Anthony Joshua’s Final Hours Of Fight Night

ANNOUNCER: This is the moment we’ve
all been waiting for! Heavyweight
champion of the world… AJ. Anthony… Boom! ..Joshua! It was a lovely day. Sun was out.
I’m in good spirits. Get to Wembley,
let me get the focus… Holyfield, I’m like, wow. What a man, what a fighter. It’s like he’s looking at me,
like, “Whoa, is this guy coming to fight
or is he here as a spectator?” The arena’s pumping and I’m in this
changing room where it’s quiet. You know, I’m just resting. Little half an hour’s sleep.
But my eyes keep on peeping open, because how can you sleep? You’re doing your wraps.
He sent in his older brother. Because this is the last time to get
under someone’s skin before… You go to war. When it’s done, I stand up,
look in Vitali’s eye. Yeah? Good? You like the wraps?
You happy? You sure? Good. Wish your brother good luck. That’s it, switch up.
Let’s get ready to rock and roll. This position I’m in don’t
last forever. So while you’re on the journey,
enjoy it. Relax, breathe… Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
the challenger, Doctor Steelhammer, Wladimir Klitschko! 15 seconds to leave, man,
you’ve got another 15 seconds. CROWD CHEERS You got to breathe, mate, breathe,
and then let them shots go, use that speed. I get on the stage now
and I start floating. All I can see is the Vitali
and Wladimir standing there waiting. And I’m thinking,
this would wind ME up. This is what I’ve been training
for for the last eight years. I can’t afford to lose tonight.

33 Replies to “Anthony Joshua’s Final Hours Of Fight Night

  1. What a boxing match.. One that I will be talking to my kids about (when I have kids). Favourite heavyweight fight I ever seen. And easily fight of the year.

  2. I use to be a Black nationalist – I still love my black race
    However, Tyson Fury, Peter Fury and John Fury have shown that the white man also has a Muhammad Ali! Tyson Fury just like Muhammad Ali sacrificed everything to stand up for the truth! Muhammad Ali and his people were disrespected during his time, but just at where the Africans-Americans are today! Muhammad Ali is seen as the greatest ever!
    I believe Fury and his people will be looked up to in the future just like Muhammad Ali and the African American heroes are looked up to today!

  3. 1:19 "Switch Up" It's clear we need to at least two gears one to rationally deal with things, the other to effectively f**k shit up

  4. AJ .. Enjoy it these are the final days of glory b4 you meet your maker,.Dw.) You know inside your heart that this fights to the (Death) . And Nothing Else, Not the Belts are Eg0 pride whatever .. This Fights is Your End.. so have a great time . Aj..

  5. This man anthony is litterly the meaning of the combination of hard work,genetics,and skill all in one a true athlete very very few people can box for 11 rounds with clean technique of his size and not get tired that looked like a warm up except for the fact he almost lost but still he wasnt even breathing hard after his fights this man is a extreme rarity in sports

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