My dear Furfuri townsfolk, I wish all of you a very happy Independence Day. It makes me very happy to see your enthusiasm. I would ask anyone who wish to join the army in order to serve your country to take two steps forward. Motu and Patlu, I expected exactly this from you’ll. I have heard a lot of stories about your bravery. But when did we go forward? Motu, Patlu you’ll were always ahead of all of us. Long live Motu and Patlu!!! Go and get the enemy of our country. I am with you. Motu and Patlu, how are you? Jai Hind sir! We are fine. Motu, Patlu can you see that? The enemy camp. That land was ours but they have tricked us and taken possession of it. Now be alert about this place. Don’t let them move even one step in this direction. You don’t worry sir. Patlu, what have we got ourselves into? I am really missing our tea vendor’s samosas. We are serving our country. If everyone refuses to join the army then who will protect our country? Essence!! Where are you going Motu? That is the enemy camp there. There are smosas there. Even the border will be fun if I can get hot samosas here. Samosa!!! Excuse me friends, first I’ll finish eating then I’ll say hello. Finish them! They have some guts, coming into our camp and eating up all our samosas. Beat them!! Come on brother Motu, start your show. They don’t know that after eating samosas, what all you can do. What is happening? I have seen rain pouring down from the sky, Now, I’m seeing men pouring down from the sky. Long live!! This is fantastic! This is superb!! Motu, Patlu you have got our post back from the enemy. Thank you!! Yes? Yes sir! Motu and Patlu got back our Alfa Lima Charlie post. Yes sir, they are very brave. Ok, I will send them there right away. Motu and Patlu. Yes sir!! Another one of our posts had been taken by the enemy a few years ago. The high command has ordered me to send you’ll there at once. Go and capture that post too! Yes sir!! That post, can you see, that was ours. Last year our enemies tricked us and captured it. Jai hind sir! Motu and Patlu reporting on duty. Jai hind Motu and Patlu! You two have come at the right time. I was just narrating the tales of your bravery. Do you see that post up ahead? That is ours. Last year our enemies tricked us and captured it. Now tell everyone how you plan to capture it back. Motu, do something or we are finished. My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. You think of something. Idea! Sir please give us some time to make a plan. We will first observe the post carefully, then make a plan and let you know. Ok soldiers, leave Motu and Patlu alone for a while. What have you done? What plan are we going to make? The road is clear now. Let’s run away. Long live!! That is a good idea!! Patlu, lets hide there. What is the matter? Why are all of you sweating so much? Why are you’ll so scared? Sir, we have got news that Motu and Patlu have arrived at the post opposite us. They are very dangerous. They beat up very badly. Without firing any bullets they have captured one of our posts. Yes, I too have heard of them. Keep in mind that no one will make samosas here. And there is nothing to be scared. I am there with you’ll. Sir, why don’t you wipe your sweat. Its flowing like a rivulet of water. Yes. Motu, just have a look, has General Singh gone? What have you done? Stop this!! How do I stop it? It’s a tank not some car or a scooter. Who is taking that tank towards the enemy post? Who can it be but Motu and Patlu! But the direction they are going in is full of rocks. It is impossible to drive the tank there. Some one stop this!! Some one stop this!! Help!! My god! Oh my god!! They are going to break my tank! Something seems to be wrong sir. There is nothing wrong. What are you looking at?They have gone alone to fight. Come on let us join them. Attack!! But something is wrong, no one attacks like this. Run!! We are under attack!! Impossible, how can they get the tank through that rocky patch. It is impossible. Sir, they are not driving the tank, they are flying it!! Run!!! Stop! First, let me run!! Don’t fire!! Motu they have all run away. Only one of them is here and he is waving a white flag. Put your hands down. Haha!! They all ran away. I was unnecessarily scared. Look at that, Motu has put up his hands. He has surrendered! He has not surrendered, look again. He is exercising. Sir, I find something wrong with those two. No one fights like this. Motu and Patlu you two have done an incredible thing. Where did you learn to drive a tank like that? Haha! We have been driving tanks since our childhood days. 3 cheers for Motu and Patlu! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Wow Motu and Patlu, wow! I will make sure the two of you get the biggest bravery award. Yes! Ok, I’ll send them right away. Motu, Patlu can you see that watch tower in the distance? Yes sir!! Terrorists have taken over that tower and taken a few people as hostages. Oh! That’s really sad to hear. Call the police right away. It is not the police but the best two commandos of our country that are needed there and that is you two. Tell me your plan, how will you capture that tower? My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. Let me eat something then I will let you know the plan. Haha!! Even my brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. Why don’t the two of you go sit in that helicopter. I will send some food for you’ll. Long live!! Why did you start the engine? Quickly, switch it off or General Singh will get angry. The engine is not stopping, what shall we do? Come, let us go, look for the pilot. We have taken off! Yes, I can see that. Do something. Start screaming, help!! Someone bring this plane down!! My helicopter!! Who has taken it? Who else can it be but your courageous and brave Motu and Patlu. Oh! So they have made a plan for an air attack. Good, very good. That helicopter is coming here. Hey! Stop or I’ll shoot all these people. Help!! They are mad, run!!! Motu and Patlu have saved everyone. What wonderful pilots they are, unbelievable!! Now they are coming here and the helicopter is not in their control. They have broken my tank now it looks like your helicopters turn to break. Run sir!!! Move aside!! They have gone mad!! Someone stop them!! Come back, bring back my helicopter!! Sir, they don’t know how to fly a helicopter, now only god can get them back. If something happens to the helicopter, what will I tell the high command? I will be court marshaled. Help!! Sir!! Run!! Tell us a plan to stop this quick!! Somebody save us!! Thank god we are safe! Don’t thank god yet. Look, we are not safe!! Looks like we have served our country enough. Now let’s go and serve our Furfuri town. Furfuri town, we are coming!!! Run!!

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  1. hahahhahahahaha sirf khab hi daikti raho khwab daikni par pabandi nahi… kam jawano ka hay moto patlo ka nahi bardr pr samni ao/

  2. Kartoon kahani tak thek ho asliyat py to tumahari siti gum hojati h πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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