Attacked in Uber – How to Survive with Concealed Carry & Self Defense

Riding in the back of an Uber can be extremely dangerous. Right mister Uber driver? No. No? Give me the loot! The money is in the app. I don’t have any cash. Just take me to Taco Bell then. What’s up! My name is Ryan and welcome to Tampa Carry where we talk about everything that has to do with guns, gear and concealed carry. If you’re new to my channel, Consider subscribing and make sure you hit that bell icon so you’ll be notified of any new videos now you and I know that Uber is an amazing app. It is the best way to get around town and it is definitely a lot better than cruising around in the back of the taxi Hey,how are you? Uber is definitely a lot better than riding around in a taxi However, you still don’t know who that driver is I mean let’s be honest he could be a rapist Are you a rapist? No Are you gonna rape me? No exactly what a rapist would say so, what do you do if you feel unsafe in the back of an Uber? well I think the first step is to try to yell for help and get somebody’s attention Next, you need to use whatever weapon you have to attack the Uber driver it is extremely important that you stay calm and relaxed in these situations you know Attackers are looking for the weak, easy victims and we don’t want them to think that that’s us And if that doesn’t work, you need to bail out and run like hell all All joking aside, if you ever feel uncomfortable in the back of an Uber you need to do Everything in your power to get as far away from that situation as possible don’t wait until after you get to a secluded location To start putting up a fight you just don’t know who this bad guy is And don’t ever trust some app on your cell phone That by pushing some stupid button, the police are gonna come and save your life Because you and I know that app is not going to do Now what would you do if you were in the back of an Uber and you felt unsafe? Leave a comment below and if you want to more about self-defense Watch this video here where I had my kids spray me with pepper spray let me tell you it really sucked.

13 Replies to “Attacked in Uber – How to Survive with Concealed Carry & Self Defense

  1. I think I would be safe. I’m 6’ 5". While the driver is paying attention to the what he’s doing, I’ll try to jump out. if that doesn’t work, well I’ll calmly and as inconspicuously as I can reach for the G29 I have in an ankle holster, and if he still doesn’t let me out, well let’s hope I can persuade to change his mind without me ventilating it.

  2. any suggestions on holsters when wearing basketball shorts, usually always hot in FL and i come from a athletic background so i rarely wear jeans. i learned how to manipulate the one i have now but just want to see if there's others. i use the black point tactical mini wing IWB right now

  3. I'm the Uber driver, Help me for when I feel uncomfortable about a rider. I carry 24/7. But really back seat does seam to have the upper hand…

  4. A Uber guy in Polk County FL smoke checked a whacko in 2018. Sheriff Judd held a press event & went over what took place. The Uber driver had a valid CCW-W license. The attacker died from his wounds.

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