Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts Centre

Hi, I’m Brian Johns of Bamboo Spirit Martial
Arts Centre of Oshawa, Ontario. I teach Filipino Martial Arts twice a week
at the Oshawa Legends Community Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have children’s classes from 7:00pm to
7:45pm on those nights. And the adult classes take place from 7:45pm
to 9:15pm on both nights. The age range of the children that I teach
these days is from age 5 to age 10. I teach age appropriate techniques. We focus on skill, social skills, gross motor
movements, and fun for the kids! With the adults, I focus on self defense incorporating
Filipino Martial Arts. It’s a lot of fun! We do a fair bit of cardio, working out, self
defense techniques. If you’re interested in our classes, please
email me at [email protected] Once again, it’s [email protected] Contact me if you’re interested in these
classes. And I hope to hear from you. Thank you.

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