Bak Fu Pai System – Dennis Wood Explains this Ancient Kung Fu Martial Arts Style

I’m Dennis over here at White Tiger Kung Fu Los Angeles near Santa Monica & Westwood I”m going to give you a little history on Bak Fu Pai BaK Fu Pai is White Tiger Systems It’s a fighting art and it was developed in 1644 by a monk named Fung Doe Duk that information was then passed to Doo Tin Yin and from there it went six generations to Grand Master Doo Wai from there Grand Master Doo Wai has opened it to the public I train directly with him my brother trains directly with him Bak Fu Pai is what we would call a complete martial arts system so we’re going to have everything it is a fighting system but it’s also going to have the artistic side with the forms and the set lessons As a complete martial arts system it’s also going to have ground fighting, stand up fighting herbs for health meditation for health stretching for health bone setting for health so it really kinda gets both sides you’re going to get all the fighting all the art and all the health that would be out there in one place Bak Fu Pai in being that complete martial arts system will give you the ability to train everybody I’ll have something for elderly people I’ll have something for kids basic level martial artists intermediate level martial artists advanced level martial artists and then pro athletes, we’re going to be able to hit every one of those with information and keep people wanting to learn more with the explosion of MMA (or mixed martial arts) into the realm of martial arts over the last tens years or so the things that we do that kinda take people to the next level is we have a lot of the Iron Body conditioning so you’re going to do everything from hitting 600 pound bags of sand to develop that bone density conditioning the entire Iron Body system is unique to our tradition you’re going to have everything from hard hands to hard feet hard shins hard forearms In the Iron body series we do the Iron Palm the demonstrations that we use is breaking the coconut level one is your going to take that coconut set it on the ground and break it level two you’re going to place it in your hand you’re going to break it holding it in the hand so taking away that counter pressure level three you’re going to hang it in a bag so that takes all counter pressure away and breaking that coconut the significance of the cocount break in the iron palm is that the coconut is about seven times harder than the human head In being a traditional martial arts system and being a complete martial arts system like I talked about earlier, we also train weapons and not the weapons you might be thinking about not just the knife and the gun but we train all 18 traditional weapons so everything from a Kwan Dao to a spear to a chain whip we’re gonna hit all those weapons as well martial arts is not just a hobby around here it’s a lifestyle In being a lifestyle, we’re going to teach you everything from practical application fighting outside in the streets if you ever got attacked art form martial arts so you’re going to learn forms meditations and then from there we’re going to teach you about herbs for your health as well so here at White Tiger LA we have everything from traditional Kung Fu classes basic intermediate advanced level mastery level we also have wrestling classes grappling classes sparring classes we have kids classes – we have Qigong classes we kinda have something for everyone

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