1. Looks fairly impressive. I can see a bit of a gap between the hand and the wrist, at around 1:44 though. That's when the hand is bent a lot inwards, so I don't know how big an issue it might be, but…
    I look forward to these being further improved, as well as seeing some reviews.

  2. It's annoying that all the proper, or potentially proper, HEMA gloves, are all so expensive. If it wasn't for the relatively small production, and the fact that these are new and kinda experimental products, they could probably be far, far, cheaper. HEMA can't escape being an expensive hobby, certainly, but being niche and new, makes it that much worse.

  3. Who else is waiting for a reply from Proguantlet? They better get a move on it or these Armadillo gauntlets are going to pull the rug out from under them! I Can't wait to see how this HEMA Arms race pans out.

  4. I have Spes Heavies, Neyman Thokks, and have ordered a pair of these (plus will have access to some Sparring Gloves). When I get them all together, I'll make a review 🙂

  5. First thnks for working on the hand mobility/protection conundrum. But… 😉
    Still the "pen rest" gap between the index and thumb.
    What about the pistol grip position ? I understand you wanted to show the sturdiness but I never get the hand hit laying flat on a desk. Show us getting hit on the hands while performing a botch Och or Verzetsen : when the plates cover is at is worst.
    Finger tips needed ?
    Does it fit in a saber ?

  6. can you make a video showing changes from hammer grip to thumb grip (German style) and then finally to handshake grip while wearing those gloves?

  7. A member of my club has ordered these, and I'm very eager to take a look, I have the sparring glove special and after a year they have deteriorated. My only worry with these gloves is that they might be a bit big and make the hands a target, that and the price tag of 320 euro's.

  8. So what makes these better then steel gauntlets with padded gloves for half the price? For 300+ euro they better bring something new to the table.

  9. I really like them, and I'm not a fan on any HEMA glove on the market, I hate them all, I currently use Mechanix Anti Impact gloves, and anti vibration exo gloves. I see potential in these Armadillo's.

  10. it's interesting how their prototype is now more similar to the newest model rather than the first two. it has rivets instead of cord and the fingers have 4 plates instead of 5.

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