Bad Movie Review: The Clones of Bruce Lee – The Greatest Bruceploitation Film Ever Made

‘The professor’s gone mad, he’s already ordered two of the Bruce Lee’s to fight each other to fight to the death.’ Welcome back to my Dark Corner of this Sick World. ‘I am allowed to tell you this much; it covers Bruce Lee’ In 1973, Bruce Lee died of a cerebral oedema. ‘Hey that looks like… oh, you know’ and if these were his doctors, I can see why. ‘Nurse get me a syringe of adrenalin quickly’ That’s a cloth. ‘I agree with you, you’re right as usual’ On the wake of his death the Bruceplotation genre sprung up, films with titles like “The True Game of Death”, “Enter the Game of Death”, “Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger”, “Re-Enter the Dragon” and “Enter Another Dragon”. ‘I only hope what we are attempting will work.; This is The Clones of Bruce Lee, in which blood is taken from the late film star to produce 3 clones to be used as secret agents. ‘The clones of Bruce Lee – what a scientific achievement this will be’ All I need is a karaoke machine, a cute nurse and a beer helmet… ‘ ‘Yes sir.’ And… ‘Our subjects seems to be doing quite well, 3 Bruce Lees’ They don’t even look like each other, let alone Bruce Lee, despite some slavish repetition of Lee’s more distinctive mannerisms. ‘Nancy, I really don’t trust that man’ And their training is undermined by the choice of music. ‘Start the training’ #Knock off of Rocky theme# If there was nothing more to this movie than the basic plot, we would still be mocking it, but, unbelievably, it gets worse. ‘So be it’ Bruce 1, played by Dragon Lee, is not in the same training session as Bruces 2 and 3, played by Bruce Le and Bruce Lai. ‘Alright now, we will see what you two have learnt’ And it soon becomes apparent that Dragon Lee was on a different schedule, as he heads off alone. ‘And none too soon. Number 1’s 1st assignment will be to get Mr Chai Lo’ ‘The producer?’ Going undercover as an actor to tackle an evil movie producer. ‘That film company of his is a front for a gold smuggling outfit’’ Who sets his best men on him. ‘White Panther and Quick Tiger’ Oh, white men can’t fight. ‘Those 2 stupid idiots’ You’re the one who sent them in out without guns. New plan. ‘We go ahead with the film as planned and shoot him in front of the camera’ That now looks tragically prescient, but here’s the actual attempt. What happened to shooting him. ‘We have not time to lose now; kill!’ and making it look like an accident. Bruce 1 chases down the bad guys. ‘He’s aboard. What’ll we do?’ Shoot him? ‘Get him’ So close. ‘Do not fear, he will die’ The other 2 Bruces have a more James Bond plotline. ‘Your mission is to eliminate a certain Dr Nai’ But how can they make the tone different? ‘Couldn’t you be a little more explicit?’ Sounds doable. This seems to be part of a not so subtle product placement. It lasts 3 minutes and has no bearing on the film. ‘Wow. Would you look at that’ Nudity is sprinkled through this mission. ‘Who are you? What are you doing in my bed?’ ‘I was sent by a friend to entertain you, sorry if I embarrassed you’ Well that’s not suspicious at all. ‘One of Dr Nai’s women’ In the absence of Bruce 1, Bruces 2 and 3 are joined by secret agent Chuck Lee, played by Bruce Thai. ‘Hi, glad to see you’re both here’ Who seems just as good a fighter as the Bruces – and I’m aware this is starting to sound like a Monty Python Sketch. ‘mmm good.’ They go after Dr Nai. ‘Who are they?’ ‘No one has any idea. Although two of them fight like Bruce Lee’ Who has a secret weapon. ‘Turning human beings into metal – bronze’ Bronze huh? That’ll hurt when you punch them, apparently not, but the metal men can tolerate the attack of the clones, which is more than most people can do. ‘They are frightened of my steel men’ They were bronze a minute ago and are dispatched thanks to an odd propensity to eat poisonous leaves. Mission complete the Bruces head home but mad Professor Lucas has turned to evil. ‘Only I can control them. ‘But I only want one of them – the best one’ With one I could conquer the world! With three… Look we just need a reason for them to fight, okay? Look at that; all 3 together. But they only fight one on one so they’re not onscreen together again until… ‘Stop fighting, you’ve been freed’ ‘All the magnitaors have been cut, the professor has been trying to kill you, he’s gone made.’ ‘He’s not long capable of controlling you.’ They are saved by the nurses, but by the next shot… ‘Would you tell them, they think I have gone craxy.’ Bruce 1 has vanished again. In the entire movie they are together for 2 shots. And the fight is definitely not worth waiting for. Finally the showdown with Lucas. Bruce 3 is killed. ‘So much for Bruce Lee number 3’ But 2 finishes the job. Largely because the lab is made of plywood. ‘So much for them’ This film is in the worst possible taste, and clearly knows it. ‘We can capitalise for years on his death when this picture comes out’ But if you can get past that, you should watch, because it’s hilarious, with 1 surprising caveat, given this film’s only selling point. The fight scenes are kind of crap. Thanks for watching. For more martial arts reviews, click here. Bruceploitation is a recognised genre, so are there others we should review? Or will we never top this? Let us know in the comments below. ‘CUT! Good, print that.’

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  1. The movie is off the wall and just is full of freaking fights. Like….fights on top of fights. Pretty nuts. It's hilarious and I love showing it to friends when they come over. Perfect for for a Riffing.

  2. Spoony Lives. Probably. Also the craziest Bruceploitation film is THE DRAGON LIVES AGAIN. It must be seen to be believed.

  3. Those three look like what would happen if you asked an artist to get drunk and then draw Bruce from memory.

  4. 'The Dragon Lives Again' is quite the spectacle. Bruce Lee teams up with Popeye and Cain from 'Kung Fu' to fight Dracula, Clint Eastwood, James Bond and a host of other copyright infringing characters. Yes, this is a real film…

  5. If there’s one thing I love, it’s using a proper noun as a plural.
    (Basically, the term Bruce Lees makes me laugh)

  6. If I remember correctly, there's also a wonderful piece of editing where you see everyone just standing about waiting for their cue for a moment or two before they leap into action! I wanted to see this film for years just because of the title and it didn't disappoint!

  7. Although I have never seen this film, I'm wondering (based on some of Robin's observations) if "The Clones Of Bruce Lee" started off as a couple of different Asian martial arts films that some American producer decided to edit together, film the insert American scientist scenes and dub a whole new story about Bruce Lee clones.

    I can't imagine that there is an even worst Bruce Lee exploitation film out there, since this one does look terrible. I will admit that I do like "Exit The Dragon, Enter The Tiger" (with Bruce Li) for its fight scenes and "investigation" into Bruce Lee's death, but I wouldn't mind seeing Dark Corners take on it as well.

  8. Clones of Bruce Lee- different builds, heights, weights..I guess actually trying to find actors that actually resembled Lee was too much. But hey, let’s make $$ off Hong Kong’s most bankable action star at the time somehow.

    Taimak’s The Last Dragon was a better Bruce Lee film, and it was a comedy without a ‘Bruce Lee’ clone.

  9. I can't believe I didn't see that "Attack of the Clones" joke coming! Probably the worst film I've ever seen in a cinema.

  10. The Dragon Lives Again. Brucesploitation with James Bond, The Godfather, The Exorcist, Popeye, Clint Eastwood. Definitely out there.

  11. I've been watching some of the earliest Siskel and Ebert shows and they did a LOT of these "Bruceploitation" movies for their "Dogs of the Week."

  12. Even fans of Kung Fu movies would have to say " OMG!!! WHAT PIECE OF SHIT !!! GIVE ME MY MONEY AND FREE BAG POPCORN !!!! ". The first guy to get a gun would have totally taken over the whole of the Hong Kong Underworld in less then 15 minutes. The only thing that would have saved this flick was the naked chicks and everyone would have left after that.

    There was a movie out about this same time that might be worth looking at. THE GUN FIGHTER AND THE STRANGER , a Kung Fu Western … made in Italy.

  13. Am I the only one who sees the blond English character (such as at 00:12) and keeps thinking 'Clone of Mark Strong?'

    The best thing about movie titles like 'Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger', 'Re-Enter the Dragon' and 'Enter Another Dragon'? The inevitable porno parodies won't have to change their names.

  14. Had no idea Brucesploitation was a genre – both saddening and hilarious. I enjoyed the 'Attack of the Clones' pun and Robin stifling his smirk as he delivered it.

  15. Oh my God! I can't believe I've not seen this one. It's indeed the triumvirate of Bruce Lee clones! It's almost like a comedy….And those three aren't in on the joke that they've been ripping Bruce off their entire career! lol This is rich!

  16. When I saw the title I didn't realize that was the name of the movie. I thought you were going to discuss several films lol

  17. I would suggest all the non-fight scenes of "The Game of Death." Bruce filmed the action scenes before he died in 1973. Producers finished the film in 1978 with several Bruce-ploitation actors and, man, does it show.

  18. You have only scratched the surface here:

    The Actually Quite Good: Fist of Fury 2
    The So Bad It’s Great: Challenge of the Tiger
    The Fucking Insane: The Dragon Lives Again

    The first is a standard king fu flick but with decent fight scenes and a solid plot and budget.

    The second films has two things going for it, Bruce Le fighting a bull and slow mo topless tennis.

    Finally ever fancied seeing Bruce Lee fighting James Bond, Popeye, Dracula, Clint Eastward and even more in Hell?

  19. 3:38 This reminds me of the scene with the stripping geisha in Fist of Fury that only exists to provide some nudity and is completely random (rather typical for 70's movies).

  20. This is my 2nd fave Bruceploitation movie. Second ONLY to "Game of Death"!! I am always looking for this movie to be remastered onto at least DVD quality!!

  21. Not a bruce or a brucesploitation movie but have you seen kung fu vs yoga? It's.. well, not good. But does have stretchy limbs.

  22. Oh wow Dark Corners……where do I begin? Dick Randall at his finest here. Thank you guys for doing this one.

    I would love more Bruceploitation, but I would settle.for crazy kung fu….like the bat shit crazy Boxer's Omen, With the late Phillip Ko Fri and Bolo Yeung. It is a Shaw Bros. Film, so expect an upgrade in quality….sort of. It is like Mystics in Bali, but with martial arts as well.

    I am gonna ramble on about Clones of Bruce in a bit when I get a few minutes. Just wanted to show my thanks as fast as I could. Consider me a lifelong subscriber

  23. Got one for you: The Fifth Cord (1971). Rambling giallo murder mystery whodunit with some big names attached (Luigi Bazzoni, Franco Nero, Ennio Morricone). Just reviewed it myself for 366Weird, was curious about your take.

  24. Bruce Lee vs Gay Power. Good luck monetizing that. However, The Dragon Lives Again has Bruce going to hell and fighting Popeye.

  25. Is it just me or does the training scene sound like its using a really distorted shitty version of the Rocky theme? xD

  26. Please review No Retreat No Surrender
    The Main character I'm not kidding gets trained by the ghost of Bruce Lee, Bruce is his idol and Jason the main character is taught Karate by Bruce Lee.

    A Mafia with JCVD in his breakout role plays a badass Russian Mobster and is a main Villain. It was obvious this was to capitalize off of The Karate Kid which is why this has the inaccuracy of Bruce Lee the guy that created Kung Fu is teaching a different Martial Art that is Karate to Jason the hero.
    The Mafia for is extorting money from Dojos.

  27. Excuse me, what about THE DRAGON LIVES AGAIN, where Bruce in the afterlife teams up with Popeye and others to take down a syndicate run by James Bond, Clint Eastwood, Dracula, and others

  28. No one can clone Master Lee's arts. He is one in himself. The one true legend that none shall ever replicate.

  29. nice – you can still hear the voices of John Gayford, Geoffrey Copleston, and Ed Mannix in the dub (usually voices you'll hear in English versions of Italian B-movies)

  30. @1:20 The fellow in the middle with the white outfit (Bruce Le) is the one I've seen most often. He was featured in a movie I've mislaid and can't remember the title. I do remember what happened in it though that makes looking it up more time than I want to bother with.

  31. EXCUSE ME!! The best brucesploitation film is THE DRAGON LIVES AGAIN, where Bruce Lee (in the afterlife) teams up with POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN to take down a criminal syndicate run by JAMES BOND, CLINT EASTWOOD, THE GODFATHER, THE EXORCIST, DRACULA, AND 70S SOFTPORN CHARACTER EMANUELLE

  32. There's not one person in this entire production that thought this movie so soon after Bruce Lee's death might be in bad taste?

  33. These are the same people who cloned Godzilla. That's why in proceeding Godzilla movies the poor creature looked more and more like a muppet.😜

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