think that a man that plays Karate will broke stones in a fight?

  30. Point: Half of this bickering has nothing to do with capoeira, it's just a personal argument between two guys who don't like each other and decide to pull words like "fag" out of their hats to justify their convictions, without actually proving anything. Just shut up and watch the damn video!!!

  31. I'm wondering if this guy is some kind of an instructor and if so if he advertises capoeira as a martial art or self defense.

  32. I hope no one confuses this odd ethnic-type dancing with real martial arts. If this tubby misfit came at me up-side-down, (I'm a Kenpo Yodan) he would learn a hard lesson in confusing silly dancing with fighting…

  33. @MrHunter1 Wow, gayrod, talk about humiliating oneself with one's big mouth! In the empty head, out the big mouth. Still, reality is reality: If this fatty came at me with break-dancing, he'd go down hard – like your mother did last night…

  34. Sorry Mr. Yodan, its really disheartening to know that how such comments make you misfit of a warrior class. A true essence of awarrior is to respect all warriors alike. Its much of a victory over self and less of defeating others. When you have no conrol over your words, how can a layman like me understand that you will have control over your actions..You must be producing one hell of a criminal lot in your school I'm sure

  35. u know if u would listen he says that he doesnt raise his head all the way because of that and also watch the movie the protector it has a good fight at the end and this silly dance ill layu out with

  36. capoeira is a great cardio workout just doing the jenga will tire you out but i did it for 5 years and there are 4 diffrent systms of el jago low moovments high accrobatics mixture of the 2 and samba de menstre bimbo its origans are from africa its true purpase was religiouse in nature and when the potugal slave owners brought these slaves over they contuinued the practices and developed there skills to escape and capoeira was born out lawd and band only to make its comeback stronger then ever!

  37. i am sorry for saying this but 99% of the views are boys waiting for a hot brazilian girl. probably becuz they played tekken

  38. Jesus, what is up with all the hate spewed here? Seriously, a few of you guys need to learn some respect. I've been doing Capoeira for 2 years now learning under a pupil of mestre Santiago from Seattle, let me tell you some of my experiences. There's a guy in my class who's about 5'6" and weighs almost 300 lbs. He knocked my ass out with a beija flor to the temple. My instructor has been all over the world, found rodas from many different cultures. Many street rodas, he has related, are a lot more lenient in their code of conduct. If you think Capoeira isn't a viable martial art, find a street roda. They most assuredly aren't dancing. Lastly, this guy is obviously just doing videos for the basic moves. I can tell simply by the fluidity of his movements and his flexibility that he is definitely capable of much more. For those of you chastising him for not incorporating an attack into his au, ask yourself: how did I learn Au? I bet anyone who actually practiced this art didn't even lift their feet off the ground while learning the hand positioning for the flips. Hell, even after two years I still get nervous when trying Au sem mao. This art is all about being deceiving, there's even a term for it, "malandragem" which alludes to trickery.

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