All you need to know about chinese kung fu

Kung fu is awesome but people know so
little about it well today I’ll tell you all about chinese kung fu there’s many different “gangs” of chinese
kung fu its most famous are “shao lin” “wu dang” and “e me” but there’s also
thousands of smaller gangs “kong tong” and “wua shan” each of those gangs teaches a
number of different fighting styles but you can categorize all the fighting
styles into two categories “wai jia” which is the training of the muscle so that
you can become stronger this category includes “hu quan” fighting style which
belongs to the “e me” gang. (quan means fist or punch) “tie sha zhang” which belongs to shaolin gang and pretty
much all the other martial art styles that you’ve seen or heard karate
muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing, MMA fighting that’s all “wai jia” the second category of
martial art is “nei jia” (this is where it gets interesting) which is to use “qi (chi)” life energy to defeat
the enemies we chinese believe that in every person there is life energy except
that some people don’t know how to use it but by practicing “nei jia” martial arts we
begin to realize how to use the qi and you can do amazing things with it. you
can push a brick with it light a fire he’s gathering the Chi on the newspaper
which makes it sharp enough to cut the brick it’s also why this man is 108
years old and he can still walk and talk it’s why this person who can push a
truck can’t push the Tai Chi master most of the Chinese martial art games uses a
mix in between “wai jia” and “nei jia” but the one which primarily focus on “nei jia” is
“wu dang” gang within the gang there’s three well-known “nei jia” fighting styles,
the famous “tai chi quan” “xing yi quan”which is based on Tai Chi but have more
attack power and “ba gua zhang” if you’re really good
at “xing yi quan” or “tai chi quan” I’m talking about if you’ve at least practiced it for 30 or 40 years you can punch someone and what may looks like a normal punch will destroy their
organs, a few days to a few weeks later they will puke blood, in some cases they
would die. in some sense this is kind of like a slow poison, ever wondered why in
Chinese martial art movies people always puke blood? it’s because the enemy’s Chi
has penetrated their body and destroyed their organs the only non Chinese
martial art that closely resembles “nei jia gong fu” is BJJ. god i’m lonely some examples of
the Chinese fighting styles that combine “nei jia” and “wai jia” gong (kung) fu are… “rou quan” “tie tou gong”. he’s collecting the Chi on top of his head which protects his head from
injury when he hits the metal if Chinese martial art is so legendary
why don’t everyone study (practice) it first of all most of the kick-ass fighting styles has
already been lost what is left is only a fraction of what was there before. the
peak of Chinese martial art is probably about 2,000 to 500 years ago.
second of all it has a really steep learning curve the same amount of time
that can train you to become a world champion at “muay thai” can only make you
intermediate at “Tai Chi” if anything at all stop staring at kim kardashian’s ASS!!!! specifically designed to develop Chi
third of all nobody believed in this sh*t anymore it’s all true but it sounds like
a fairy tale. why do most of the kung fu masters look like you’re Asian Daddy
with a beer belly? it’s because unlike “wai jia” which deteriorates when the body
gets old “nei jia” only gets better as you ages which is why old people who have
practice the art longer have an advantage over young people also there’s this
important place near the stomach called “dan tian”. “nei jia” masters gather the Chi
there frequently which gives them a beer belly which is why the Chinese martial
artists normally don’t look like this but look like this overall are there
fantasies in Chinese martial art movies absolutely but can a “tai chi” master defeat
an MMA (UFC) fighter? Fu*k yeah!!! this other person was supposed to be conor Mcgregor

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