Are Dangerous Tekkers going to start their holidays early? #njwtl

We lost again.
The results are right there. But our bond gets stronger after every match. We will never give up.
That’s the philosophy of the LA Dojo. That’s Shibata’s philosophy.
We are not done yet. Keep watching us. This is just a waste of time. That punk is too cocky. あの生意気な野郎 But he’s got nothing. That punk. 一体柴田はちゃんこに
何を入れてるんだろうな Punk piece of crap. We call guys like him, ‘little bastard’. He’s nothing but a set of tattoos.
Dumbass. あいつとシングルでやらせろ 俺がしっかりシゴいてやるよ 生意気なクソガキめ They filled this league up with crap. 今度柴田がまた別の若手を送ってきたら
俺がまとめてボコボコにしてやる Why don’t we just quit?
Should we just sit out, starting tomorrow? 俺たちを
こんなトーナメントになんか出すな This isn’t worth it, even as training. こんなクソみたいなトーナメント
誰も見てないって Let’s go back to Tokyo. じゃ パブにでも行こう こんなトーナメントは

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