Barbie – The Karate Master | Ep.179

Barbie – The Karate Master Ahhhh-ya! Ahhhh-ya! I am the karate master! Ahhhh-y… Can you take your karate somewhere else? We trying to watch TV Hey! I a black belt in karate and I need to practice Then why do you have a white belt? Because Mummy say the white belt cheaper to buy Move it please I already tell you! I need to practice… …because I… Ahhhh-ya! …am… Ahhhh-ya! …the karate… Ahhhh-ya! …master! Ahhhh-ya! Whoaaa! (Thud!) More like a karate disaster than a karate master Ha, ha, ha! I heard that! There! That should help your sore head Thanks Daddy I not sure how I do that Maybe you’re not a karate expert just yet What? I very good at karate! I pretty sure Auntie Chelsea and Isabelle distract me Yes, I’m sure that was it Look! I show you No Isabelle! You don’t have to… I just do this… Ahhhh-ya! (Smash!) My coffee! Ooops! I mean to do this… Ahhhh-ya! (Wack!) Owww! (Thud!) Oh no! I not mean that either Sorry Daddy! I mean to do this No! No more! Please Yes, she really needs lessons Ah huh… So Wednesday is the only day you have available for karate lessons? Karate lessons? For me? Yes dear Right… But I don’t need lessons I hate to say it, but you really, really need karate lessons Fine, but I still think my karate already good Wednesday it is then Wednesday hey… I think I can fit that into my schedule Thank you See you then (Click!) Now we just have to get Annabelle to take karate lessons with you Easy! Leave it to me No way! Why not? It boring and I not very good at it Don’t worry Sis You be good at karate like me someday I hope not! Hey! What that supposed to mean! Daddy’s at work late on a Wednesday Skipper and Stacie have things on I have to take Chelsea to swimming practice So you’ll just have to do karate lessons with Isabelle because she needs them She really needs lessons Really, really needs them You know that I can hear you guys? And they have the lessons where you girls do gymnastics Ok fine! I do it, but I better not be bored Great! Thanks Annabelle Let’s hope these lessons help Isabelle I know I can still hear you! Karate! Karate! Karate! I not know why she so excited about silly karate Alright, Chelsea and I are running late so we’ll see you two in an hour Ok Mummy Oh look! Ruby and Giselle are here! Wonderful! Run along Annabelle! Ruby and Giselle do karate too Well at least that will make karate a bit more fun for me We not very good yet Yeah, we only being doing it for three weeks Good afternoon girls My name is Julie Hi Julie You must be Annabelle and Isabelle She Annabelle and I Isabelle Well you can call me Sensei Sen, what? Sensei It means teacher Ok Sensei, I ready to do karate! Not so fast First we need to warm up those muscles I can’t go down any more Me either! It too hard That’s it As far down as you can go Perfect Annabelle! Great stretching! Are you serious? That not hurting you? No, it fun Everyone sitting down and stretch out in front of you Keep those knees straight! Oooh! It hurts! That as far as I can go It hard isn’t it Annabelle What! How you do that? Wow Annabelle! That’s some really good stretching! Show off! And lastly, find a partner and stand back to back Like this? Yes, now lock arms and one at a time, pull your partner onto your back Good Ruby Uuuhh! Uuuhh! What you eat for lunch Annabelle? And now swap Not bad Giselle Try a bit more Woah! How you get so strong? Good warm ups Annabelle Time to practice some karate moves Yay! Like this Sensei? Arms a bit higher for the back hand strike I know this move Now twist your body bringing your arms through Ahhhh-ya! Not bad, but you have to keep your balance girls Ahhhh-ya! Annabelle, can you please show the girls Ahhhh-ya! See how she keeps her balance Ahhhh-ya! We’ll practice that more after Let’s try the sweeping kick What that? Start with one leg behind the other then sweep the leg around and you twist your body making sure you keep your leg nice and low Ahhhh-y… Ahhhh-y… Oh! It not working! Bring your leg right around Isabelle But I feel like I going to fall Look at your sister Ahhhh-ya! Wonderful Annabelle See how she’s keeping her balance as she brings her leg through When you learn to do that? I don’t know I can just do it And finally a roundhouse kick Almost the same thing but your leg should be raised as high as you can go Whoaa! (Thud!) Ahhhh-ya! Whoaa! (Thud!) Ahhhh-y… Whoaa! Ahhhh-ya! Ahhhh-ya! Annabelle! Have you had lessons before No Sensei Well I’m very impressed You must be cheating! Before we finish up for today, why don’t we use some of those karate moves to try and break this piece of wood Woow! It’s only a thin piece so you won’t hurt yourself Giselle, why don’t you go first Ahhhh-ya! Not bad Two more tries Come through a bit faster Ahhhh-ya! Oh! Ahhhh-ya! Hmmm! Ruby, your turn Ahhhh-ya! Ahhhh-ya! Ahhhh-ya! Owww! Alright Isabelle, show us what you’ve got Easy peasy! Ahhhh-ya! Ahhhh-ya! One more try Isabelle Ahhhh-ya! What! Good try Anna… Ahhhh-ya! Ahhhh-ya! Isabelle Ahhhh-ya! Isabelle, it’s not… Ahhhh-ya! Alright Isabelle, that’s… Ahhhh-ya! Ahhhh-ya! Ahhhh-ya! Ahhhh-ya! Whoa! I exhausted! Silly wood Annabelle, your turn Mummy! Hi dear Watch me! Ok! Well it looks like she’s having fun One, two, three! Ahhhh-yaaaaaaa! (Crack!) Wow! What?! Well done Annabelle! Yay! I did it! So you had fun then Annabelle I loved it I didn’t know I so good at karate Hmmmph! What’s wrong Isabelle? You didn’t have fun? It ok but I think I need to be in higher class because that a bit easy for me (Laughing) I can teach you if you want Great idea! No thank you! I learn by myself! Isabelle! You teach me when no one else around Annabelle? Sure Isabelle

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