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We will start with a very nice show that all girls have to
pay attention did you ever wonder That sometimes if we know how to defense ourselves Know some techniques Or even know how to keep calm We can get out of these situations In an intelligence way And maybe with lesser traumas Who has passed by an assault know this We should not react But if we know to keep calm Witch we can learn if martial arts We can gain a lot in some life situations Nelson Wagner is here today to talk about this with us I’m happy to see you guys again Thank you again for camming back Your work is really nice Welcome you all Before we start I would like you to tell me, Today the martial art is considerer a physical exercise? Definitely Where we teach we have to do physical exercise like Push up, sit up, work with body weight We can use some tools So the person will loose weight when training And also the person will learn how balance his eating, You will adjust your life That’s one of the objective of martial arts To improve your physical And the concentration, the ability to keep calm And have in that moment and insight to deal with a dangerous situation You teach that? The principles of systema is Breathing relaxation posture and movement For us the breathing is important When you learn to correct your breathing In any situation Stress will modifies our breathing And this will trigger a cascade inside our body When you control your breathing you can easily keep calm, think clear And decide what is better in the specific situation So this can happens in any life situation? Yes like an professional decision, a house decision even in the traffic when you decide which road to take, All these situations can be stressful I was reading in the newspaper that in São Paulo, The biggest fear is to be assaulted or kidnapped or even be murderer And with Systema you can learn to be more calm and doesn’t fear a situation that never happens Because we have a lot of anxiety of things that might happen And these cause stress vThe other thing is self-confidence In a situation of stress or aggression the person will learn what he can do And this helps with self confidence Because If I go thought “something” I will know how to react to something Ok so lets show some situations that can help As we are saying specially with women which are watching the show Tatiana will helps us to show some situations that might happen in the daily life Cellphone 98% of women in Brasil has a cellphone, She is talking in the cellphone and another person will grab her To try to get the cell or to do something else, From that She can do somethin She can just move her hand And use the cell as a tool Witch camera is better He can try grab both of her hands She can use the cell as a weapon The cellphone is an object that you are always taking off your pocket or bag So there’s no need of special training to use the phone Does she have to be very fast? It’s not really a matter of how fast You have to understand that the situation is an assault Get the phone and use it Normally there is a moment of a command “give the phone” So the other person wait that she will do something In this moment she can do something that’s better for her and not for him We normally hear, It’s also a police recommendation That you shouldn’t react to an assault How can we use this recommendation, if the person is armed, but thinking to get away with no traumatic injury If the person only ask for your phone and has a gun pointed to you Or for example with an knife She can move her body in a way To put the phone in his head, going back, looking at him, She can get away safety The visual contact is important He ask for the phone, she give it to him while is going back And keep looking at him She will demonstrate that she hasn’t an aggressive intent through him She is not contradicting his order and getting in a better position This can happen in the car The man ask for the car keys and if the person gets confused about how she live the car Let’s try to imagine Imagine that she is opening her car and the guy comes from her left side If he ask for the car keys she will open the door and give him the keys while walking back Looking at him Letting some space for him to get in the car Because if you try to go away but stay in the way of the other person For example, if you open the door and give your back to the person He can easily change his mind I will take her with me And when I walk away in the direction of the back wheel With two steps I can came to the back of the car and let the car between him and me It’s a very simple way to answer But can be very effective in other to put an obstacle between me and him He might think, as I already have the car, I will go away And the person and get away from a fast kidnapped But is the person gets scared He might push the person inside the car and go away But what about a situation like There’s a baby inside de car It’s a really harder How can you react in this situation Normally the person will ask for the car And what the other person will do She can give him the car keys, showing that she is cooperating with him And turn around and start to take the baby Don’t open the door, And get the kid in the back seat You should not step out form the car and try to open the back door Its better to try to get the baby from the front seat If the person has a better mobility It’s important for the car owners to move a little bit around the car I would move to passages sit, get the baby and leave from the passager sit Most women can pass from the drives sit to the passagers sit easly It’s important to not move too fast Specially in the other is armed If I do this, go to the passages sit, and get the baby Again I will have an obstacle between me and him If I stay to much time I can turn off the car and do this. Because the aggressor will have to turn on the car to get away I will have time to get the baby and leave It’s a form to get away in this extreme situation And in this kind of situation you will pass through some training It’s important to keep a calm breathing Because when you go out of air you start to think less So breath can keep you calm and help you take the best decision And see the hole picture of it Sometimes the people get so scared that they don’t even realize that the aggressor has a gun Or sometimes he doesn’t even have a gun Many times the aggressor is violent, he scream and doesn’t have to show a gun to the other person react Ok, for you not to react, But’s important for you to analyze the situation What does he want? My wallet, my money? I can give him only the money Everything with calm You should move in a natural way I want to gain time, Take the wallet, give him the money and keep the wallet Because it’s a hell of work to make all the documents again It’s true Let’s show a light situation, like in a party Lets show a situation that can happen with women Normally the guy will try to grab the girl while she is passing He grabs She doesn’t even have to look at him She only move her hand in the direction to the thump It’s easier to move to the thump because he is weaker It’s four fingers against one Just rotate her arm in the direction of his thump Other thing that can happens, like in the supermarket He want to pull her She can pull back for a moment and them go in his direction She doesn’t have to be stronger than him, because she will only hold for a moment I want to learn something Someone give an idea Men can hold women like this or like this He will hold your both hand, he probably will think you will not get away Just move your both arms down With strength? It’s not strength, its decision Another way to get away Is to move your hands down and up again Try to pull your arm Not together, one at a time You are hitting one hand with the other You just move one hand and then the other You resolve your problem like this The person can try to grab your shoulder What normally we do? We try to fight with him He is stronger than you Then just move your shoulder Amazing Just to go back to the initial point It’s important for us to know how to defend our self And also to keep calm to know how to react to a situation But we think that the martial art can be a physical exercise Besides the fight Want normally you do to prepare your body? Is there some aerobic exercise? We learn how to move all your body, improve our mobility We learn to relax We have exercise like push up She can move to the sides and improve her trunk We do squats to improve our leg strength We lose mobility with time, As people age they squat like this And lesion their back When you are younger you squat right We teach to organize Besides doing the physical part You work with mental state also There’s no way to separate them It’s seems to be hard, But with training and the application of the training It because automatic You took 30 s to do it right It’s really fast How long are the classes? We have classes of 1- 1 half hours How many times a week? Two or three times a week For physical exercise, the ideal is to train at least three times a week But if the person already does some physical training It’s ok to do lesser classes The mental state is really important When someone comes to me in an aggressive way, Ask yourself, how does I fell? Do I fell like I don’t deserve this and have to deal with it Or does I put myself as a victim and ask why and I going through this? The self-pity it’s really bad for us It’s horrible We have to know what to do to change and not embrace the problem Oh, I have a problem … Welcome to the wolrd Everyone has problems, Systema will give you tools to deal with your problems We have children and also elderly Because elderly normally lost mobility and start to have pain and in Systema classes the person will learn to improve his mobility in what he can do, depending of his own capacity Normally the aggressor is a coward He tries to advantage of the situation So when you walk on the street try not walk looking up Or have your keys on your hand Normally men don’t have this kind of problem Because we play with remote control Every men that has a remote control car Try to open the car as far as possible And women normally gets really close to the car to open it So you can do the opposite, Try to open the car as far as possible and see if no one is around Open the car away from it Because if you open to close You are facilitating to the other guy And the aggressor, as any animal Will go for the weaker animal, the one who has looks distracted This is nice to show Normally if there’s a man standing here and you will walk If the man is standing here, you can walk around him, Instead of walking with your head down You should walk with your chest open And looking at him, to show him that you are looking at him Do not walk with your head down Or use sunglasses Because with you are looking at him he will not come for you He wants to go for the easy ones Girls I hope you like it It’s not easy, but if you train it became natural I will pass the contact information

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