American Kempo Karate Techniques : The Leaping Crane Kenpo Karate Technique

Hi! I am Joe Palanzo from the World Wide Kenpo
Karate Association in conjunction with Expert Village. This self defense technique that
we just did is called leaping crane. This has an interesting, as a straight punch comes
in, not only we go over here but we are going to hop on the one leg hence a crane like a
bird and as we step off the side, this hand is going to strike across this way in that
action, using a middle finger strike to rifle along the inside of the ribcage. At the same
time, we want to make sure this continues on its path. So as we travel to the side,
we are going to check perry here and move perry and strike him in the middle, a side
kick forcing him down on his knee. We want to plant inside the body because this knee
acts as a check and as we plant we are going to strike, dropping our weight, hit him with
a back knuckle to his left kidney. Let us just look at that again. So here we have one
kick, kick Now as he starts to fall forward, I am going to reach back and grab his face
and pull it back into an inverted horizontal elbow hitting to the mastoid of the head;
this way still checking and then dropping back. This is called leaping crane.

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  1. The technique is against a left straight punch. look for another kenpo technique.. "five swords" is best for a left hook punch.

  2. you would NEVER under any circumstances find yourself at ANY position in that technique. kicking/stomping someone's knee to the ground, totally ineffective. Can you elbow someone in the back of the head in UFC, Pride, etc? if not it must not work, like an eye poke, kneeing them in the spine, or stomping a downed guy's face. you never know what kind of attack is coming in bjj/sub wrestling/mma/etc. OR a real altercation. but you still learn principles and motions to do for different things.

  3. im sorry i thought you were some MMA fanboy that thinks that is a real fight.. my point was you dont have to take techniques at face value as if its the only thing you should do. i think a backhand strike to the kidney is pretty painful (i'd chose a hammerfist myself). if not at least distracting to set up for something more. whether you know its coming or not. im sorry you feel you wasted your time in American Kenpo. its your life, your walk. no disrespect.

  4. i get what you're saying. and i whole heartedly agree with that aspect that long complicated techniques aren't practical. but when you look at a technique in terms of short segments. as bits and pieces you could graft, or just use individual parts. it opens up alot more than just one set response. and nope i havent used techniques in sparring. knee shots arent legal, nor elbows. 🙂 but you can use the principles of leaping crane to get off the line of attack to re-engage from an obscure zone.

  5. if i take a technique.. i may not be able to finish it on someone. but if find myself in a similar position to anywhere in that technique. ill have at least 1 thing i can do. you can modify 5 swords to a punching combination suitable for sparing, boxing, whatever. that and i dont view self defense and fighting as one in the same.

  6. we deff have two different views on what kenpo is. lets continue in messages or something if youd like. rather than cluttering this place up 🙂

  7. Kenpo here! I love when ppl put down kenpo, but ask those same individuals about sparring with kenpo fighters, they have not! Kenpo is designed to be practical and this includes street fighting defenses and attacks. These attacks are based on simple body physics. Kick someone in the mid section they bend. Hit em in the throat/head and they poke out their chest opening a target. This is simple and natural. Putting down an art is a sure way to lose and equates to underestimating your opp.

  8. Glad to see fellow martial artist having debates about techniques. But lets not get caught up with who is better than who debates or martial arts styles/systems. Every technique can be modified for fighting, as a Instructor I teach my students to practice modifying techniques. Testing and fighting are two seperate breast, and should be taught as such. Respect the tradition and each other.

  9. EPAK ( Kenpo ) teaches techniques so that you have a understanding of the general movements. It's like a boxer being taught "left uppercut, then right hook". Think of the techniques as a "Combo". Then ask yourself would a boxer through one punch or a flurry. In the combo several things must happen mainly 2 punches, but when combined are awesome. Criticizing the techniques are your individual rights, but saying they don't work might leave your jaw cracked. Enjoy and soup and straw-fed steak

  10. snap53 what the fuck dude do you open the links to these videos for the soul purpose of dissing kempo, you clearly have no interest in the techniques. if so then just know that what your doing isn't normal

  11. It was always such a great honour being compared to the crane out of all the animals available. It may not be the strongest, but it's definitely still amazing. XD

  12. Joe, you seam to know the teckniques… but in your movies, sorry to say, not trying to insult you…, but you seam clumsy! Your moves don't seam to flow… I think You could do better… Best of wishes…

  13. @smartwerker How is it practical when the hands are always open and the chin is upright. This is an outdated style and although at one time it was considered effective it has not adapted with todays better fighting systems like krav maga, JKD, KFM and a new system I have been studying called CLEAR COMBAT, which is mma for the street. We train like fighters but with the concept of street survival. A lot of eye, groin, shin and spin attacks.

  14. If it is made for sparring why are they so stiff with their fingers stiff. This is an old outdated style of fighting. They punch with their arms only. This guy is very out of shape and once again very stiff.

  15. @clearcombat so your saying if i were to chop the artery in you neck you would not get knocked out? Or if I kicked you in the balls you would be somehow impervious to pain? or if I kicked you on the side of the knee you would some how defy the laws of phisics and still stant there? or if I back fisted you in the chin, jaw or temple I would never knock you out? Or it I punched you in the throt you would not choke? Or I punched you in the kidney or liver you would still be in grate shape?

  16. @clearcombat If I clawed your eyes you still would be able to see? Or if I Hammered your nose it would be just fine? Or if I elbowed you face you would be ok? or if I elbowed your chest youed be grate? BULLSHIT!! all that is still as usefull today as it was when it was invented

  17. @angbayemay You could not do anything to me. I would kick you in the stomach, hip throw you, neck crank.
    Your gone. Kenpo is a fake, as you.

  18. @smartwerker Kenpo is based on very rigid movements that does not represent reality. Ed Parker was a very slow and over weight, so called master.

  19. @clearcombat "you cannot read"," you must be fat" and "Learn to spell" have nothing to do with fighting. You only said one thing that even came close to the point. Dumbass

  20. @clearcombat I kick you in the balls you bend over so I knee you in the head. Whats so "rigid" about that? Also don't forget that in the older days alot of fighters were over weight. Only recently is everybody looking like the cast from 300

  21. @angbayemay All you have to learn is kick boxing, judo and submission grappling with a street fighting element to it. That's why I have started lessons in Clear Combat. It is a mixed martial art for self defense. We body box. Every limb is used for striking, even the hips. We use modified judo and submissions if it goes to the ground. Your grappling game needs work, I can tell.

  22. @clearcombat Did you say MY grappling game needs work?That's intresting seems how I wrestled and, like a good little MMA artist, know my submissions. If you did a little reserch about Amrican Kenpo, you would see that by the time you are a yellow belt, you learn all the exact same Kicks and Punches as in kickboxing(and I do mean the EXACT same) with even more like clawing, hammerfist, Palm strike, chops, Wrist flick, Thumb gauge, & how to counteract them

  23. @angbayemay Incorrect, because they snap their kicks in kenpo and in kick boxing it is about follow through.
    The punches are also snap punches only. Listen I've seen kenpo fighters in person in tournaments. They are aggressive, but keep there chins up, have very little power. They do move their heads enough, they have no footwork. At this point you can tell I am a seasoned MMA trainer.

  24. @clearcombat Your right , but The kicks can easily be adapted, the point of that is to not land halfassed like most MMA fighters do when they do a Roundhouse kick. When I was in Kenpo they taught us boxer style punches and how basic blocking Techniques still apply no matter how you punch. But kenpo is for self defense, If I gauge your eyes It dosen't matter how powerful your kick is, if I kick you in the Ques You arn't ganna pull the 'ol 1-2… It's not MMA

  25. @muclesmarinara Your right! Damn it! Someone tell the military to stop teaching Mixed martial arts to our Troops!

  26. @jechichi Grab an empty pet bottle, use the fat side, whack it as hard as you can on your head. Then turn it around, just swing it freely any slap the cap on your head, tell me which one hurts more.

    If you intend to dodge, you momentum will be crap/messed up if you throw a full punch. Then again, most noobs who don't know how to fight talk as if people magically get in range of all the attacks as if this were some 2d fighter game.

  27. @smartwerker Bang on mate. Not sure i agree with the sparring aspect of your comment, however, as far as your comment on the street self defense goes, you are bang on.

  28. I have studied Kenpo and other arts. They are all good for different reasons. SMG Parker's Kenpo is a practical, streetwise system that can fell any foe, no matter their size, strength or fighting ability.

  29. Be serious this is not going to work in real self defense. Look how open he is when he strikes. Kenpo players don't realize that at all. They just keep paying those fees over and over again. It is an outdated art that was never any good. Bruce Lee said it was the best of the classical mess. Meaning it was a little better than the other karate styles but just as useless.

  30. Then Bruce Lee lived at Mr Parker's house for an extended amount of time. Learned Kenpo and off the advice of mr Parker created Jeet Kun Do (Chinese named but AKK ideas) ….. Nice try….but here's the deal practice trumps art.

  31. Sooooooo all the are experts here. Is Kenpo relative to Kung Fu. Plz experts tell me. Chuck Norris said Kenpo guys are hard to defend and counter against.

  32. No disrespect but this is a terrible demonstration of a great technique… This assailant drops before the back of his right knee is kicked and the purpose of the back-knuckle to his left kidney is to pop his head up so that you can deliver the right inward elbow and left heel palm at the same time to his head. This really is a great technique when it is executed properly. I have used part of it in combat but the fight did not last long enough for me to finish the technique.

  33. This is an absolute Lie that can be cleared up by Inosanto,Lebell or any JKD member Bruce never studied under Parker and felt Kenpo was a joke

  34. 100% correct Kenpo is a bag of techniques whose moment never arrived and notice how all the instructors are all Gandmasters I personally know that most of these guys tacked on two extra degrees when Parker died with the exception of Chuck Sullivan

  35. I admire these Kenpo guys ! Why wait for some old Karate master to promote you after decades of killing yourself.Go ahead and promote yourself to tenth degree no one will appreciate you like yourself

  36. I'm going to wonder if you know Mr. Inosanto because he would certainly tell you that Bruce Lee and Ed Parker exchanged more than a few bits of knowledge with each other as Mr. Inosanto was there for this and was a Kenpo Black Belt under Parker before he began training with Bruce.

  37. you said "Kick someone in the mid section they bend".

    This shows how truly deluded you guys are. Type in for example; MMA VS Tae Kwon Do' or 'Kyokushin Karate vs Aikido'.

    Every time MMA and the other straight forward agressive styles where students are used to getting full contact hits, they win against the styles like yours.

    You never tests yours properly against other styles. Watch on these vids how a kick does not result in someone bending for example.

  38. So where have you fought & what art do you practice SphincterKen? With your obvious disdain for Kenpo why do you constantly troll their sites and leave your shitty little comments?

  39. REALLY!!! How many "Grandmasters" do they have now? I am on a real tear against Kenpo do to the fact that shit lke this gets people killed. NONE of them has any real expertise and all their premises are idiocy. IT is like the Mormon cult- Ed PArker is GOD and all he says is holy- despite the fact that he never competed, never had a fight, and never trained. He would gas out after doing 2 to 3 repetitions of a simple technique. Look at how he died- like he lived.

  40. ACtually hios comments are quite factual. I am on a tear against Kenpo as IT DOES NOT WORK!!! Kenpo change in the early 70's. We had like 25 techniques and all we did was fight- look at Steve Sanders sparring on Youtube- then compare him to these 10th. degree frauds- it is a marketing system and nothing more. All thorugh the Kenpo sited they say "does not work verbatim." Why not? Judo works verbatim, as does JKD, BJJ, Muay Thai and many others. Kenpo does not work!

  41. Slimmy is right. Ed NEVER taught Bruce. If Kenpo was so great why did Dan and Larry Hartsell leave? I was there in those days. Ed had nothing to teach Bruce. And Larry often made fun of Ed. I have never trained with Bruce, but I have with Dan, Larry, Richard Bustillo, Paul Vunak, and Tom Cruse. You are making an assumption. But Ed was critical in jump starting Bruce's career through the Internationals.

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