All About Filipino Martial Arts : Disarm an Opponent in Filipino Martial Arts

JOHN BROWN JR.: On behalf of Expert Village,
my name is John Brown. And I’m going to show another disarm. From this position on the
inside, when I’ve trapped on the inside, hopefully, I butted him up with some cuts. His punio
or the butt of his sword is sticking out past his hand. As I check and he still tries to
cut me, his punio will get trapped on the top of my hand and my wrist, and that will
help to disarm him. So if he attacks, cut, cut, butt him up and disarm. It also works
well with people who use sticks who have a little bit hanging out, a punio at the bottom.
As he works, I can get a hit. As I pass, a lot of times in that medium range, he will
get disarmed just because of having that punio. That’s why I prefer not to have a punio. If
I need a punio, I got punio. Again. Pass and you see how he disarms. So from the inside,
disarm using the punio.

15 Replies to “All About Filipino Martial Arts : Disarm an Opponent in Filipino Martial Arts

  1. good question,

    there is always a a butt of the stick sticking out of the bottom of the holder's fist. it may be smaller and not as pronounced, but it is there. try and holding a stick and not let the butt of the stick stick out, its very difficult and not practical, so it will be there

  2. Im just a guy that practice! I work in security and have experienced much, i train so i can go home at nite. I have been stabbed and shot at, my work is not fun. thanks for positive feedback. to many are close minded i cant educate everyone especially close minded ones.

  3. good quality and explaination of technique. i also know of some escrimadors who dont use personally i use one so i can execute various silat strikes and rakes while inside but its not gospel like some close minded people think.besides those types only cross sticks when they eat sushi. kudos brother keep up the good work.

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